Special Comments From Some Of Our Clients

“I love LBS because the information is right on target and the seminars are informative and helpful even for us senior reps. The Advertiser Intelligence data has even helped me secure a new accounts.”

Susan Bradford, KFQD, KWHL, KMXS, KBRJ, KEAG, KHAR, Anchorage, AK

“I love LBS training because it helps the sales team and myself stay connected with top notch training to keep us sharp and ready to sell. LBS training will keep you motivated and is always there for constant and never improvement to help us achieve our objectives.”

Roger Lowery, KCWD, KNWA, Harrison, AR

“I love LBS for a number of reasons. First of all, I love the sharing of ideas for promotions and copy. Any time that I can bring something new to my market that’s proven elsewhere, I look like a hero to my client. And when I come to the table with industry knowledge about a client, they respect me for doing my homework. That industry knowledge, of course, came from LBS. I have used the automotive video sessions several times in sales meetings to help our team with this critical client. Thanks, LBS!”

Rich Moellers, KVOM AM/FM, KCON, Morrilton, AR

“I love LBS because it helps our team create new ideas without reinventing the wheel. We love pulling up new (and old for that matter) webinars and gleaning new information from them each time. It’s a great way to pull our team together effortlessly. I especially like the interviews with local business owners to see their perspective and talk to them about local advertising on their levels. Thank you LBS!”

Miranda Crawford, KSMT, KIFT, KSKE, KQSE, Breckenridge, CO

“I love LBS because the Video instructors are REAL! They have been in the field and say things that relate to our daily challenges! I love that the basics are still communicated, but agree that it’s not the same way for all Salespeople. I have been in this field for many years and been in jobs where it’s this way or no way. I am very lucky to be in a company that believes in individuality and it’s awesome to have an avenue like LBS that helps support that. All the information that is available anywhere on the site is truly helpful and amazing!”

Caraigh Clarkson, KILO, Colorado Springs, CO

“I love LBS because

  1. Of the great sales tips that I can get! It helps motivate not only me but my sales staff as well!

  2. Of the tips that you provide to keep me motivated!

  3. I am able to go back and watch or re watch training videos. They are great idea generators!

  4. They cover a WIDE variety of topics of businesses for advertising ideas.

  5. They talk about more than just how to create advertisements. They talk about how to get appointments and getting past objections!

  6. They are consistent in getting ideas and webinars out!

  7. I am able to share the information I get with my clients.

  8. Of the archived webinars that are available! It helps to go back and refresh!”

Theresa Leake, KSIR, Fort Morgan, CO

“I love LBS because I love the training. After 16 years in the business, I am continually finding ways that you provide to keep me fresh and ready to hit the streets. Sometimes is is a new idea, other times it is a reminder of things I have known.”

Greg Wentzel, KSTR-FM, Grand Junction, CO

“I love LBS because of all the great ideas that you give to me. I started in this business later in life and the seminar that I listened to today, I wish I had that information ten years ago. Personal Branding, what a great idea! Sell yourself, what a unique idea, and you can sell anything. I did the thank you notes when I first started out and let it drop with the busier that I became, bad idea, should of kept doing that, loved the popcorn, lottery tickets ideas and there are so many others ideas to use. I’m going to use some of the practices that you talked about, the one about what sets you apart, I liked that. Thank you for all the great information.”

Dorothy Unrein, KPMX, KCGC, KRFD, KSIR, B106, KNAB, Juan 93.1, Sterling, CO

“I love LBS because you constantly remind us what’s new in various industries. I also love the parking lot insights section and the way you use video to keep us engaged.”

James Gomes, WTIC FOX61 and WCCT CW20, Hartford, CT

“I love LBS because of the variety of training videos that we can use as part of our sales meetings. You have all different levels of training for my whole department”

Andy Russell, WICH/WCTY/WNLC/WKNL/WILI-AM\fm, Norwich, CT

“I love LBS because they give me information and ideas that I honestly don’t see anywhere else. It is imperative that we are constant learners in this business but many times we hear/see the same things over and over again. LBS keeps things fresh and they keep me on my toes. Thanks LBS for always going the EXTRA mile!”

Coriya Falker, WHTA, WAMJ, WPZE, WAMJ-HD2, Atlanta, GA

“I love LBS because it focuses on the automotive industry and how they operate. I am currently working with a car dealership and knowing as much information on the industry really help me to better serve my client when creating an ad campaign for them.”

Patrick Cabuyadao, KWXX, KNWB, KPUA, Hilo, HI

“I love LBS because when I am in need of additional advice on a specific industry or encouragement when sales are not meeting my expectations there are videos that I am able to watch to help me focus on closing the sale. Experts in each video are to the point and understands what I am experiencing when visiting businesses.”

Patrick Cabuyadao, KWXX, KNWB, KPUA, Hilo, HI

“I love LBS because the weekly sales videos always give me the inspiration I need to connect untouched industries in ways that I can not only make sales but also bring about above average return on investment for my clients.”

Stevie Bolton, KRTR, KINE, KCCN, KPHW, Honolulu, HI

“I love LBS because of the great webinars they’ve done, and the ideas those webinars have generated for us locally in Boise.”


“I love LBS because it offers great training tools for both new and veteran sellers and provides excellent specific topics for quick studies and review courses. It helps me be a better manager and educate my team in the areas they need assistance on.”

JC Tinsley, WROY/WRUL/WFIW/WOKZ, Carmi and Fairfield, IL

“I love LBS because

  1. It seems like an idea always comes as I need a little inspiration!

  2. It gives me great ideas that I can share with my co-workers to generate revenue as a radio group.

  3. I am able to continue my quest for personal growth and knowledge.

  4. I am able to research topics that are important to my clients!

  5. It always gives me a new perspective to look at things.

  6. I am able to gain insight on topics that I am not familiar with and it makes me look like an expert to my clients.”

Jane Sprandel, WIXY/WLRW/WREE/WYXY, Champaign, IL

“I love LBS because every single week as I am preparing the agenda for my Sales meeting, the first thing I add is which LBS video we are going to watch this week or make sure to add the next video of the series we are watching. I love that most of the videos are pretty short making them a great segment to a Sales meeting. (Don’t tell him this, his ego doesn’t need it, but here in Chicago, we are quite preferential to Paul Weyland.) 🙂 Thanks for all you do for the industry!!!”

Dan Watts, WYLL, Chicago, IL

“I love LBS because

  1. It helps you think outside of the box and bring some great fresh ideas to clients.

  2. It has great learning opportunities for account executives and clients!

  3. Of the knowledge I have been able to learn and pass on to my clients!

  4. The videos are so helpful and are a great coaching tool!

  5. Of all the great information that I have the ability to take to my clients to help them understand more marketing ideas to help their business.”

Wendy Davis, WAND TV, Decatur, IL

“I love LBS because I can easily stay up to date on the latest trends in the Broadcasting industry. This brings value to my Proposals and client interactions.”

Karen Boehnlein, WGCL, Bloomington, IN

“I love LBS because it is an invaluable resource to help sales professionals boost revenue and create valuable relationships with clients. The sales videos are motivating and educational. The webinars are a staple in our training sessions and the Sales Ideas are an incredible tool for our team to stay creative. Thanks, LBS, for keeping us focused on SUCCESS!”

JULIE MILAM, WNKY, Bowling Green, KY

“I love LBS because:

  1. Of their training videos. Sharing ideas on how to solve marketing and sales issues is so valuable to our industry and LBS does a great job of not only relaying the message but also keeping us all informed of new and pertinent videos. Great Job!

  2. It provides our entire sales staff with interactive Training Videos that we can use during a Sales Meeting. This is a great opportunity to view professionals and information that we can then discuss as a group!

  3. Of its sales ideas. So many times we reach a brick wall in our marketing strategies and ideas. LBS gives insight into many different categories of businesses and self-motivation ideas that help in all areas of sales and broadcasting.

  4. Of your 2nd Tuesday Webinars! What a great opportunity to brush up or learn something new and SHARE!

  5. Of the ease of finding topics for discussion and review on the LBS website. Navigation is easy and one can find a subject easily!

  6. It is a great first line of defense when sales hits a rut or becomes discouraged. I have an avenue of insight by using all the sales tools available with LBS!

  7. Whenever my sales staff is struggling, I can turn to LBS for help with ideas, videos, answers and clear direction. Thank you!

  8. Of their 2nd Tuesday Webinar series. I always look forward to seeing what will be highlighted.

  9. I can get motivated each and every day by just opening up my email. The day starts out right!

  10. I get a daily rush with the Training Videos. Does not matter if I have seen multiple times, the sales videos never get old and help rejuvenate my day!

  11. The Sales Ideas that LBS provides gives insight into great revenue potential, but also triggers ideas that we can use locally.

  12. I can use any of their many tools to successfully address a sales ‘brick wall’. I can always find something that will apply and trigger a solution.

  13. It allows for me to shine! Using every took available on LBS makes me the expert. Thank you!”

Mari Whitlow, WNKY, Bowling Green, KY

“I love LBS because of all the helpful webinars and educational material.”

Tracy Wood, WSTV, WFKY, WVKY, Frankfort, KY

“I love LBS because they provide tools to make me a better me. Thank you, LBS, for making learning accessible and fun.”

Melinda Nunley, WVKY, Frankfort, KY

“I love LBS because

  1. Of the great training videos. As a Manager, I am always looking for new, creative and effective ways to train my sales staff and other members of our team. The training videos on LBS are high-quality videos with very timely and useful information that keeps our team up-to-date and highly motivated. Great Job!

  2. It has so many wonderful resources for our sales team to use to close their deals with clients. LBS has awesome training videos that help our managers and sellers stay on top of new advertising trends. LBS is like a toolbox full of the latest technology tools along with the basic tools we use every day

  3. Of the many resources you offer to me as a manager and to my entire sales team. Your videos are very informative and timely. The Advertiser Intelligence data helps us build our case with each advertiser because we are talking their language and about their industry. And finally, the sales ideas you provide are great brainstorming session starters. These ideas help us with many of our clients. We appreciate your team of experts and all that you do to help the Broadcasting industry.”

Dale Schaefer, WDJX, WXMA, WGZB, WMJM, WGHL, Louisville, KY

“I love LBS because the monthly Second Tuesday Webinars offer my members timely, on-topic webinars from some of the smartest sales, marketing, and digital minds in the country. Combine the webinars with all of the videos, sales ideas and articles, and LBS is a tremendous value for our association and to our members.”

Jordan Walton, Massachusetts Broadcasters Association, Southborough, MA

“I love LBS because

  1. It is an abundance of knowledge – that means great client marketing ideas and resources to provide insight that allows me to better serve my clients! THANKS LBS!

  2. Of the consistent marketing data and ease of accessibility!”

Michelle Ascheman, KDMA, KMGM, KKRC, Montevideo, MN

“I love LBS because the presenters are knowledgeable and road tested. I’ve been in the business for over 25 years and can spot someone who hasn’t been out in the field for years from a mile away. Great, innovative ideas are shared that are fresh even for an old war horse like me who has heard and seen it all. Keep the great ideas and content coming!”

Sheri Hines, KBIA/KMUC, Columbia, MO

“I love LBS because your information reminds me how much more I have to learn.”

Jason Smallheer, KQFX, Jefferson City, MO

“I love LBS because it never fails that I receive an e-mail with the exact information that I am looking for. It is Industry specific and poignant. It’s like LBS is reading my mind! It’s modern and interactive. I like it much better than RAB. The training videos I use consistently with my sales staff. From what’s happening now in certain industries to basic sale 101 techniques that we often need to be reminded of. I LOVE LBS BECAUSE IT IS JUST WHAT BROADCAST SALES PEOPLE NEED!”

Chelley Odle, KFMO/KDBB, Park HIlls, MO

“I love LBS because the videos are helpful and entertaining. I learn a lot from watching them that I utilize in my work everyday”

Jennifer Langdon, KSDL KSIS KXKX, Sedalia, MO

“I love LBS because I love the videos that you email each week. I use them for our weekly sales meetings.”

Julie Hoffert, KXKX KSDL KSIS, Sedalia, MO

“I love LBS because of the helpful sales tips, but the main reason is the way Paul Weyland presents the videos! He is very easy to follow and helps me better understand the radio industry, and clients needs.”

Holly Young, KXKX, KSDL, KSIS, Sedalia, MO

“I love LBS because I really enjoy the videos on tips for selling. We watch them a lot in our sales meetings. I find the tips helpful especially for ways to handle objections, prospecting healthy accounts and ways to organize a successful proposal. I also enjoy the research that is available for me to use in presentations.”

Kellie Moore, KXKX, KSDL, KSIS, Sedalia, MO

“I love LBS because it provides great educational videos that help me better connect with clients and grow both of our businesses.”

Derrick Gill, KXKX, KSIS, KSDL, Sedalia, MO

“I love LBS because the videos they do on automotive sales help keep me on top of the automotive sales trends and when I speak with my local car dealerships I can talk in terms that help me be seen as a resource rather than just another salesperson. I know for a fact that its helped me get an increase in spend from one car dealership in particular. LBS-THANK YOU!”

Shierine Wood, KQRA, KOSP, KOMG and KKLH, Springfield, MO

“I love LBS because it helps my sellers, no matter what LEVEL of seller they are, to sharpen their skills in the Broadcast Industry!”


“I love LBS because of it’s timely articles for promotions, following (and debunking!) trends, and category specific deep dives. We use LBS as one of our valued pieces in training new AE’s and very fortunate to have access! Keep up the great work!”

Ami Graham, KLIN, KBBK, KFGE, KLNC, KBBK-HD2, Lincoln, NE

“I love LBS because I am relatively new to radio sales, but not to advertising and marketing. Getting connected with LBS has been the greatest thing for me: I have learned so much every day. I have saved every bit of information sent to me and refer back to it regularly. The information is educational and extremely useful on the job. LBS has become my radio sales tutor, and for that I am truly grateful. Keep up the great work! Best, Larry”

Larry Murphy, WXEX, WWSF, North Hampton, NH

“I love LBS because it provides me with up to date industry intelligence, the hundreds of videos on hundreds of selling topics allows me to pick and choose to gather intel or new ideas. When my schedule permits, I like the monthly webinars that go into much more detail. LBS also provides handouts/charts/docs with valuable info/data. Thank you.”

