Unfortunately for many in this tough economy, bankruptcy is a form of financial planning.
Here are a selection of commercials from bankruptcy lawyers both radio and TV can learn from:
1) Good use of an emotional hook.

The commercial begins by quickly connecting with the emotional state people facing bankruptcy might be feeling.

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2) Addressing fears about bankruptcy.

Many people don’t even consider bankruptcy because of the taboos associated with it.

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3) Good call to action.

Many bankruptcy attorney commercials simply tell them to call, but this commercial invites people to call for a free consultation, so they have nothing to lose by calling.

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4) Focus on bankruptcy due to medical costs.

Great hook by focusing on high medical costs, since they are the cause of the majority of
personal bankruptcies in the U.S.

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5) Causes of personal bankruptcy.

This commercial does a great job focusing on the various reasons why someone might be facing
bankruptcy, as well as focusing on a message of a “new beginning.”

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