Want to go after holiday prospects most other local media reps will overlook? Want to get your clients better results by making their unique message stand out from the crowd? Want to help solve consumer problems few holiday advertisers will ever talk about?
You can by calling on these 20 alternative holiday season prospects:
1. Car Wash

The holiday season marks the beginning of snow season in many parts of the U.S. A book of car wash gift certificates is a welcome gift for many folks looking to keep their car salt free throughout the winter.

2. Oil Change

Not the sexiest gift, but having free oil changes for a year is better than coal in your stocking!

3. Hardware Store

For that person who is endlessly fixing up stuff around the house, why not work with a local hardware store to promote a holiday gift registry like this one in South Dakota.

4. Travel

In the travel biz, the two weeks following Thanksgiving are known as “December’s Dead Weeks“. For those businesses in your area dependent on tourists, promote creative diversions for locals seeking a break from holiday stress.

5. Hotels

The average hotel occupancy rate in December is around 50% for most markets. Create promotions geared toward locals looking for extra space for out-of-town holiday guests or even hotel suites for holiday parties.

6. Restaurant Takeout

At some point during the holiday season, most people opt for takeout to take a break from cooking on top of all the other stress that comes with the holidays. Many people also consider having their holiday meal prepared for them as a way to save time and even money. Boston Market and The Olive Garden are two chains taking advantage of this opportunity.

7. Cleaning Service

For many, the holidays is the season to show off their homes. Many want a deep clean before AND after the holiday season. Consider a special holiday offer for a cleaning service and maybe even as a year-long gift for mom!

8. Salons & Spas

What woman wouldn’t pay attention to a special offer to a spa or salon to escape the stress of the holiday season! Perfect opportunity to promote as a Secret Santa gift or a last minute one!

9. Hobbies

What are the most popular hobbies in your market? The fastest growing hobbies in America are genealogy, birding and pickelball. Create promotions about supporting your loved ones hobbies as a holiday gift this year. Think of all the businesses supporting hobbies you’ve probably never considered a holiday prospect!

10. Fire Safety

Each holiday season there are tragic fires started because of electrical shorts in Christmas lights, holiday candles and involving Christmas trees. Find a hardware store or an insurance company interested in promoting fire safety during the holiday season by sharing ideas on fire prevention.

11. Pet Safety

Pitch a veteranarian, pet store or groomer on a campaign to share holiday pet safety tips.

12. Fitness

Approach a doctor, yoga studio or gym about promoting ways to reduce stress and to stay fit during the holiday season.

13. Therapist

The holidays are by far one of the most stressful times for people because it amplifies the sense of loss, family tension and over scheduling one’s life. Create a campaign around a therapist soliciting questions from your community about holiday stress and then sharing ideas for reducing stress.

14. Real Estate

Most people put off buying a home during the holiday season because it comes with its own boatload of stress. However, many financial experts advise buying a home during the holidays is often the best time of years for great deals. Secure a real estate firm to promote the hidden holiday real estate deals in your market.

15. Kid Entertainment

That week off from school between Christmas and New Year’s might be exciting for kids, but a lot of stress on parents. Create an online guide gathering together approximately 10 different advertisers focused on entertaining kids. Search for prospects on Yelp or Superpages by searching for “kids” in your market.

16. Theaters

People love going to shows to celebrate the holiday season. Make sure you have at least one theater, music group or cultural event on your air as an advertiser during the holidays.

17. Nursery

There is growing interest in living Christmas trees. Find a nursery in your around to brand as THE place to buy a living Christmas tree that can be rented, potted or planted after the holidays.

18. Office Supplies

Help get college kids ready for their second semester by securing an office supply store, drug store or stationary shop on special holiday deals before they head back to school!

19. Classes

Promote the gift of learning and make a list of all the different businesses and organizations in your market offering classes. Think about chocolate making, wine tasting, cooking, hunting, music lessons, zumba, dance, woodworking . . . the list of prospects is endless!

20. Financial Planning

There’s probably no bigger stress during the holidays than money. Work with local banks, credit unions and financial planners on ways to promote debt reduction, personal finance and investing during the holidays.