Susan Martin, WAMC, Albany, NY

“I love LBS because even though I have been an Account Executive for 27 years – I can always learn something new or put a new twist on selling ideas after watching one of their webinars!”

Deborah Duncan, WIVT-TV and WBGH-TV, Binghamton, NY

“I love LBS because their information is current and backed up by intelligent research. It helps because I do not have access to ratings and LBS ideas give me that competitive advantage I need!”

Lou Anne Wenerski, WBBZ Me TV, Williamsville (Buffalo), NY

“I love LBS because of the great ideas and insight”

India Knight, WCMH, Columbus, OH

“I love LBS because I have just started my journey in radio sales in the last week. This will be a great advantage to anyone like myself that is coming in green to this exciting industry. I look forward to all of the great programs that are offered and available to help breakthrough in this market.”

Les Roberts, McAlester, OK

“I love LBS because it is an excellent resource for all things radio sales. I love your articles and informative video sessions. Keep up the great work!!!!!”

Eric Smith, KRCO, Oklahoma City, OK

“I love LBS because:

  1. Of the insight from different perspectives. Very helpful tips on how to establish a presence. Thank you!!

  2. It is so informative!!!”

Veronica Winters, KOTV, Tulsa, OK

“I love LBS because I love learning! I love hearing new ideas and experiencing the wide world of advertising from someone else’s perspective.”

Delanna Nutter, KXMX & KFSW, Sallisaw and Fort Smith, OK/AR

“I love LBS because of all the different services you guys provide. My main love for LBS is centered around the weekly sales ideas! This is huge for me to go about different routes and find something that relates to my client! Different sales ideas are so important because these clients are bombarded with sales pitches everyday. Finding something that is different and appealing is huge in our market! I also love the 2nd Tuesday webinars. It is greatly beneficial because these webinars are things that can make me stand out in a loaded market to my clients and potential clients. Some of the topics covered are great reminders and things that we might forgot day to day as the day gets busy. One thing I have learned from 2nd Tuesday Webinars is to be different, separate myself from the competition and brand myself as someone clients want to work with! Thank you LBS for all of your help and teaching over the last couple years! I love LBS for many reasons, and above is just a few!”

Mitch Gray, KDLT, Sioux Falls, SD

“I love LBS because it is a huge vault of knowledge from veteran salespeople. I have been watching videos and learning a lot of the tricks of the trade. I have encountered a few of the same objections that they have and now I can overcome them with ease!”

Chad Bullman, WBBJ-TV, Jackson, TN

“I love LBS because

  1. There are always fresh ideas and new tactics to employ.

  2. I have learned new ways to overcome objections, and close sales.

  3. It gives me new ideas and encouragement throughout my week!

  4. I am presented with new ideas on a weekly basis so that I can be more effective.

  5. I can use the training to overcome objections and gain more market share and make more revenue.”

Gabe Mudd, WBBJ-TV, Jackson, TN

“I love LBS because I enjoy the interactive videos and the variety of various business related articles. It always seems when I am struggling with a particular client category a new article from LBS arrives and gets my creative ideas flowing. Thanks for the extra motivation!!”

Danni Campbell, WTFM WRZK WVEK, Kingsport, TN

“I love LBS because they go above and beyond to keep broadcastors informed and educated”

Shannon Thompson, KTOY,KBYB KTFS AM, Texarkana, TX

“I love LBS because

  1. I check it every morning for sales training and advertiser intelligence. Thank you.

  2. Not only do I always learn something new but I also love that I can go back and get a refresher on certain things.

  3. It keeps me updated on market trends and information. I also love the training and refreshers. Thank you.

  4. I was recently promoted and love the mangers section and learning new management skills. Thank you LBS.”

Aaron Tourville, WTNN, South Burlington, VT

“I love LBS because it’s: Learning Big Ideas Sales”

Katie Elliott, KXLY, Spokane, WA

“I love LBS because it supplies great training for us, so we learn by their successes, not by our mistakes”

Steven Flater, WWIB, Chippewa Falls, WI

“I love LBS because

  1. I really appreciated Mark Levy’s webinar today. Did you ever refresh and re-boot ME today Mark!!!!

  2. They offer the best webinar I’ve experienced. It was the first one I’ve had access to at LBS. NO really, FIRST webinar and I was Impressed you guys! Keep up the good webinars. Maybe I can partake again. The standout line that was shared: ‘Brand yourself by selling your experience and your passion for Broadcast Radio. Don’t sell news and sports.’ Thanks again! “

Gary Zimmerman, WTMB, WXYM, WBOG, KQEG, Magnum Media Stations, Sparta, WI

“I love LBS because of access to the unlimited information that allows me to be the best that I can be at what I do; consult with clients to assure that they are considering a plan based on reliable and current information that can also facilitate reasonable expectations before he/she signs an agreement that includes a proposed schedule and commercial production in their marketing strategy.”

Theresa White-Schueler, KGWC KFNB KWYF KLWY, Casper, WY

“I love LBS because as a new hire it helped give me direction and a strong foundation of where to begin my career.”

Jillian Martin, KRRR, KAZY, KRAN, Cheyenne, WY

“I love LBS because they reach out to our members every day through their training videos, helpful website, 2nd Tuesday Webinars, top 3 videos……and the best part is NO TRAVEL required. Our members LOVE LBS!”

Laura Grott, Wyoming Association of Broadcasters, Cheyenne, WY

“I love LBS because of the monthly sales webinars! I think the presenters are engaging and informative. I really enjoy the opportunity to hear different ideas from around the country as I work for 2 amazing radio stations in rural Wyoming. My resources were limited until I started participating in the LBS webinars. Thank you for continuing to bring information that is applicable not just pretty words. Presenters who understand our business and with tangible tactics that I can implement with my clients. Keep up the great work LBS!!”

Stacey Jarrett, KTGA & KBDY, Saratoga, WY

“I love LBS because

  1. There are so many good webinars and trainings online that I can access them whenever I have time!

  2. Of their 2nd Tuesday webinars. I always pick up some information I can use!

  3. I have a half-hour commute to and from work each day, so I’ve started listening to the LBS webinars in the car. Of course I’m not watching them, but the information is covered so well by the presenters, listening to the audio only isn’t a problem. Thanks! Sue”



“I love LBS because after being in sales for over 10 years, it’s nice to go back to basics. Sometimes we over-complicate things so basics are important, especially for local direct clients. Secondly, I also like that you bring more complex ideas to the table. For instance, instead of using the funnel technique, use sort of a time line technique that tells when and where you started, where you are, and where you want to be and what it will take to get there. Thirdly, I like the categories that you tackle. Primarily automotive…it’s one of the most complex in that half of their budget already is allocated to digital. So how to embrace that and use TV to push digital. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, as to why I love LBS!”

Jodi Woods, WCOV Fox 20, Montgomery, AL

“I love LBS because it helps me tremendously as a GM and in turn I can train the entire staff with LBS! We can always improve our attitude and our efforts and LBS has great up to date training. Thanks to the ABA for providing this top notch training and making it available.”

Roger Lowery, KCWD-FM/KNWA-FM&AM, Harrison, AR

“I love LBS because it is my go to sales site for ideas, for fabulous training videos, and for competitive media information.  I use it often to help keep my team informed with the tips, the videos, and ideas!  I also use LBS to keep my materials up to date!”

Dusty King, FOX24, Ft. Smith/Fayetteville, AR

“The webinars are incredibly helpful being a newbie in the industry!”

Michelle Cochran, KHBZ, Harrison, AR

“I love LBS because Paul Weyland has the best videos – short and to the point, easy to follow, sales training that works!”

Kristen Speer, Twin Lakes Radio KPFM/KKTZ/KOMT, Mountain Home, AR

“No matter what you need, the information is timely and relevant.”

Adrian Soyars, KKYR, KPWW, KYGL, KMJI, KOSY, Texarkana, AR

“I love LBS because:
1 – my sales manager sends us the weekly LBS videos and I try to sit down every week and watch them to supplement my knowledge and gather new, innovative ideas for my clients and prospects;
2 – I have been able to expand my knowledge as a radio sales rep by watching the video sessions;
3 – when I need a quick tip I can refer to all of the tools LBS has to offer. It doesn’t matter if it is for a current client or a prosect, LBS has it all;
4 – each week I learn something new from the weekly sales ideas. They supplement my entire sales team and we utilize what we learned in our sales training meetings;
5 – it doesn’t matter what questions I have I can always count on the team at LBS to help me with answers and tough questions;
6 – when I get stuck on a topic or question I have been asked I can utilize the many tools that are offered. Overall, LBS gives me the tools I need to be productive and increase my clientele;
7 – the AskLBS has helped me when I am in a bind with a hard sale. I have reached out and gotten the support and answers I needed. The confidence I have gained from the knowledge of AskLBS is priceless;
8 – when I have a question or a tough sell, I can go to the videos and find one that will help me to answer my question and relate to my tough sell;
9 – the video sessions give me real world advice that I can use when I am out with clients and prospects. These videos are a great tool for sales reps;
10 – the Advertiser Intelligence Data gives me the tools to get inside my prospect’s head and see what their actual needs are. By doing this I have been able to successfully close the deal;
11 – the Advertiser Intelligence data gives me tools to utilize when presenting to prospects and helps me feel confident in my presentations;
12 – the weekly sales ideas give me the tools to be creative in my work! When I feel the writer’s block come on, I turn to LBS and after browsing around, I am able to continue my task!”

Kayla Castrup, KPRB, KSIR, KPMX, KCGC, Fort Morgan, CO

“I love LBS because:
1 – of the great webinars and opportunities for personal development;
2 – it gives me the opportunity to connect with my coworkers about meaningful things.”

Miranda Crawford, Always Mountain Time, Breckenridge, CO

“I love LBS because the videos are great material for my sales meetings! They are short enough to be engaging and keep the sellers’ attention, and its great for them to hear the same principals that I am always talking about from someone else. The site is very easy to use and intuitive. LBS is a great addition to my training materials.”

Jessica Vargas, WQGN, WMOS, WXLM, New London, CT

“I love LBS because it has teaches me what I don’t know!”

Rocco Forte, 1490WGCH AM, Greenwich, CT

“I love LBS because It’s useful information that I can put into practice!”

William West, WLJA-FM, Canton, GA

“I love LBS because I can always count on LBS to get me accurate and helpful information. They cut through all the fluff and give me exactly what I need!”

Coriya Burns Falker, WAMJ, WHTA, WPZE and WAMJ-HD2, Atlanta, GA

“I love LBS because it’s the most current, comprehensive resource for all aspects of Broadcast Sales out there today! Just like Radio, LBS works!”

Annette Leftheriotis, KQNG FM 93.5, KSHK FM 103.1, KSRF 95.9FM, Lihue, HI

“I love LBS because we have access to videos from industry leaders like Paul Weyland that educate and helps us increase sales”

Scott Dean, WCIA WCIX, Champaign, IL

“I love LBS because I am the only full time sales person on staff and sometimes I need motivation, actually a lot of time I do! But LBS is a place I can go to realize there are other people out there helping stations like ours and for that I say thank you! Keep up the good work.”

Jeffrey Owens, WEIU FM & TV, Charleston, IL

“I love LBS because you provide a great deal of detail and insight. I always learning something new. I’m also reminded about ideas that have worked in the past. Great product and great content.”

Mike Snuffer, WSIL TV, Carterville, IL

“I love LBS because I can always count on the sales ideas to give me a new idea for a client I need a new idea for!”

Jason Starbird, WCIA, Champaign, IL

“I love LBS because the ideas are great!”

Sonny Dotson, WEBQ AM/FM, Harrisburg, IL

“I LOVE LBS because of all the help in sales in advertising and the personal help you get from the wonderful staff and business.”

Greta Griffin, WKID, Vevay, IN

“I love LBS because of the sales ideas! The LBS edge videos are a great resource, and always insightful! Thank for all the help!”

Lisa Guenette, WAQY Rock 102.1 & WLZX Lazer 99.3, Chicopee, MA

“I LOVE LBS because it consistently provides quality tools of the trade that educate, inform and engage both myself as a sales consultant as well as my clients! The Real Deal!”

Marlene Pippins, WXRV/92.5/the River, Haverhill, MA

“I love LBS because…………. As station manager I am always looking for new ways to motivate and educate my sales staff. Well I found it…with LBS they are always showing us new ways to present to clients. They also help to educate us on different businesses and how to approach them with our knowledge of their business. Thanks LBS!!!

Cheryl Tripp-Cleveland, WBRK, Pittsfield, MA

“I LOVE LBS because it has the information I need when I need it! Information is power and LBS is a powerful tool for ANY sales person! Thanks for being such a great resource!!”

Fred Grant, WHOU 100.1 FM, Houlton, ME

“I love LBS because it keeps you up to date with fresh ideas on everything sales related!”

Sarah Childs, FOX 5 KRBK, Springfield, MO

“I love LBS because the tips to help my clients help me become more than just a sales person to my client, i am a marketing tool they come to rely on.”

Kristina, KDSR, Williston, ND

“I love LBS because if helps me find success for my clients. The data, the information, and the statistics gives me the opportunity to be a better sales person.”

Tanea Clocksene, KYNU, Jamestown, ND

“I love LBS because the resources keep me updated with current ideas and facts for selling radio in today’s world.”

Colleen Simpson, Big Red Country 104.9fm/The City 98.9fm/AM 1590 Wayne Radio Works, Wayne, NE

“I love LBS because being new to radio I like the helpful tips to help me boast my sales. There is always something useful when I get reminders.”

Greg Miller, KLIN, KFGE, KBBK, KBBK2, KLNC, Lincoln, NE

“I love LBS because someone is always there to answer my questions!”

