Sure costume contests, pumpkin carving competitions and special bar events are timeless Halloween promotion ideas you can pitch to your clients.

If you are looking for something a little different, more unique or an idea that will really capture their attention, try pitching one of these ideas . . .


1. Halloween City Names Promotion

Maybe Boos, IL or Frankenstein, MO or Munster, IN are located in your market. Ever think of approaching all the businesses in towns with Halloween City names in your area to take part in a special Halloween promotion?

You could ask them to offer a special discount during the week of Halloween by promoting “all the scary offers in Satans Kingdom, MA”. Use your mobile special offers, email deals or half-off gift certificate program to distribute the special deals and promote them on air. (You could also promote streets with scary Halloween names too!)


2. Pet Safety and Emergency Care on Halloween

Did you know that Halloween night is one of the most dangerous nights for pets?

The Pet Poison Helpline sees a 12% jump in calls on Halloween because of pets that ate candy that is often toxic for them.

Halloween is one of the most dangerous night for dogs.

Americans love their pets so much they spent $310 million on pet Halloween costumes last year, but those costumes can often be dangerous.

Why not approach veterinarians and animal hospitals in your area to run promotions the 2 weeks leading up to Halloween about keeping your pet safe? One vet might even promote the fact that they will be open late on Halloween because of the increase in pet injuries on that night.


3. Imaging Facility Scanning Halloween Candy

Many parents feel a little safer about letting their kids gobble up their Halloween treats after it has been scanned or X-rayed.

This is the perfect opportunity for a local imaging facility to increase its awareness by running a campaign on your station about offering free scanning of Halloween candy like this hospital.


4. Pumpkin Collection

Half of all Americans say they will carve a pumpkin this year for Halloween. If your finely carved Jack O’Lantern is lucky enough not to get smashed it quickly starts collapsing in on itself the day after Halloween. The over 1 billion pounds of pumpkin grown each year doesn’t have to end up in the garbage, but could be turned into compost instead.

Create a “Take Jack Back” promotion and work with almost any type of sponsor that would love foot traffic into their business to create “Jack ‘OLantern Collection Bins” and turn those used pumpkins over to local farmers for composting.


5. Halloween Candy for Free Dental Cleaning

October is National Oral Hygiene Month and what day is worse for helping to rot your kids teeth than Halloween?

Get a local dental practice like this one as a sponsor and partner to collect Halloween candy in exchange for a free dental checkup. Consider working with a local charity to donate that candy to soldiers oversees, foster kids or a senior center.