There’s no better way to support your local community and attract more local advertising dollars during this holiday season than a buy local promotion. Here are 5 ideas:
1. Small Business Saturday

It’s true, Small Business Saturday is on November 24, just 3 weeks away, but why not make every Saturday during this year’s holiday season a reminder to support local businesses in your market? Secure 5 local advertisers to sponsor your “buy local station initiative” for each one of the 5 Saturdays during the holiday season.

2. Local Stocking Stuffer Ideas on Pinterest

Create a Pinterest board with stocking stuffer ideas under $10 from local advertisers and promote these ideas daily or weekly on air, as well as your “local stocking stuffer guide” on Pinterest.

3. Local Charities and Local Advertisers

Pair a local advertiser with a local charity they want to support by creating a promotion to get people to like both the advertiser’s and charity’s Facebook pages. For each new “like” the advertiser will donate $5 to the charity with a max donation of $5,000. Be sure to run your Facebook promotion through a third-party app like, so Facebook doesn’t shut your client’s page down.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Drive people from your air to local businesses by promoting a “buy local” scavenger hunt. This is a great opportunity to secure multiple local advertisers to support your startion’s “buy local” initiative. Each business could hide an elf in their store. Those that find the elf could enter to win a bag full of prizes donated by the participating businesses.

5. Christmas Tree Mulchfest

Turn the chore of getting rid of Christmas tress into a Mulchfest! Team up with garden retailers to become recycling centers for Christmas trees. The garden centers can turn the trees into mulch for resale and offer a discount on their goods and services for each tree dropped off. You could also team up with a charity, so for every tree donated, the garden center will make a $5 donation to the charity.