Tracy Sporleder, WJAG/106KIX/Lite Rock 97.5, Norfolk, NE

“I love LBS because:
1 – its learning sessions & videos are easy-to-use & easy-to-understand;
2 – of the webinar & video sessions! They are One-Hour or less of On-Target training & information! Meeting & answering real needs & questions I have! Thank you LBS & the Nebraska Broadcasters Assn!”

Kristine Kienbaum, KTIC, West Point, NE

“I love LBS for their training videos, I also love that they have new sales ideas for different types of clients each week, and if you are struggling with something or need a new idea you have a group of people you can go to for fresh ideas.”

Shari Cecil, KRNP, KXNP, KZTL, KHAQ, KODY, North Platte, NE

“I love LBS because:
1 – the videos pump me up even though I have been in sales over 30 years. I always learn something when I watch them. The info on businesses is priceless;
2 – there is so much helpful info. The videos and text are well thought out and easy to understand!”

DJ Schimizzi, WARM101.3, Fickle 93.3, 94.1 The ZONE, Rochester, NY

“With so much competition, it’s easy to get lost in the day to day grind of your local market. I love LBS because it not only gives me great daily ideas, but it reminds me that I am part of a larger team. A team that is fighting to carry the message that radio can dramatically change and improve the way people do business!”


“I love LBS because the videos are short and concise, making them a perfect quick watch if I ever need a refresher. I also find the shorter videos easier to keep focus on so you can really take a lesson away from each one.”

Aubrey Delany, WICZ/WBPN, Vestal, NY

“I love LBS because it builds shared value. The group generates ideas that propel sales teams (including ours!), and works hard to ensure all boats rise as a result of their efforts. I also feel very fortunate to have ongoing access to talent like Stephen Warley – he’s a whiz.”

Alison Jones, WXXI Public Broadcasting, Rochester, NY

“I love LBS because… Every time I have needed a question answered about anything in broadcasting I received an answer that assisted me in my sale!”

Steve Synesael, WHAM, WUHF, EHAM, Rochester, NY

“I love LBS because the sales ideas LBS provides gives me competitive advantage over my competition!”

Lou Anne Wenerski, WBBZ Me TV, Williamsville (Buffalo), NY

“I love LBS because of the great training videos that talk about what you really experience. It’s not made up scenarios, but actual scenarios that a normal account executive would experience every day.”

Josiah McComas, WAKW, Cincinnati, OH

“I love LBS because:
1 – I’ll find tons of ideas I can take out on the street and put to use today;
2 – It provides training, ideas and solutions;
3 – I can always find the answers or assistance I need through the vast resources available through LBS!”

Steve Bart, KXII, Ardmore, OK

“I love LBS because of the ideas and the continuing ed. We all need to learn more and to jog old idea memories.”

Steve Schiffner, Radio Oklahoma Network, Oklahoma City, OK

“I love LBS because it always keeps fresh training content available for my weekly sales meetings.”

Jeremy Groh, KBND, KLRR, KMTK, KWXS, KTWS, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because the video sessions help me to understand the bigger picture for some of my customers.”

Bethany Kunde, KAST 1370AM, KCRX 102.3FM, KVAS 103.9 FM, KKOR 106.3 FM, KLMY 99.7 FM, Warrenton, OR

“My new account reps (and seasoned reps too) love LBS because the video sales training modules help them earn happy clients & more long term business.”

Patrick Ryan, WEEO-FM, Chambersburg, PA

“I love LBS because they love radio as much as I do!!!!!! 25 years!!”

Michael G Stanton, WDNH, Honesdale, PA

“I love LBS because:
1 – it is like having a professional sales mentor, available anytime, anywhere, about any subject that I could think of;
2 – there is such a variety to train on, by real people in the field;
3 – it’s portable! I can train whereever I am, and whenever I want… Like waiting in an airport, at home, etc;
4 – each process is laid out perfectly for me to follow, and succeed. Why re-create the wheel?”

Ann Eads, KEVN Fox TV, Rapid City, SD

“I love LBS because:
1 – of the video sessions that LBS offers;
2 – it provides a lot of good reminders and new tips for my local sales staff.”

Stacey Sieverding, KTTW, Humboldt, SD

“I love the video sessions. They add interesting information and techniques to our sales meetings.”

Todd Holen, KKLS-AM, Rapid City, SD

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE LBS because the sales tips I receive plant seeds that cultivate into new ideas for my clients that spend more money with our station and make me money. Win-Win-Win”

Katie Elliott, KXLY TV, Spokane, WA

“It is a different challenge every day . No two days are the same. That is why I have been doing it since 1978. It is like having your own business without the financial investment .”

Sam Gattlieb, WCHS/WVAH-TV, Charleston, WV

“I love LBS because of the webinars. I am new to sales and I learn something new on each one. The webinars keep me motivated to come up with new ideas and try new things with my clients.”

Kayla Dorsett, WDUX FM92.7 AM 800, Waupaca, WI

“We’re fairly new to LBS, and so far the video sessions are fantastic for training, and for ideas/research”

Steven Flater, WWIB / WOGO, Chippewa Falls, WI

“I love LBS because:

1 – it’s like having your very own school to access whenever you want. With all the selling skills videos you can keep learning every day;
2 – there is always something new to learn in the weekly sales videos;
3 – there’s always something interesting to learn in their 2nd Tuesday webinars;
4 – you can go to the recorded webinars any time of day or night. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit in my schedule to attend a particular webinar, but I know I can find it on LBS later and watch it when I have time;
5 – I’m really enjoying the Ask LBS section. There are good ideas for copy issues, information on setting up sales meetings, facebook, co-op, and more. It’s quite a treasure trove;
6 – not only do they teach us and keep us up-to-date on advertising trends, intel and more…. they do fun things like give away prizes!!”


“I love LBS because I’m good, but what I don’t know can fill Noah’s ark. I really depend on LBS to fill in blanks. Videos are important, good information and focus on what is important making my clients money, hence making me money. “Ideas” come in handy when I have No idea. I suppose the most important thing is when discouraged, or in a rut I get a shot in the arm with LBS. Thanks Doctor LBS”

Mike Randleman, KGWN NGWN OGWN, Cheyenne, WY

“I LOVE LBS because it’s informative and after 25 + years in the marketing business you can learn new information , ideas, and promotions from LBS.. THE value is up to date information.. and the once a month video trainings that they provide have valuable information in them.. once a month, one hour, can give you different thoughts and ideas on how to approach clients.. and especially the tough ones.. In marketing you never stop learning and LBS IS A GREAT RESOURCE TO USE.”

Gay R Higley, KZWY FM, KYTI FM, KLQQ FM, KROE AM, KWYO AM, MAGIC 109 FM, ESPN, 104.9FM, 95.9 FM, Sheridan, WY


“I love LBS simply because they are always up with the times and the current situation the industry is in. LBS seems to know what we’re facing in this ever-evolving industry before we understand it ourselves. It’s almost as if they’re scripting it out themselves. The weekly sales ideas are a godsend! Thank you LBS!”

Nathan Burrows, WAAY, Huntsville, AL

“I love LBS because they provide sales tips that are useful for my team.”

Amanda Enis, KCNY, Conway, AR

“I love LBS training because it helps not only the staff but myself stay up to date and sharp. LBS sales training helps us move forward to achieve constant and never ending improvement daily.”

Roger Lowery, KCWD/KNWA, Harrison, AR

“I love LBS because our stations numbers have grown every year since we started utilizing LBS training. Bottom line is, you use the tools LBS gives you and you put them into action you will see sales growth!”

Roger Lowery, KCWD/KNWA, Harrison, AR

“I love LBS because you can learn something new with every session. We signed more long term business in the last year after utilizing LBS sales training with info learned from Paul Weyland in the LBS training. It does not matter if you are a new seller or a veteran seller, you must stay sharp and continue to improve. LBS training if used can keep you up to date and sharp.”

Roger Lowery, KCWD/KNWA, Harrison, AR

“I love LBS because it helps me stay sharp and focused and in turn the team stays sharp and focused. It does not matter how long you have been selling, we can all get better and improve our skills. LBS has helped us grow and we are continuing to grow as a business and team. Glad the ABA makes LBS training available to us!”

Roger Lowery, KCWD/KNWA, Harrison, AR

“I love LBS sales training because I see the sales team growing and being more productive from utilizing the LBS training. Using LBS training will deliver results to your organizations bottom line.”

Roger Lowery, KCWD/KNWA, Harrison, AR

“I love LBS because it is very helpful in training new sales people.”

Helen Aregood, KCXY-FM KMGC-FM KAMD-FM, Camden, AR

“Weekly Sales ideas are just awesome!!!!!”

Carol Partridge, KXNA-FM, KREB-AM, KFFK-AM, Fayetteville, AR

“I enjoy receiving the daily emails. Plus I love all the information available on the site we can use when we hire a new employee.”

Wayne Johnson, KFTM, Fort Morgan, CO

“As a new media sales representative and marketing consultant, I receive so much from the videos, worksheets and forms and live seminars monthly. It is a great resource, excellent source of in-station conversation starters, and an exceptional tool when I have specific questions. Thank you for the services LBS provides and please continue to help support people of broadcast!”

Christine Larsen, KIQX, KRSJ, KKDC, KIUP, Durango, CO

“I love LBS because they give me new ideas for how to get to new sales leads and follow through on them. I feel that the LBS video sessions offer me exciting, leader of the industry tips and tricks to prospect and close the sale. Thanks!”

Kayla Castrup, KPRB & KSIR, Fort Morgan, CO

“I love LBS because they are top notch in their training videos and webinars. They help people who are new to the business all the way to the seasoned pros, making it easy for all people to utilize their tips and ideas.”

Kayla Castrup, KPRB & KSIR, Fort Morgan, CO

“I love LBS because they webinars have helped me learn how send out prospect emails and use warm calling follow-ups. The tips I learned have helped me generate sales meetings! Thanks!”

Kayla Castrup, KPRB & KSIR, Fort Morgan, CO

“I love LBS because being new in this industry I need help with sales and leads. I have watched several training videos that have helped me generate leads and close deals, which have helped me hit my sales goal in my second month!”

Kayla Castrup, KPRB KSIR, Fort Morgan, CO

“I love LBS because just starting out in the broadcasting world the training videos have helped me learn how to make sales from start to finish. I have used the Time Management series for a sales training with my co-workers and it has helped us all better manage our time so we can sell!”

Kayla Castrup, KPRB, KSIR, Fort Morgan, CO

“I love LBS because it provides great broadcast specific selling tactics, strategies and approaches for my team. It gives us insight into new approaches we should consider, and provides what I like to call 3rd party motivation!!”

Mike Delpha, WDAQ/WLAD/WAXB, Danbury, CT

“I love LBS because your videos on getting appointments helped me land 4 appointments this week (and it is my 2nd week on the job)!”

Abigail Abrams, WEZN WFOX, Milford, CT

“From weekly sales ideas to on-demand video training, Local Broadcast Sales has become an invaluable resource for our radio and television member stations. The topics sent out each week are timely and are designed to get AEs thinking on how they can best service their accounts with the added benefit of growing the bottom line.”

Ben Henson, Georgia Association of Broadcasters, Atlanta, GA

“I really love LBS because of the category specific ideas they provide. Many times I get an email and it gives me a boost of creativity. The emails are not broad but they speak to specific situations that advertisers are facing. Keep them coming!”

Coriya Burns Falker, WAMJ, WAMJ-HD2, WHTA, WPZE, Atlanta, GA

“I love LBS because it helps me keep my AE’s informed & generate new ideas.”

Laurie Mizuno, KDDB, KPOI, KQMQ, KUMU, Honolulu, HI

“I love LBS because of the weekly emails that help newbies like me sidestep objections and stalls!”

Amina Peterson, KDDB, KQMQ, KUMU, KPOI, Kailua, HI

“I have just come back for the first time since introduced. It is always on the list of things to read or check or do and I need to move it to the top. I am looking forward to getting ideas and getting out of the rut!”

Joanna Finley, KHON, Honolulu, HI

“I Love LBS because it is the one go to professional site for me that has great ideas for the broadcast industry and it has never failed me yet!!!”

Lee Ann Oliver, WCSJ/WJDK, Morris, IL

“I love LBS because of Paul Weyland and John Tkac. We have seen Paul several times at the Illinois Broadcasters. He always seems to be more grounded and less theoretical than most presenters. He constantly reminds us of basics that veteran sales people tend to forget or just skip over because we forget how important they are. John Tkac seems to be dead on with his auto news and trends. No nonsense. Nothing elaborate and difficult to present. Just a compelling message that is easy to convey to our advertisers. These two presenters are the reasons we listen to your videos and read your newsletters.”

Mike Niehaus, WSMI AM&FM WAOX-FM, Litchfield, IL

“I love LBS because it provides the tools and necessities to give that winning push when meeting with customers. It helps the creative flow through not just my office, but to everyone else’s.”

Calvin Johnson, Bridge FM 90.3 and 91.1 WYGS FM, Columbus, IN

“I love LBS because of the weekly sales ideas!…and the great webinars!”

Kathy Uebler, Fox 28 WSJV, Elkhart, IN

“Daily, I repeat, daily, I receive up to date info on many facets of local broadcast sales. Even if I don’t take the opportunity to pour over the entire web site of LBS daily, I can count on the information to be there and available to me anytime.”

Michael Longest, WDWQ, WMGI, WBOW, WIBQ, WDKE, Terre Haute, IN

“I love LBS because of weekly sales ideas!”

Tom Burns, WEFM, Michigan City, IN

“I love LBS because of the weekly sales ideas, helps me stay creative with my sales staff!”

Nicole Neidlinger, WEVV, Evansville, IN

“I love LBS because they have the most amazing training webinars!”

Nicole Neidlinger, WEVV44, Evansville, IN

“I love LBS because of the nuggets of information….whether it’s a full on webinar… the weekly sales ideas… something I can go back to for a refresher… etc. I share the information with sales staff for discussion and inevitably the conversation goes deeper into the problem/situation/outcome of the appointment or client project. LBS is a good resource for broadcast salespeople starting out or who have been at it for a while as a little refresher or different way at looking at the profession. Thanks for doing what you do!”

