When developing a broadcast campaign for a personal injury lawyer, there are two critical ways to help them break through the marketing noise and make them memorable.
First, brand their niche area of expertise in personal injury law. Second, combine a digital advertising element to make their message even more engaging.
1) Brand Their Niche

Here is a list of possible niche brands for a personal injury lawyer:

-traffic accidents
-accidents at work
-assault claims
-product defect accidents
-accidents in the home
-medical and dental accidents
-occupational hazards (resulting in medical aliments)

Here’s an example, you might be working with a personal injury attorney specializing in asbestos cases, so make that the focus of your campaign. Today’s consumers are overwhelmed with advertising messages, so those that are the most focused stand out from the crowd.

Don’t create a personal injury lawyer commercial that sounds like it could be made for any personal injury lawyer like this commercial.

This radio commercial for a criminal defense lawyer focuses on the legal ramifications of a DUI.

See the difference? Which one do you think it more memorable? The one that sounds like a lawyer commercial with a generic message or one that is specific about why you want to avoid getting a DUI?

2) Use Digital for Engagement

Digital advertising opportunities are a simple and wonderful way to make your broadcast messages more engaging. Here are a few ideas for personal injury lawyers:

A. Turn your client into an expert.

Have them respond to the most common questions they hear from your client. Solicit more questions from your listeners via email, Facebook or Twitter as the call to action in the commercial.

B. Video education.

It’s hard to get a good sense for a lawyer be listening to a 30-second commercial alone. Have the lawyer offer one piece of legal advice on air and then direct them to online resources like a webinar on a specific legal topic or a video directory of your client responding to questions.

C. Social media or mobile.

Make the call to action easy to remember by promoting a 5-digit short code or a hashtag on Twitter, so your listeners can get connect to your client’s stream of legal knowledge and recommendations.