It’s that time of year for New Year’s resolutions and that means gym memberships! Here are some examples of some local spots to get your creativity flowing:

Click here for Club Fitness, a regional chain located in Missouri and Illinois.

Click here for Ultimate Fitness, a local boxing/MMA/strength training facility in Wichita

Click here for Spokane Fitness Center, a local gym with two locations in Spokane, WA


Click here for Spartan Gym, it is located in New Zealand but has a great opening, music, call to action, workout program branding, and accent all in one!

Click here for Fitness Town, a Canadian center that centers on common objections to working out then reaches out with a community message and challenge to fight childhood obesity.

Click here for a one-minute YMCA spot that uses their “My Y” slogan to spread the messages that the Y both offers personal reasons to join and that it is a place for the entire family.