Cathy Edwards, WFWA, Fort Wayne, IN

“I love LBS because it helps me get my day started with great ideas for sales and customer service.”

Helen Peelman, WKID Dial Broadcasting, Vevay, IN

“I loce LBS because even though I have been in this business for 20+ years, I appreciate the fresh reminders of stuff I know and I am always getting good current research too.”

Scott Howard, WOWO, Fort Wayne, IN

“I love LBS because it gives my sales reps a great base of knowledge for training. I use it very heavily in their first weeks of development and have seen a drastic decrease in turn over and having reps hit the ground running faster and smarter. My reps are more customer focused than ever and it allows my team to carry a solid brand in the marketplace as innovators and problem solvers.”

Jerod Bast, WSBT, Mishawaka, IN

“I love LBS because it helps encourage my success in this industry!”

Elise Parham, WSBT, WHFB, South Bend, IN

“I love LBS because of the tools implemented on a daily basis to help the successful become more successful through their prospects and clients.”

Calvin Johnson, WYGS 91.1 FM, Columbus, IN

“I love LBS because everything they provide is practical knowledge. If it won’t work on the street then LBS won’t discuss it.”

Ben Starkey, KAKE, Wichita, KS

“I love LBS because it’s relative to today’s selling and challenges sellers are seeing every day. Useful info and suggestions you can implement immediately!”

Camie Nicholas, KIBB, KVWF, Wichita, KS

“I love LBS because they give me ideas and avenues that I wouldn’t have thought to pursue otherwise. I am always able to rely on LBS to get my creative juices flowing!”

Krys Obrien, KSOK Radio, Arkansas City, KS

“I love LBS because the information is always timely, Paul Weyland always has an angle on any issue.”

Sean Moulton, KTPK, Topeka, KS

“I love LBS because of the ideas from the videos of ways to go about approaching certain clients or situations. A lot of great information on here. I especially enjoy Paul Weyland’s videos”

Sean Moulton, KTPK, Topeka, KS

“I love the fact that there are videos on pretty much every issue that you can encounter. I often use them at times when I am getting frustrated and need to get my attitude corrected to push through those frustrating times.”

Sean Moulton, KTPK, Topeka, KS

“I love LBS because the weekly sales ideas have helped me tremendously in the field…they always have different ideas to help close sales for many different types of advertisers!”

Todd Senecal, KZUH, KVOB, KDJM, Salina, KS

“I love LBS because every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I always wonder what awesome sales videos will be sent to me via email for me to better understand how to sell different types of potential advertisers.”

Todd Senecal, KZUH, KVOB, KDJM, Salina, KS

“I love LBS because it provides me with up to date information and trends of different industries. It also provides me useful industry jargon so my prospects know I understand their business.”

John Grantz, WFPL/WFPK/WUOL/KY Network, Louisville, KY

“I love LBS because it gives me ammunition I need to be effective on the job!”

Ben Smith, WFTM, Maysville, KY

“I love LBS because they strive to help me/my team succeed!”

Haley Roberts, WNKY ENKY, Bowling Green, KY

“I love LBS because they have tips for every quarter, every season, every holiday and so much more!”

Haley Roberts, WNKY ENKY, Bowling Green, KY

“I love LBS because of the free webinars! Learning new tools each webinar really keeps the wheels moving!”

Haley Roberts, WNKY ENKY, Bowling Green, KY

“I love LBS because as a young adult right out of college, and in my first broadcast sales job LBS gives me access to so many different tools to use to help back what I have learned.”

Haley Roberts, WNKY/ENKY, Bowling Green, KY

“I love LBS because it’s a great start to the week learning about creative sales ideas that I can implement into my sales calls that I may not have otherwise thought about. It’s a great way to learn from professionals who are credible, experienced and successful in the business!”

Suzanne Allen, WNKY/ENKY, Bowling Green, KY

“I love LBS because it provides me with tools to keep me sharp in this ever-changing world of marketing. Also, I love LBS because of Paul Weyland. I consider Paul to be a mentor. His humor mixed with his knowledge of marketing make watching his videos and speeches that much more effective. LBS Thank You.”

Christopher Duggan, 94.7 WMAS, Springfield, MA

“I love LBS because it’s chock full of resources so I’ve always got a toolkit full of knowledge available at my fingertips. Honestly, just knowing that I’ve got this wealth of knowledge makes me more confident. LBS gives me a broader understanding of the day to day responsibilities of many of my broadcast colleagues.”

Stella Mars, WBOS, WBQT, WKLB, WMJX, WROR, Boston, MA

“I love LBS because Advertiser Intelligence delivers great articles relevant to every category I call on, making me look smarter and better prepared. This industry research sets me apart from the pack, giving me an edge as a consultant who is knowledgeable about my client’s industry and who cares about their business.”

Adrienne Montezinos, WXRV/92.5 the River, Haverhill, MA

‘The training videos have been seriously helpful. I have learned a lot from them and they all make sense. After spending weeks of reading page after page after page, everything was blurring and going sideways. With the aid of the videos, it all came together.”

Amber Bachelder, WABI EABI, Bangor, ME

“LBS actually has people who have been in the trenches and who know what they’re talking about. Thanks for being able to relate!”

Fred Grant, WHOU, Houlton, ME

“LBS works! It’s just that simple. Thank you for being useful.”

Fred Grant, WHOU, Houlton, ME

“I love LBS because there are SOOOOOO many great ideas that impact our bottom line!!”

Fred Grant, WHOU 100.1 FM, Houlton, ME

“I Love LBS because the instructors and videos help get my sales reps excited for the week and hit the road with new ideas.”

Joseph Morgan Grumbach, WJJB WPEI WLOB, Portland, ME

“I love LBS because they always give me something new to think about or a new angle to hit client with.”

Joseph Morgan Grumbach, WJJB WPEI WLOB, Portland, ME

“I love LBS because I run two weekly sales meetings. On my Wednesday morning meeting I try and do more of a round table discussion with my sales reps rather than just the usual sales talk. I use the LBS videos often as a springboard for those discussions. I love the different experienced presenters and their different opinions and strategies.”

Joseph Morgan Grumbach, WJJB, WPEI, WLOB, Portland, ME

“I love LBS because it provides me with the resources and tools needed to succeed in this business. Time and information are extremely important, especially as a radio sales newbie; your information is easy to digest, doesn’t eat up a huge portion of my day and helps give me the solid base I need to succeed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. In a nutshell, you’ve not only helped make my huge career transition less scary, but help transform me into a better member of the Zone Radio team each time I log in to absorb some more information!”

Clifton Foster, WKIT, WZON, WZLO, Bangor, ME

“I love LBS because of the flexibility of allowing the sales team to train on their own schedule, plus its great material for sales meeting and watching customized videos to attack the needs of the sales reps in the field.”

Bob Eckman, KALM/KAMS/KHOM/KBMV, Thayer, MO

“LBS gives me a great resource to help train the sales team in our weekly meetings. I often select a specific video to show at our weekly meeting and allow the team to interact and see how it applies in the field. If the team is struggling to close, then I select a video targeted to help them overcome objections, etc. I love LBS because it allow the sales reps to train themselves at night and weekend and to access the help section if they need specific help with a certain client. It’s proved to be a valuable resource for our 4 station group.”

Robert Eckman, KAMS, KALM, KHOM, KBMV, Thayer, MO

“I love LBS because it always has a fresh perspective on the selling process and it also encourages sales persons to be more confident in their approach to certain businesses and what approach works better. I like the ask LBS because being new to broadcast sales I rely on new sales techniques to close fast.”

Carol Snuffer, KBSI/WDKA, Cape Girardeau, MO

“I’ve been doing this now more years than I want to admit and like so many people in this business I’ve moved around a good bit. LBS has been a consistent source for me in every market and situation. I haven’t held the AE title for quite a while but as a sales manager and GM I’ve insisted all of my sellers use LBS as a tool. As is usually the case some do and some don’t; not surprisingly though the ones that do invariably have been the top producers. The resources available just make an AE’s job so much easier, they don’t have to reinvent the wheel and it allows them to spend more time doing what they should do, get in front of a business with a plan and some success stories. IT WORKS!!!!! If you or your guys aren’t using it you’re cheating yourself.”

Ed Groves, KBSI/WDKA, Cape Girardeau, MO

“I love LBS because I wouldn’t have any information on broadcasting without it!”

Laura Poole, KBSI/WDKA, Cape Girardeau, MO

“I love LBS because it’s my go to place when I need different ideas to help with prospecting.”

Rebecca Smoot, KFVS12 WQWQ, Cape Girardeau, MO

“I love LBS because of the helpful tips and advice that I learn each and every week from the video. Being new to this position I am a sponge for success and lbs helps with that every week”

Jason Hagan, KKWK-KRMN, Bethany, MO

“You have important information about the industry that is current and very insightful.”

Stacy Boysen Krauck, KOLR, Springfield, MO

“I love LBS because it provides me with a wealth of resources and makes the creative part of my job much easier. This allows me to focus on selling and delivering outstanding customer service to our clients!”

Matt Williams, KOLR 10, Springfield, MO

“I love LBS because the video sessions are always useful and easy to learn and follow.”

Ryan Fabian, KOLR 10 KOZL Z27, Springfield, MO

“I get great ideas and tons of great info!”

Jill Barlow, KOLR10 KOZL, Springfield, MO

“I love LBS because you have removed nervousness from my new hires. I can only train so much, but your information has opened their eyes, fired them up, and sent them out the door first thing ready to sell what they learned. Thanks. Jason”

Jason Smallheer, KQFX and NMIZ, Columbia, MO

“I love LBS because the information on the vast range of topics has helped me become an Exceptional Sales Person!! From Prospecting to Closing and Building Relationships, LBS has become my premier site for Sales tips!!”

Rachel Johnson, KQFX, KMIZ, NMIZ, Columbia, MO

“I work as a digital sales specialist at a TV station and don’t actually sell TV. But LBS provides tools that can work for any product and a system of selling that works across all products. I love LBS because it has given me knowledge to sell digital products better. It also helps because the products I sell go hand in hand with television and the products the other AE’s sell. By being able to equip them with information for their clients they are able to make a stronger case for their client. The world is going more and more digital so that is where things need to be and we are able to bring that to our customers with help from the LBS training.”

Katie Felkel, KRBK, Springfield, MO

“I love LBS because it provides me with proven sales ideas. Ideas that other broadcasters have used and been successful with.”

Kim Long, KREI-KTJJ-KJFF, Farmington/Festus, MO

“For years, I’ve been using [another trainer]to train new sales people….and more and more I realized I didn’t agree with her methods…and they were outdated. So now I use your Training New Hires. I can pick and choose, depending on their level of experience. I love it!”

Joyce Cronin, KVVL/KNIM, Maryville, MO

“I love LBS because I can use the training videos at my Monday morning sales meeting. Takes less time to figure out what to do….they are relevant!”

Joyce Cronin, KVVL/KNIM, Maryville, MO

“I love LBS because of all the tips, resources and ideas shared in videos, webinars and emails. They always seem to hit at the right time I need them! Thanks!”

Kim Grant, WIL 92.3, St, Louis, MO

“I love LBS because it gives me motivation. It’s not always easy to stay excited about radio when sales are down. But, LBS is a great place to go when I need help. Once I look around on the site and watch a couple of videos, I’m on my way back to the creative radio lover that I truly am.”

Gay Will, WIL-FM, St. Louis, MO

“I love LBS because they are my co- sales manager. From help with finding the right people to training the right way to closing the sale. The information available on LBS and their dedication to helping me as a sales manager is absolutely premium.”

Rick Gustafson, KBTO, KWGO, KTZU, Bottineau, Minot, ND

“I love LBS because the information provided is great! It covers a variety of areas for new Sales Professionals, and old alike.”

Vicki Mund, KVLY/KXJB, Fargo, ND

‘I love LBS because their resources are abundant! The ability to give my clients the knowledge and understanding for their marketing industry is key – so LBS is my go to.”

Michelle M Ascheman, KYNU, KXGT, KQDJ, KRVX, KDAK, KOVC, KDDR, ESPN 1400, Jamestown, ND

“I love LBS because it is so simple. I find what I need. I can ask for further resources and LBS Delivers! LBS is a team of amazing people who take the time to provide quality resources that fit what I do!”

Michelle M Ascheman, KYNU, KXGT, KQDJ, KRVX, KDAK, KOVC, KDDR, ESPN 1400, Jamestown, ND

“I have been selling radio for over 20 years, I just started getting LBS and what a FANTASTIC NEW START TO MY DAY! Just this morning I watched Gary Moore’s motivation and I loved his message! I will actually try what he talked about! I am also starting to work on all of my annuals for next year and the articles are fantastic and will add a new dynamic for my clients! Thank you!”

Erin Elliott, Radio FM Media (KLTA-FM, KVBV-FM, KPFX-FM), Fargo, ND

“I love LBS for the weekly sales ideas!”

Jane Finney, WDAZ/WDAY, Grand Forks, ND

“I love LBS because with the 6-10 minute videos I can get educated and inspired to increase my creativity and productivity all in a short burst of time! It’s a great way to start my sales day!”

Stacy Bossart, WZFG, Fargo, ND

“I love LBS because it highlights new opportunities!”

William King, KOWN 95.7 The Boss, Omaha, NE

“I love LBS for all the great training videos, and for helping come up with great promotion ideas. LBS is a great training tool for new and veteran sales people.”

Shari Cecil, KRNP, KXNP, KZTL, KHAQ, KODY, North Platte, NE

“I love LBS because it’s my daily sales meeting. It’s my motivation…I am a salesperson working alone in a satellite office located in a different community than our radio station, so the LBS presentations online are a kick-start for my attitude and for up-to date sales training every day.”

Colleen Simpson, KTCH Big Red Country 104.9FM/The City 98.9FM, Wayne, NE

“I love LBS because it’s a time-efficient resource that can have me prepped and ready for almost any sales call. In less than ten minutes, I can log on to LBS and have a stronger presentation as well as reduce or eliminate other Internet searches for information. LBS directs my creativity in a way that helps me guide the potential advertiser to a better advertising decision and benefits my station with new or additional sales revenue. Using LBS puts me into a good to go mode. The information helps me ask better questions or direct the conversation in a way that the prospect’s interest is aroused. While no business owner expects me to be an expert in his or her industry, they have a reasonable expectation that I come to their office prepared and able to offer some idea how to link their interests and goals to my station’s audience. LBS is the resource that gets me there!”

Marty Shafer, KVNO, Omaha, NE

“I love LBS because I have inspiration for new creative selling ideas at my fingertips. I work in a very small market, so I really appreciate the positive motivation I receive from LBS–videos, shopping research, sales training and ideas for community event promotions. LBS resources ARE my only weekly ‘sales meetings”.”

Colleen Simpson, Wayne Radio Works KTCH Big Red Country 104.9FM/The City 98.9FM/AM1590, Wayne, NE

“I love LBS because of the quality of experienced presenters who share their expertise in sales training videos. I really like what Paul Weyland has to share with us.”

Colleen Simpson, Wayne Radio Works KTCH Big Red Country 104.9FM; The City 98.9FM; AM 1590, Norfolk, NE

“LBS has helped me and my Sales Team hit several home runs, with ideas to help close Non Traditional businesses, secure hard to close clients with annuals, and bring new promotions to existing clients for up sell opportunities. A very valuable resource. Thank you! Nichole”

Nichole Romano, WHDQ, WXXK, WGXL, WTSL, WWOD,, West Lebanon, NH

“I love LBS because it brings experts and their experience driven ideas, concepts and practices directly to me to help me grow. The value that these professionals bring to the table would never be affordable via individual station visits.”

Donald Gibb, WKNE, WKBK, WSNI, WINQ, ESPN & Keene Classics, Keene, NH

“I love LBS because even as a veteran of 50+ years in Radio…there’s always something new and useful along with gentle reminders of the ideas and approaches I’ve forgotten.”


“I love LBS because the weekly ideas help me create strong proposals topresent to my prospects. They also allow me to have successful educated conversations with clients.”

Jessica Bucco, WINS, Aberdeen, NJ

“I love LBS because I get great sales and promotions tips! I can see what has been successful in different markets at other stations and translate that to sales for my customers! Thanks!”

Elisabeth Rollo, Cayuga Radio Group, Ithaca, NY

“I love LBS because of the weekly sales ideas and video sessions”

Jon Latzer, CBS, New York, NY

“I love LBS because it helps me make more sales.”

Patrick Downs, WBBS, WWHT, WYYY, WSYR, WHEN, Liverpool, NY

“It’s simple. I love LBS because its ideas make us money.”

Richard Fusco, WDST, Woodstock, NY

“I love LBS because it is about community connection for me. Getting a deeper look into the lives that make our little town the amazing place it is.”


“I love LBS because it speaks directly to small market independent broadcasters like ourselves – thank you!”

Paul T. Higgins, WKZE, Red Hook, NY

“I love LBS because of the diverse articles and research information which helps the team be prepared for all types of local direct clients.”

John Hunt, WMVN/WOLF/WNDR/WOLF-AM, Syracuse, NY

“I love LBS because the information presented is food for the brain.”

Gordon Bayliss, WNED, WBFO, Buffalo, NY

“I love LBS because Gary is the BEST teacher and I learned SO MUCH from him in so little time!”

Michele Labarge, WNYT-TV, Albany, NY

“I love LBS because the information helps to encourage my team to think beyond standard sales approaches and prospect categories.”

John Hunt, WOLF/WMVN/WNDR/WOLF-AM, Syracuse, NY

“I love LBS because the information and articles encourage the sales team to go deeper in client prospecting categories”

John Hunt, WOLF/WMVN/WNDR/WOLF-AM, Syracuse, NY

“I love LBS because it lets me know how others in my profession are finding success selling to specific industries. Always good to see how I can apply others success to reach my goals.”

Robert Amicucci, WOR710, Mets Radio Network and Q104.3 FM, New York, NY

“I love LBS because the weekly sales ideas help me get my creative juices flowing”

Angela Medaglia, WPAT 93.1FM and WSKQ 97.9 FM, New York, NY

“I love LBS because I am Captain of Automotive Education in our cluster and each month, I provide an educational presentation to my fellow AE’s encompassing: additional VBR’s (valid business reasons); as well as knowing the stats, education and a comprehensive category overview. Gary Moore’s videos, the articles and the Nada Data are great resources. Thank you.”

Hunter Hillers, WSYR, WYYY, WBBS, WWHT, WHEN, Syracuse, NY

“I love LBS because of the helpful tips and ideas”

Kellie Tavernia, WYUL, WVNV, WICY, Malone, NY

“I love LBS, because when ideas run dry in my own well, they pull up with a water truck and fill me back up. Whether it’s the videos or the other aspects, it has all been helpful in different ways at different times!”

Joseph Palmer, Bott Radio Network, Oklahoma City, OK

“I love LBS because it is brief enough, compelling enough, and useful enough to take something and run!”

Marsha Strong, KKBS, Guymon, OK

“I loce LBS because having spent the majority of my radio career on-air, I was never in sales. Sure, I went on Sales calls to close clients for promotions and sales, but never was the salesperson until I came to KOOL. LBS gives me insight, ideas, answers all of my questions, helps me with all matter of sales. I can honestly say I have closed on clients in my short time in sales, because of LBS. I also love the webinar’s on LBS.”

Lee Roberts, KWCO-FM KOOL 105.5, Chickasha, OK

“I love LBS because it’s a great resource!”

Steve Bart, KXII, Ardmore, OK

‘I love LBS because the training videos are helpful, with proven sales methods and there are always creative ideas that I can take to my clients.”

Steve Bart, KXII, Ardmore, OK

“I love LBS, because of the sharing of Ideas and the educational opportunities it affords me. It is broadcaster talking about ways to improve our industry.”

Steve Schiffner, Radio Oklahoma Network, Oklahoma City, OK

“I love LBS because I can quickly look up information to spark a creative idea, or simply get prospecting ideas!”

Jennifer Travis, KAST/KCRX/ KVAS/ KLMY, Warrenton, OR

“I love LBS because it helps me with sales ideas and motivates me with information!”

Jennifer Travis, KAST/KVAS/KCRX/KLMY, Warrenton, OR

“I love LBS because life is a path of continuing education. Whether you have a high school diploma or a doctorate, updated information is a necessity…not just for your career but for life. Information is the true modern-day currency. LBS offers fresh perspectives, shared experiences and evolving education for sales professionals. We are the sum of our parts, our experiences. The more we absorb, the more we can offer our clients and our listeners. LBS is a Swiss Army Knife account executives should always keep in their back pocket.”

Tim Murphy, KAST-AM, KCRX-FM, KLMY-FM. KVAS-AM/FM, Astoria, OR

“I love LBS because I strive to make training a regular part of my sales management process, but it can be difficult to come up with new training pieces for each week’s sales meeting. I like that LBS keeps fresh training at my fingertips, which means that my team isn’t limited exclusively to what I personally have to offer.”

Jeremy Groh, KBND, KLRR, KMTK, KWXS, KTWS, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because the research provided helps to focus my cold calls.”

Beth Connell, KBND, KLRR, KTWS, KWXS, KMTK, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because the videos are very helpful to hone my sales skills.”

Beth Connell, KBND, KLRR, KTWS, KWXS, KMTK, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because the statistics help me close deals.”

Beth Connell, KBND, KMTK, KTWS, KWXS, KLRR, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because of the videos with Paul.”

Beth Connell, KBND, KMTK, KWXS, KTWS, KLRR, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because the training videos give me something to think about on how to better myself in the sales world.”

Beth Connell, KBND, KMTK, KWXS, KTWS, KLRR, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because it keeps my mind fresh with new ideas.”

Beth Connell, KBND, KTWS, KWXS, KLRR, KMTK, Bend, OR

“I Love LBS because as a fairly new AE it was important for me to learn new tips on negotiations, market trends, and various how to’s. LBS has been part of my morning ritual for nearly the past two years. Thank you!”

Sugar Ambrosio, KFXX KNRK KGON KWJJ KRSK KYCH, Portland, OR

“I love LBS because of all the training opportunities”

Rob Siems, KLAD AM/FM, KAGO AM/FM, KHIC FM, Klamath Falls, OR

“I love LBS because it is great for occasional sales meetings and the vast library offers new Salespeople training. Experienced Sales folks also benefit utilizing LBS as refresher courses. LBS is also versed on new media which we all must embrace for our futures!”

Mark Metzger, KLSR TV, Eugene, OR

“I love LBS because the video advertiser intelligence data helps me stand out in a competitive sales region.”

Amy Mentuck, KMGX, KSJJ, KXIX, KICE, KRXF, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because AskLBS is always there to answer the tough questions that help me move difficult prospects to happy clients.”

Amy Mentuck, KMGX, KSJJ, KXIX, KICE, KRXF, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because it helps keep me up-to-date on current information that allows me to better serve my clients every day! Thanks for what you do!”

Amy Mentuck, KMGX, KSJJ, KXIX, KICE, KRXF, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because the weekly sales ideas help inspire me to deliver creative and unique campaign ideas to my clients!”

Amy Mentuck, KMGX, KSJJ, KXIX, KICE, KRXF, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because the video sessions help me save time by allowing me to learn important tips at my desk. Thanks LBS!”

Amy Mentuck, KMGX, KSJJ, KXIX, KICE, KRXF, Bend, OR

“Although not new to sales, I am new to media sales. I have found LBS a terrific resource for training (love your wide selection of videos) and for all kinds of information to help me be prepared for my new job here at KPAM. Thank you!”

Claire Howard, KPAM 860, Portland, OR

“I love LBS because it is filled with detailed and up to date information that relates to new sales people as well as Senior Executives. The video series are great for quick tips.”

Nancy Wirth, KQAK, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because every time I take time to go over sales ideas or video sessions I pick up something new and useful”

Randen Traughber, KRXF/KSJJ/KMGX/KXIX, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because you provide me with great tips that help me reach my radio sales goals! Thank you!”

Amy Mentuck, KSJJ, KMGX, KXIX, KICE, KRXF, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because the video sessions teach me something I can use right away! Thanks, Amy”

Amy Mentuck, KSJJ, KMGX, KXIX, KICE, KRXF, Bend, OR

“At least once a week I will take some time to watch video sessions. It has really helped to clean up my selling/prospecting approach. It also continues my learning. Thank you!”

Nicky Nelson, KSJJ, KRXF, KXIX, KMGX, KICE, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because it helps me stay sharp and think of things in new ways. When you have been in the business for a long time you create your own methods, opinions, and approach. This is not always a good thing and we need to be continually challenged and presented new ideas and thoughts.”

Michael Nyberg, KTVZ and KTVZ.com, Bend, OR

“I love LBS because of all the creative ideas they present. As a sales person, it is always great to get new and fresh ideas for my many clients. Thanks for all you do.”

Jonpaul Sherwood, KUIK, Hillsboro, OR

“I love LBS because they have really given me some excellent ideas on how to approach the client. Thanks!”

Alyssa Werst, KWVR 92.1FM and AM 1340, Enterprise, OR

“I love LBS because of the videos and webinars. I recently discovered LBS through the Oregon Association of Broadcasters. I was sent information for a webinar that I’m interested in. I really love how LBS breaks down everything, it’s so helpful! Thank you!”

Alyssa Werst, KWVR 92.1FM and AM 1340, Enterprise, OR

“I love LBS because the weekly sales information is always helpful. I am always looking for new and creative ways to get the best for my clients. Every sales situation is different and it is great to have an arsenal of ideas to pull from. In this business we have to stay fresh and be on top of the latest information and LBS helps me do that. Thank you!”


“I love LBS because local, local, local matters!!! Things aren’t done the same back east as they are here, meaning we need information and assistance that’s tailored to doing business in Oregon. That’s what LBS provides! And I love the Ask LBS feature. It’s unique and not available anywhere else. Thanks for everything you do!”

Lorna Dobberstein, News Talk 860 KPAM & Sunny 1550, Portland, OR

“I love LBS because it give me some great ideas to use on sales calls. LBS also helps me create some new and interesting commercials.”

Michael G Stanton, WDNH, Honesdale, PA

“I love LBS because every offering they provide is as relevant and timely as it is applicable to my sales situations.”

Sharon Thiel, WARV, Warwick, RI

“I love LBS because every contributor presents something unique and from a different perspective, keeping the material presented fresh, and up-to-date with current trends.”

Sharon Thiel, WARV, Warwick, RI

“After one or two articles or videos I feel more confident in the ideas I have for an advertiser and a sincere understanding of strategy that can truly help their business grow. The information arms me with topics and conversation starters to get through the typical salesperson road-blocks.”

John Burbage, WLTX, Columbia, SC

“I love LBS because it keeps us up to date with current, relevant sales tips, trends, revenue opportunities and industry information that keeps our salespeople focuses, challenged and engaged. This is always front and center in the LBS daily newsletter and helps get us jump-started for a productive day.”

Jeff Klopfenstein, WSPA/WYCW, Spartanburg, SC

“I love LBS because it is great for both veteran and new AE’s to be able to use in the weekly sales meetings. The veterans always need reminders and for new AE’s it’s a great starting point for many different topics.”

Chris Gross, KEVN, Rapid City, SD

“I love LBS because they always answer questions during webinars and if you think of one later, you still get your answer via email.”

Karen Hagel, KJAM-AM / KJAM-FM, Madison, SD

“I love LBS because the webinars are concise and focus well on the topic of the webinar; time well spent.”

Karen Hagel, KJAM-AM / KJAM-FM, Madison, SD

“I love LBS because they have pertinent training with up to date information.”

Karen Hagel, KJAM-AM KJAM-FM, Madison, SD

“I Love LBS because of the Automotive Sales info, knowledge is POWER when it comes to pitching to the local car dealerships!”

Angela Chismar, WTFM, WVEK, WRZK, Kingsport, TN

“I LOVE LBS because of all the awesome resources. I am new to the broadcasting world and having this website available at my fingertips is going to make it much easier for me to enter organizations with confidence. I’m SO glad it is available. Thank you!!”

Jessie Game, KAUZ, Wichita Falls, TX

“I love LBS because as someone new to this industry it helps speed up the learning process creating a positive foundation for success.”

Pat Robertson, KLBK, Lubbock, TX

“While no sales tool is ever going to be the Holy Grail of Sales, I love LBS because each lesson offers something small that you can use to enhance your sales ability. Slowly helping you become a more well-rounded account executive.”

Jordan Marion, KLBK/KAMC, Lubbock, TX

“I love LBS because the weekly videos have really taught me a lot. I have been at the station for a year but I didn’t come from this industry. These sessions have been very informative and I am always recommending to my co-workers to watch them. Thanks for the great information and ya’ll do a great job.”

Alicia Owens, KXII, Sherman, TX

“I love LBS because, even though you may have seasoned reps as well as sales managers, there’s always such good content that help not only the clients but the reps as well. Having so much valuable information at your fingertips is critical when selling radio. LBS provides up to date information that helps us close more sales, helps us understand the client’s needs and helps us prepare ourselves for an ever changing industry. The sale is only half the battle. The preparation is the success of it! Thanks LBS. Vermont loves you!”

Glenda Hawley, WJJR/WSYB/WZRT/WJEN/WDVT, Rutland, VT

“I love LBS because it has been the absolute best teaching and information source for me that I have been a top biller for consecutive years running now! And I knew nothing about radio when I was hired.”

Jennifer Heneghen, KKRT, KKRV, KWIQ, KWLN, Wenatchee, WA

“I love LBS because it is the most thorough and relevant training site I’ve ever seen for the industry!”

Allyn Griffin, KTEL, KWHT, KWVN, Walla Walla, WA

“I love LBS because the Advertiser Intelligence data helps us create great value propositions that really get the prospects attention, and gets us back for more meetings. the video sessions have street smart ideas that we can implement immediately…and the speakers are well versed – no nonsense.”

Steven Flater, WWIB / WOGO Radio, Eau Claire, WI

“I LOVE Local Broadcast Sales because the various segments add some sizzle to our sales meetings. From specific sales ideas for holidays to the latest trends in the auto industry from the Tkacinator, John Tkac, local broadcast sales delivers the information that sellers can easily absorb and digest – even those with the shortest of attention spans! I must say, I also enjoy the webinars too – useful, timely and compelling information! Thanks LBS!!”

Karl Wertzler, WIIL/WLIP/WXLC/WKRS, Kenosha & Waukegan, WI & IL

“I love LBS because I have been in the Sales Industry for 17 years (Cosmetics Management) and have a degree in Marketing and Management. I was looking for a career change and was hired as an Account Executive in Radio. I thought that with all my experience in sales, people skills, and with my degree, that this would be a piece of cake. The harsh reality was, however that I was trying to sell to so many businesses that I knew nothing about! And this became apparent with my clients! Embarrassing, to say the least. I wasted so much time researching businesses on Google before LBS, that I wasn’t spending enough time in the field and getting sales, or selling effective plans to suit these clients. LBS is my one -stop shop for all the information I need to feel confident going into these businesses and truly being informed of their particular needs, and putting together excellent proposals that will truly help them, as well as increase my sales and time management! Thank you, LBS for consistently giving tips to the new gal in radio about how to market to, and serve the needs of the wide range of clients I have!”

Elizabeth Tolbert, WSTG-FM/WRIC-FM, Princeton, WV

“I am very new in the industry and LBS has allowed me to attain experience based knowledge and build rapport with my clients to effectively maintain and grow my book of business. Thanks for everything. Literally.”

Justin Harrah, WVNS, EVNS, NVNS, Beckley, WV



“I Love LBS because….It’s like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee that kick starts your mornings. It’s loaded with all the right information, kick starting your day on the right track.”

Susan Bradford, KEAG KBRJ KHAR, Anchorage, AK

“I love LBS because it keeps me up to date with all the latest industry trends. It seems like all the Monday and Wednesday emails include information on what is relevant to the latest trends and topics. LBS provides insight on how to make these trends work FOR you. The latest knowledge of what’s going on inside major industries and how to use it to make a punctual impression on our clients and would-be clients to stay one step ahead in the game is priceless. Thank you LBS!”

Nate Burrows, WAAY, Huntsville, AL

“I love LBS because it helps to spark my creativity when looking for ideas that will help my clients!”

Tabitha Bostick, WVUA, Tuscaloosa, AL

“As a Sales Manager, LBS provides me with ideas and the tools to train my sales staff and keep them sharp in the evolving world of media sales.”

Matt Johnson, W.R.D. Entertainment, Inc., Batesville, AR

“I love LBS because of the great sales tips each week!”

Amanda Enis, KCNY, Conway, AR

“I love LBS because it is my personal Professional Sales Manager 24-7, which I’ve never had in over 40 years of selling.”

Harry L. Dyer, Noalmark Broadcasting, Inc., El Dorado, AR

“It provides me with a referral support system keeping me abreast of new and current ideas and techniques to use as i call on sponsors.”

Frank Wing, KFFB-FM 106.1 / Fairfield Bay, AR, Mountain View, AR

“I love LBS because it helps me to stay up to date with training that is useful in my career and helps me become more successful.”

Amber Collins, KKYR-KPWW-KOSY-, Texarkana, AR

“I love the weekly sales ideas. They have increased my monthly sales totals every month since I started using them.”

Bob Hearion, KBGB, Batesville, AR

“I not only like, but I love LBS because you give me ideas to take out to advertisers and because I can get help with most anything I need. LBS is a great resource for broadcasters.”

Helen Aregood, KCXY-FM KAMD-FM KMGC-FM, Camden, AR

“As a thirty-seven year old veteran, LBS reminds me of what I need to do to continue to be a successful radio salesman. LBS is my Sales Manager. In fact, LBS is more qualified as a Sales Manager than all the Sales Managers I have had in the past.”

Harry L. Dyer, KIXB, KMRX, KMLK, KAGL,KELD AM & KELD FM, El Dorado, AR

“I love LBS simply because, as a manager, it saves me tons of money in training expenses and the training is the best in the world when it comes to radio sales.”

Dan Schauer, KERX-KTTG, Fort Smith, AR

“I love LBS because it is so valuable for new hires. The variety of topics offered are current and are very easy to understand. It really helps new account executives experience those “AHA” moments. Thank you!!!”

Dusty King, FOX 24, Fort Smith, AR

“I love LBS because it’s my daily devotional in getting my day started!”

Lance Gregory, KERX 95.3, Fort Smith, AR

“I love LBS because it is top notch training and keeps the staff informed and up to date on information and education. Repetition is the mother of all skill and LBS has a plethora of tools to help every single day! We have grown a lot in business since utilizing LBS in all of our sales meetings and activity. Presented by people who have actually been on the street and know what they are talking about!”

Roger Lowery, KCWD/KNWA, Harrison, AR

“I love LBS because of the reflective content provided that I sometimes forget about during my daily sales life. It allows me to keep up with knowledge and content to assist me in the radio business on a daily basis. Also, the new information and research shared helps me stay on top of what is going on in the industry.”

B.J. Joyce, 94.7 KRKS-FM, 990 KRKS-AM, 710 KNUS-AM, Denver, CO

“I love LBS because, while I cannot count on sales reps and production people to listen and search for answers from normal sources, I can count on them to look to LBS for information on your site to see the answers to client questions and ideas for their products. Fast, easy and product directed.”


“We all have moments when we hit a wall or have a block. I need a kick in the pants every once in a while to keep things in check. I use the Equity Position and Top Equity Position angle all the time. The LBS video insights give me other perspectives about ideas that sometimes get looked over. Once a month I bring out sales team into my office and we watch 1 thing from LBS and discuss it. Many other doors always open from doing this. LBS is one of the best consistent tools I use and look forward to my Monday LBS email every week. thanks for all you do.”

Mark Sassi, TV8 Vail, Avon, CO

“I purchased 3 additional radio stations in January and needed all new sales staff. I hired a sales manager and 4 new sales people. LBS gives us the tools to help train that new staff.”


“I love LBS because of the daily sales ideas. they are good to provide inspiration on idea starters, allow you to think outside the box when discussing ideas with customers and get a foot in the door when trying to build new business.”

Karen Norman, KEKB, KBKL, KKNN, KMXY, ESPN, Grand Junction, CO

“I love LBS because of the practical training it provides, the videos are great, the ease of use and the library of information!”

Joe Madden, CBS Hartford, Hartford, CT

“I love LBS because it gives AE’s of all levels of experience a tool that they can actually use and learn from each week. I think that LBS is the best continuing education tool available to local sellers. I worked in Maine for several years, and used LBS there at our stations in Portland, and we believe in LBS here so much that we subscribe to it even though it is not provided to us by our state broadcast association. LBS is one of the best investments we make for our sales force.”

Cory Culleton, WGFL, WNBW, WMYG, Gainesville, FL

“As a non-profit, non-commercial station most think we have an easier task “selling” new sponsors and underwriters. The opposite is true. Without all of the call-to-actions, comparatives, pricing and such as content for our announcement campaigns, finding sponsors is non-typical. LBS helps remind me that the basic principles,psychology, and techniques are the same. LBS provides the training and concepts needed to succeed even in a non-commercial setting.”

Ken, WVFJ, Atlanta, GA

“I love LBS because of the great resource is provides our member stations across the state of Georgia. Regardless of the size of a station or the ownership structure, members can always find great, imaginative ways to maximize their revenue.”

Ben Henson, Georgia Association of Broadcasters, Atlanta, GA

“I love LBS because the ideas are always fresh! I’ve been subscribing for awhile and it never gets old or boring.”

Coriya Burns Falker, WAMJ, WHTA, WPZE, Atlanta, GA

“I love LBS because of the extreme information provided that help sellers on how to engage with customers in a more meaningful way. The concepts, glossaries, education and how to is extremely usage for myself and our sellers. Keep up the good work.”

Hugh Brown, WHTA-FM, WAMJ-FM, WPZE-FM, Atlanta, GA

“I love LBS because even someone that has been in the business 30 years can learn something new. The world is changing rapidly, but the one element that does not is the need for good Sales Training. It is a great starting point for new AE’s and a great area to use to focus on any training you want to do with your team. Everyone is engaged and remembers what they see!”

Henry Brigmond, WSWG, Moultrie, GA

“I love LBS because your training videos are superb for my newbie salespeople. You also feature Paul Weyland videos! Very dynamic!”

Dave Bavido, WDKB-FM, DeKalb, IL

“I love LBS because it always has fresh new ideas for the sales team.”


“I LOVE LBS because I am a relatively new account executive. I am in my third year of my career and LBS has been huge in helping me learn the tricks of the trade that you can’t absorb through standard training or in books. Thanks LBS!”

Bearett Quast, WMBD/WYZZ, Peoria, IL

“As a new Account Executive, I love LBS because it’s given me some tools to use out in the field as I adapt to this new career. It provides me with some knowledge that everyday training just can’t give you and I’ll continue to use LBS as a key selling tool.”

Luke Norris, WMBD, WYZZ, Peoria, IL

“I love LBS because I have yet to have a question, and not find the answer on LBS. Articles are short and to the point, but detailed enough so that my questions are answered. LBS not only provides helpful articles but also allows you to ask questions just in case your question is not answered. In addition, it has videos which are very useful. It has invaluable resources. It gives me the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered in a short period of time. Articles and videos are very useful and relevant to what I am doing on a daily basis. It is constantly giving me more options. Weekly I am receiving more ways and options to counter the objections of potential customers with details and examples. LBS is a resource that is extremely helpful and beneficial to be a part of. It makes me realize that I am not the only person going through the daily process of being an AE. There is a clear need for LBS and the resources it provides.”

Holly Juarez, WTVO/WQRF, Rockford, IL

“I love LBS because the training videos directly address the challenges my team faces with our clients. Paul Weyland rocks!”

Fred Koebel, WIBL/WRPW/WZIM, Bloomington, Il

“Great Research, great information and it comes to me. I don’t have to search for it.”

Scott Dean, WCIA, Champaign, IL

“Love the wide variety of research information about prospects.”

Tom Burns, WXFM/WDKR, Decatur, IL

“It’s a great training tool for new hires! I also use it for ongoing training weekly. It’s relevant, the segments are short enough to be able to watch as a group or have my reps do it individually and then still allow time for us to discuss in our training sessions. You address every day situations that we’re dealing with on the street with clients!”

Vicki Buckley, WLBK FM/AM WSQR FM/AM, DeKalb, IL

“I love LBS because they have pertinent topics for the clients I serve.”

Angela Baumeister, WCSJFM/WJDKFM, Morris, IL

“I love LBS because I have personal trainers everyday on topics that are timely for increasing sales and training my staff!!! The video sessions provide some of the best information for sales and management to increase sales! You have great ideas that makes my work so much easier!”

Lee Ann Oliver, WCSJ/WJDK, Morris, IL

“I really like the video specials about a certain industry. I am very excited about your sales ideas- i didnt know you were doing this I will start watching it now.”

Doug Nelson, WSPY/WLBK/WSQR/WCSJ/WJDK, Plano/Dekalb/Morris, IL

“LBS has been a tremendous tool for me as a brand new AE. Watching the videos has greatly assisted me in learning abouth the many apsects of the industry. Going into the Fall, LBS has provided fabulous ideas to effectively capitalize on the Holiday season. LBS videos have been tremendously helpful in teaching me WHY my clients should be advertising with us! Thank you for ALL the helpful info you share from your wealth of professionals! I’ll be a better AE thanks to you!”

Anne Keddington, WGEM: NBC, Fox, CW, Quincy, IL

“I love LBS because of the video training that allows our team to start a new Account Executive off on the right foot!”

Wendy Gunn, WGEM TV & AM FM Radio, Quincy, IL

“I love LBS because its FREE!! Not many resources of this much value are free of charge, which then often makes day to day tasks more challenging either because the resource is not available or because it has a cost involved. LBS is a great tool and I am appreciative to have access to it. I love LBS because it speaks to me! It’s all in the name, Local!! The tips and suggestions and examples are all relevant to situations I can come across. As a fairly new Account Executive, LBS is a resource that I can see myself using for quite some time. I love LBS because I have yet to have a question, and not find the answer on LBS. Articles are short and to the point, but detailed enough so that my questions are answered. LBS not only provides helpful articles but also allows you to ask questions just in case your question is not answered. In addition, it has videos which are very useful. I love LBS because it provides just enough creative ideas that users can adapt them to what their clients need. Examples and suggestions are just enough to get users started which helps all client solutions remain unique. In addition, LBS allows users to ask questions and/or suggestions for specific clients which are also made available to other LBS users instead of solely the user requesting the information. I love LBS because it provides solutions and challenges my ideas. It is constantly adding new information and giving me solutions to potential hiccups during the sales process. The information provided ranges from getting in touch with the correct person to closing a sale with a long time prospect. I love LBS because the suggestions and examples are genuine. If I have questions I can ask freely and be confident that a genuine response to help answer my questions or suggestion for a advertisement will be useful. I love LBS because its relevant. I have yet to find something on the LBS site that isn’t useful now, or could be in the future. Information is simple and precise and can be tailored to fit my clients needs. I love LBS because the content is made to make me feel like it is talking directly to me. The videos make me feel like they are answering my questions specifically. The atmosphere of the website is casual and inviting. I love LBS because it covers the whole spectrum of the sales process, and then also different positions in the broadcast sales such as new hires and management. As an Account Executive moves from one position to another, LBS provides support for all areas.”

Holly Juarez, WTVO/ETVO/WQRF/BQRF, Rockford, IL

“I love LBS because it has helped me numerous times with sales/ideas! It is a great go to that is always on hand when you need it!”

Kelsey Steinhauer, WRBI Radio, Batesville, IN

“I LOVE LBS because I am CONSTANTLY learning new ways to make my clients and myself more money! LBS is definitely one of the best tools that I have used to make my career a successful one! Thank you LBS!”

Jeremiah Schroeder, WSBT, Mishawaka, IN

“I recently left a 17 year career with the local newspaper to join the WOOF BOOM team of radio stations. I graduated in ’79 with a degree in broadcasting and to have the refresher course that LBS offers I have found to be invaluable! The information is current,accurate,and realistic! There are many sites that will present what I call the “dream world” situation with their “fantasy” solution. I have enjoyed, and more important,used the advice and suggestions from LBS and will continue to. Thank you!”


“I love LBS because the weekly sales ideas are topical, relevant and keep our Account Managers on target, so I can hit budget!!!!”

Woody Zimmerman, WRSW-FM, WRSW-AM, WAWC, WAOR, Warsaw, IN

“I love LBS because the video sessions continue to motivate me to think about building regular business rather than chasing the current “promotion” or special!”

Paula Bell, WVNI Spirit 95.1, Bloomington, IN

“I love LBS because the content is current and the video sessions are on top of the state of mind of the advertising client….and when we can talk to the client intelligently – it makes my job a whole lot easier!”

Janice Whittington, WCSI, WKKG, WINN, WWWY, Columbus, IN

“I LOVE LBS because it is my portal to all the resources that I need to be the best sales/market manager I can be. It allows myself and our staff growth opportinities with fresh new ideas for our clients! You have an amazing Team that is always friendly and eager to help us! I love LBS for so many reasons! Thanks for continuing to offer us your knowledge and all the information we need for a succesful future in broadcast sales!”

Michelle Hardcastle, WRZQ, WYGB & WXCH, Columbus & Franklin, IN

“I love LBS because the weekly sales ideas help me be a better sales rep to my clients!”

Shannon Thurby, WEHT WTVW, Evansville, IN

“I love LBS for the daily tips I receive via email. I enjoy a different perspective and getting fresh ideas. LBS keeps me in the loop and from getting stuck in a habitual cycle.”

Erica Otey, WFBQ, WNDE,WOLT, iHeart Radio, Indianapolis, IN

“I love LBS because it always provides useful information and hints that can be used in our everyday selling lives.”

Greg Kiley, WISH-TV, Indianapolis, IN

“I love LBS because as a general manager of a small market station we’ve never had the resources to bring in “high powered” consultants, so the training available from LBS has really helped us create a more professional sales force and more revenue for the station and my reps.”

John O’Rourke, WAWK AM/FM, Kendallville, IN

“I love LBS for all of the training videos that I share with my digital sales team.”

Sharon Gillis, WSBT-TV, Mishawaka, IN

“I love LBS because….. I use the training videos with my sales team and I’ve heard them use and quote what they’ve learned from them! They’re awesome!”

Sue Tschuor, WLBC-WXFN-WBKQ, Muncie, IN

“I love LBS because it helps me, as a manager, transform “radio sellers” in “marketing consultants.” Our clients want to talk more with educated marketers who are armed with knowledge about their industry and can develop marketing ideas into profitable solutions. Client wins! Radio wins! I”

Amy Dillon, WMGI, WDWQ, WBOW, WDKE, WIBQ, Terre Haute, IN

“LBS is a great resource for our weekly sales meetings. As an AE, I see so much more value in those weekly sales meetings when we begin the meeting with a short video from LBS and then begin a conversation on that topic.”

Nick Prenitce, WAOR, WRSW-AM, Warsaw, IN

“I love LBS because of the weekly emails they send out helps me close different deals with different clients that I need help with.”

Todd Senecal, KZUH-FM, KDJM-FM, KVOB-FM, Salina, KS

“I Love LBS because it is a great source of creativity to use in my daily interactions with my clients. it helps me bring new ideas to my advertisers and when I have a particularly tough client LBS usually has a video that will help me close them. it has everything you need to train a new person on selling. Its a quick resource when I need an idea.”

Samantha Howell, KZCH KZSN KRBB KTHR, Wichita, KS

“The video sessions cover most every possible topic. You can search for an area that you need help with and get some information in the form of a video explaining how other handle an issue. I enjoy the twice weekly emails on certain topics. While I do not always have the time to read them, even reading the titles gets me thinking of new ideas. It’s timely. The twice a week emails have suggestions or thought starters that are for right now, as opposed to general information It’s real world information. Not just some sales trainer that has not been on the street, but actual people who have lived the issues we face.”

Sean Moulton, KTPK, Topeka, KS

“i Love LBS because of the sheer amount in videos and information I have access to.The videos are short yet informative! I love LBS Because its easily assailable and it has current up to date information! The video sessions are quick informative and to the point! The data helps me close deals!I love LBS because it keeps me up to date with industry info and makes me look good in front of my clients. I Love LBS Because your weekly emails keep me up to date and motivated. I love LBS Because its not some generic creative site that sometimes has good info if your squint your eyes and tilt your head. It a legitimate tool that has useful information. I Love LBS because not only do you have a ton of information but you can asks questions specifically about a client. I love LBS because when I first started my job in sales we had little training and this was one of the site my SM recommended to me. This was my training and guess what? It worked! I Love LBS Because the weekly updates help jump start my creative thinking process for the day! i love LBS because in information you provide is important to my job and my clients.”

Samantha Howell, KZSN KTHR KRBB KZCH, Wichta, KS

“I love LBS because it gives me a competitive edge on the street. With the strategy’s and data that LBS provides I feel I can give my clients the most up to date information and be the ‘go to’ person for all their marketing questions.”

Brooke Wheatley, WLEX, Lexington, KY

“LBS helps me sharpen my creativity and innovation resulting in a positive impact on my sales.”

Peter Muniz, WPXC, WHYA, WFRQ, WKFY, Hyannis, MA

“I love LBS because they help me in training the sales team, through the daily emails and the online training videos they help me keep all the areas covered! Thank you LBS!”

Tim Levesque, WHYA WPXC WKFY WFRQ, Hyannis, MA

“I love LBS because the sales videos provide a solid foundation for beginning sales reps (me!) and are incredibly helpful and entertaining.”

Michelle Cormier, WSRS/WTAG, Paxton, MA

“Any source of inspiration on a daily basis is a treasure…when it’s directly about one’s profession is makes it doubly effective…”

Jim Backstrom, WEEI, Worcester, MA

“I’m a sales assistant to 6 sales people along with a GM and LBS is MY ASSISTANT!”

Julie Wheeler, WPXC WHYA WFRQ WKFY, Hyannis, MA

“I love LBS because the constant radio statistics offer great advice for my clients! The constant discussion on Linked In also helps me build credibility in a new field, providing me with competitive insights each day.”

Michelle Resendes, WQRC 99.9, Hyannis, MA

“Quick and easy access to relevant information is key to moving forward with prospects and current clients at nearly any stage of the sales process. That’s what I get with LBS!”

Judi Nossal, WWLP, Springfield, MA

“I love LBS because as a new AE it has helped my set up my careers in advertising sales for success. From the sales training videos to ongoing coaching and support, you provide many helpful tips and tricks to help me standout among a crowd of sales people. They are also many great ideas that spark my creativity and really personalize each campaign to the client. I found myself returning to the video segments on prospecting and cold calling when I was in a bit of an appointment slump and they have helped me turn that around. Above all else, the trainings urge you to take a different and fresh mind set to the way we go about things for added success.”

Lauren Betti, WWLP-Springfield, Springfield, MA

“Every now and then, you just run out of ideas and LBS is my BEST friend when it comes to searching for NEW Ideas to help GROW my clients Business as well as my own! I love the DATA, the updates and the videos are very Informative. LBS makes things easy but puting them into categories. I”m looking forward to INCREASING MY PAYCHECK, Thanks to LBS The Confidence level is up when you know what your talking about and LBS can make you sound like a PRO! This is a Creative Marketing Specialist’s BEST friend! Keep up the Good Work and thanks for all you do!”

Pat Racine, WXLO 104.5/WWFX 100FM The Pike/WORC FM 98.9, Worcester, MA

“I love LBS because it makes me smarter. The smartest guy in the room always gets the unfair share of a client’s budget.”

Larry Julius, Portland Radio Group, Portland, ME

“I love LBS for the tools they bring to the table to help us close the deal with confidence!”

Lisa Everest, 3, Scarborough, ME

“I love LBS because the weekly sales ideas give great tips on what sales skill to enhance next.”

Shirlene Hecht, KFVS, Cape Girardeau, MO

“I am a local sales manager of a new television station (2 years old) and it is important to come up with fresh ideas or just to be reminded of some broadcast basics. Love when this pops in my email!”

Christine Schmitter, KNPN, St. Joseph, MO

“Sometimes it’s hard to get excited about radio when all you hear is no. LBS helps me recharge my love for radio when it gets challenging. I love LBS Videos. I can play this video while I complete other small tasks at my desk. It’s very convenient. I LOVE LBS because, when I feel like I’ve hit a wall, it’s always my go to site. Sometimes you have a full plate with non-work things, and it’s just hard to get your head in the game. But, not with LBS coming to my inbox every day. Thanks! I love LBS because it’s simple to use. Tons of resources, easy to find.”

Gay Will, WIL-FM, St. Louis, MO

“I Love LBS Because it provides easy to use and great discussion materials for our sales staff meetings. Its the easiest way for us to provide on-going training, virtually every week, for our staff!”

Doug Schmitz, KAAN-AM / KAAN-FM / KKWK / KMRN / NorthwestMoInfo.com, Bethany & Cameron, MO

“I love LBS! The Sales Ideas are awesome! I love LBS because I can’t be creative 100% of the time. LBS give me ideas and also gets me motivated! I love LBS!! It is my go to place for ideas, information, help and motivation! I love LBS because everything on LBS pertains broadcast sales. I don’t have to waste time looking at other places for ideas!”

Kimberly Likens, KFVS and WQWQ, Cape Girardeau, MO

“I Love LBS because they offer a variety of useful tools that I can re-visit at any time.”

Aleta Keyston, KTXR, KTXR-HD2, KWTO-AM, KWTO-FM, KBFL-AM, KBFL-FM, Springfield, MO

“I love LBS because it gives me great videos from industry professionals to reinforce the things I tell my sales team each day! I love LBS because I love me some Paul Weyland! His videos are always spot on and really speak to my sales staff.”

Craig Carnesi, KRBK-TV, Springfield, MO

“Ajax! Just like Ajax, LBS may often be abrasive to our psyche when cleaning up misconceptions and lack of knowledge and experience in our sales careers. But afterwards, we’ve cleaned up our act, look better… we are better! Better equipped to help our clients win. A great investment. Just like Ajax.”

Mark Hill, KADI AM & FM, Springfield, MO

“I love LBS because it makes my job so much easier and more credible when I can use the materials supplied by LBS in my training and meetings. You rock! Thank you!”

Chris Schmitter, KNPN, St. Joseph, MO

“I Love LBS because it gives a fresh easy to use approach to what could be conversation STOPPERS and turns them into sales STARTERS!”

Brandis Geddes, KLCB/KTNY, LIBBY, MT

“While this will sound corny, I am completely sincere when I tell you, I daily find motivation and inspiration from the resources LBS provides. It’s like having my own personal assistant to do side research who then not tells me about it, but has a variety of tools with which to present to the client! Certainly, I could use it to fuller advantage, but even a cursory read brings a bounty of information to consider. Thank you, for the incredible opportunity to sit at the feet of masters!”

Wendy McKamey, KFBB-TV, Great Falls, MT

“I love LBS for all the helpful tips and tricks to help my clients with their business development through marketing strategies with us. With these tips, I also grow professionally through new lessons learned. As a result of optin with LBS, I also grow revenue. I love LBS for all of its sales techniques, brainstormed ideas, and weekly updates to help my clients succeed. As a result of my clients succeeding, I too succeed.”

Ryan Stavnes, CW Helena KMTF, Helena, MT

“I can take YOU anywhere. I meet with a variety of industry leaders in our area. Each has a unique and special offering. I can utilize LBS resources to enhance my presentation and provide concrete research for them to grow and understand the importance in networking and marketing. Its vital to my career in Radio Broadcast Sales. Thanks LBS Team – Because of YOU I get to do what I love better! I love LBS because the resources are vast and plenty. It is nice to have a need filled with once click to dozens of professional sources…thank you for all you do!”

Michelle M Ascheman, KYNU, KQDJ, KRVX, KXGT, KDAK, KDDR, KOVC, KQDJ-AM, Jamestown, ND

“I love, use, and enjoy LBS because it’s like having a “sales-research-partner” with me to, so I can be of the BEST help when-needed to my valued clients… plain and simply…and thanks so much! Fred Monnich Senior Acct Mgr Broadcast House Lincoln,NE”

Fred Monnich, KLIN, KFGE, KBBK, KLNC, Lincoln, NE

“I love LBS because I work with many small businesses and I really appreciate that LBS gives me ideas for promotions that will fit companies with a smaller ad budget, such as the ‘lemonade stand’ event idea. I love LBS, because of the information you place at our fingertips (salespeople) for ideas for campaigns, the latest facts about how companies are doing in today’s sales’ market, plus details about how to be a better salesperson. I love LBS because it offers me a great source of motivation…like a sales meeting every Monday and Wednesday morning. I work independently in a sales office 30 miles from our main radio station office. I like having positive direction at my fingertips. I love LBS because you provide training from presenters like Paul Weyland, who is an expert in the field. I’ve attended his training sessions at NBA conventions and he’s been very helpful in learning ROI and storytelling in ads. I love LBS because we receive great selling ideas with timely advance notice, such as receiving information in September, for the Christmas holiday season! I love LBS because of the many support services they provide: training videos, printed information to share with clients; assistance with creative ad writing. And, LBS is available to us every week, every day. I love LBS because the sales ideas and training puts me in touch with real people every week who are successful in the radio industry. I want to keep improving and learning in the radio sales business and LBS motivates me to grow and stretch my goals. I love LBS because the speakers, training and up-to-date information is my motivator each week. It’s like a personal ‘sales meeting’ person to person. I love LBS because it’s my motivator to be a better informed resource to my clients. I love LBS because the video sessions are full of credible ideas to use for ‘real clients.’ I especially appreciate the promotion ideas for smaller businesses with smaller advertising budgets. I love LBS because of the current facts and details LBS provides on industries and businesses, so I’m informed about what’s happening in the real world of the clients I call on. LBS helps me stay motivated to be the best I can be.”

Colleen Simpson, Big Red Country 104.9fm and AM 1590, Wayne, NE

“I ‘love’ LBS because, as I ‘always’ remind my clients, “business goes where it’s invited”…and the most-valued LBS information helps ‘me’ help my ‘clients’ to do just that…i.e., “do the best possible job I can to help them ‘invite’ our large number of tuned-in listeners to ‘their’ party”…whatever it might be…”special sale”…”introduction of a new product or service”…or simply just to continue to “better tell their story”, as best they can! And thanks so very much!”


“I love LBS because sales is fairly new to me and I don’t have all the answers to be effective. LBS covers such a wide range of topics it gives me so many ideas to help me with my job. Many times just a word or two makes the difference with how to approach a customer and LBS is good for that.”

Val Jansante, KNEB, Scottsbluff, NE

“I love LBS because when I need an idea, or more information on a certain industry, I go to LBS and get the data I need to be more intelligent in front of a prospect! Keep all those ideas coming!”

Kathy Schubert, WBIN TV, Derry, NH

“Very useful information for small market direct sellers, nice concise desktop seminars, refresher courses for rookies and old-timers to keep up with the constantly changing broadcast sales landscape.”

Dave Sutherland, WKNE-FM, WINQ-FM, WSNI-FM, WKBK-AM, WZBK-AM, FM99.1, FM103.1, FM104.1, FM107.5, Keene, NH

“I love LBS because as sellers we get caught up in prospecting , servicing our clients and putting out fires. Clients, specifically direct clients that don’t utilize agencies, look to us for creative that will make their campaigns effective; make them stand out. LBS offers such a wealth of creative ideas that have made me that much more valuable to my clients. I LOVE LBS because the Advertiser Intelligence data keeps me sharp and truly gives me a leg up on my competition. There’s nothing better than having the answers when an advertiser or prospect asks a question I might not have otherwise known. Thank you LBS!! I LOVE LBS because the video sessions with tips from other industry professionals inspire me!”

Ellen Lefkowitz, WKJY, WBZO, WWSK, WHLI, Farmingdale, NY

“LBS always has great insight into what keeps me up at night. They post great articles that I can forward to my clients and touch them without having to ask for money. I like hearing from other professionals like Paul Weyland to get his take on closing long term deals and selling value vs cheapest rate, and other great topics. LBS is not just full of one size fits all, cookie cutter cliche sales nonsense.”


“As a Sales Manager, I like to share the videos with my team during our weekly team meetings. We’ve recently been following the Automotive weekly videos. The team always gets something out of them! Love LBS- thank you for what you do!”

Alexis Antonecchia, WRVE, WKKF, WTRY, Latham, NY

“I love LBS because my team enjoys training and LBS covers literally every facet of what we do. It really serves as a reminder to what do what we do in the most efficient way possible.”

Marit Price, WFLY, WYJB, WZMR, WKLI, WROW, WAJZ, Latham, NY

“I love LBS because, being a new Account Manager, I have a lot to learn. LBS has held my hand through the process, not only with the Video Sessions with streetwise instructors, but with the AskLBS. I have someone in my corner, helping me succeed everyday. Thank you!”

Julie M. Derouchie, WICY-WYUL-WVNV, Malone, NY

“I am thankful for LBS because as a brand new individual in sales it has given me such a good head start into really getting to know the consumer, the market and how to take a “no”…which I have gotten A LOT of in the past three months I have been with Galaxy. Before radio sales, I could sell a pair of jeans to my best friend who looked fabulous in them…but actual sales…well, that’s a different story. I have learned that the sale is not just about branding someone’s product but also branding you. How and what you bring to the table plays such a big role in how successful you are as a sales individual. After completing my first LBS program I wanted to tackle the business world full force–but standing out is a hurdle in sales. No one wants to be sold. And I’m a tall ginger who tends to stand out regardless, so, I wanted to leave a business owner on a positive note. My dad, who was in sales previous, left candy but I found genuine gratitude goes a long way today where people don’t take the time to be just plain nice. So after each CNA meeting I would send a ‘thank you’ card; just pure appreciation for their time. No selling, no pitch just a simple ‘thank you’. I am now a friendly face other than a ruthless sales person with a brief case. LBS taught me that patience IS a virtue, knowledge of your product and good representation of who you are as a individual (with a rocking proposal) can make you successful. Thank you LBS! I can’t wait to start me new training program this month!”

Allyscia Osborne, WTKW/WTKV, WRKL/WKRH, WZUN, WTLA, Syracuse, NY

“I love LBS because Advertiser Intelligence can jumpstart any conversation. I work in marketing and promotions production, so any knowledge that I have that can relate to a client and put them at ease is a big plus.”

Cindy McNicholl, WKTV, Utica, NY

“I love LBS because…the daily ideas and expert information has sparked ideas of my own that I may not have otherwise come up with. A very valuable sales tool to keep on top of the industry. Thanks!”

Dino Montalbano, WFRG, WLZW, WIBX, WODZ, Utica, NY

“I love LBS because the timing of this information is always spot on!…. Just when you think you have exhausted all lead possibilities for a certain season or time of year, LBS pops into my inbox with a vertical that I may have overlooked. LBS continually puts FRESH ideas in front of me!”

L. A. Wenerski, WBBZ ME TV, Williamsville, NY

“I love LBS because it is a great sales tool that is always at my fingertips!”

Kim Snopkowski, WBBZ, Williamsville (Buffalo), NY

“I love LBS because – having been in the business for over 15 years, LBS give me a jump start and some ideas every day that I can put into action for local clients.”

Chantel Squires, WFLY/WYJB, Albany, NY

“I love LBS because I believe ideas sell. In this era of uncertainty- you have to be better than the next guy- creative sells! And I get some kindling from LBS!”

Karen Morris, WGY WPYX WOFX, Albany, NY

“They have been so welcoming since I started my new career in broadcasting sales! Gary Moore has been so welcoming! Because I am brand new to my role, and I love the resources available!!! I love LBS because the resources and support are amazing! I love LBS because it offers fantastic resources! I love LBS because they are constantly a great example of marketing acumen! “

Liza Wolf, WRVE WKKF WTRY, Albany, NY

“I love LBS because I think they offer the BEST training for our business! There’s no better place to learn than directly from Gary!!! LOVED the Television Professionals Sales Certification Program – I learned soooo much!”

Michele Labarge, WNYT-TV, Albany, NY

“I love LBS because… you provide us with important information we can use with our local client on a regular basis. YOU help us, by doing the research for us and putting it into our hands, so we can get it to our clients quicker.”

Mary M. Reed, WYDC / WJKP, Corning, NY

“I love LBS because you consistently light a fire under me! I am celebrating my 43rd year in radio this month and I say bull crap to those who think you can’t teach old dogs new tricks! I love my job and apprecipate the help you give week in and week out whether it’s a sales idea for a new prospect or the Advertiser Intelligence that helps get my foot in the door and speak their language. I love learning about sales ideas that have worked for other people just like me and I love adapting those ideas to help my local clients. You constantly remind me that it’s all about the client. I know it already but love that you help keep me focused. Keep up the great work. I’ve got lots more room in my brain to learn new tricks!”


“I love, love, love LBS because it has something for every advertiser and as a new Media Sales Consultant, it helps me bring something new to the table!!! Thank you!”

Deborah Yoakum, Media One Group, Jamestown, NY

“I love LBS because it’s a great supplement to my onboarding training for new AE’s! It helps take a little of the training guess work off my plate and the AE’s learn a lot! Love LBS!”

Alexis Antonecchia, WRVE WKKF WTRY, Latham, NY

“I LOVE LBS because the video sessions with tips from other industry professionals inspire me! Paul Weyland’s tips and video “Close Like A Pro” was extremely helpful and gives me added confidence that I WILL have the right answers to clients’ objections about closing on the spot. Thank you Paul!!!”

Ellen Lefkowitz, WKJY, WBZO, WWSK, WHLI, Long Island, NY

“I love LBS because it is an invaluable training resource for my 3 sales managers and me. I use the videos every week in our individual sales meetings to help convey “The Training Focus” of the week. Having done this for 27 years, I know that reps can become complacent and numb to my message. Having a credible resource convey the same message in a different way, helps the message cut through. We are all busy…we all wear many hats…LBS makes this part of my job much easier! Thanks and keep up the great work!”

Michael Boldt, WVNV/WYUL/WICY, Malone, NY

“I love LBS because it makes me think in different ways and the sales ideas help me come with ideas to present to clients and prospects”

Kevin Cox, WWFS-FM, New York, NY

“We use LBS as part of our regional sales meeting each week. It is an excellent tool to retrain our veteran sales staff.”

John Tickner, WACK / WUUF, Newark I, NY

“I love LBS because I am new to this industry and your library of Selling Skills videos has, equipped me with the knowledge and skills to compete on the same playing field as those Account Executives who have been in this industry for a long time! Thank you!”

Dawn Zittel, WPDH, WRRV/WRRB, WCZX,WEOK, WKXP/WZAD, WKNY, Poughkeepsie, NY

“its real. It shows the warts and doesn’t sugar coat. But its a positive tool and motivator for new reps and senior sellers. I even use it when interviewing to show the quality of our available tools.”

Mary Ridings, Townsquare HV, POUGHKEEPSIE, NY

“It is helping me learn more about the industry.”

Brian Nizinsky, WROC, Rochester, NY

“I love LBS because it answers the questions I have! I can search the video sessions and see how other professionals have overcome the problems I am encountering.”

Bob Cain, WKAL, Rome, NY

“I love LBS because they taught me how to make even the most stubborn business owners advertise on radio!”

Meghan Lawson, WKAL-AM 1450, Rome, NY

“I love LBS because of the sales training and the new ideas shared”

Edward Molloy, iHeart Media – WBBS, WHEN, WSYR, WWHT, WYYY, Syracuse, NY

“I love LBS because it provides me with relevant information and ideas daily.”

Hunter Hillers, WWHT, WSYR, WBBS, WYYY, WHEN, Syracuse, NY

“I love LBS because as a new AE, it provides little bits of information and tips that add up to the whole picture”

Katie Barber, WTKW/WKRL/WTLA/WZUN, Syracuse, NY

“I love LBS because they start my week with fresh ideas to increase my new business targets!”

Maggie Maurer, WTKW WZUN WKRL WTLA, Syracuse, NY

“The Advertising intelligence and Video Sessions.”

Frank Giustiniani, WICZ TV, Vestal, NY

“What’s not to love?!? The training videos are awesome! They provide great insights, and I use them as “refreshers” quite often. And I truly appreciate the Advertiser Intelligence data; I use it to find articles I can send clients as “Added Value” or to potential clients as “seed letters.” GOOD STUFF!! Thanks LBS!!”

Quentin Sawatzky, KQCV, Oklahoma City, OK

“I love LBS as a Sales Manager because… each new account executive is registered to receive LBS, each week we discuss a new topic in our sales meetings. It’s a great way to educate, get new perspectives on old challenges and to share new ideas. Excellent tool for ongoing sales training!”

Ladonna Herber, KWFX-FM/KWDQ-FM/KLSI-FM/KSIW-AM, Woodward, OK

“I love LBS because I know if I get stuck in a rut I can turn to LBS to get me back on track with their informative video sessions and the AskLBS option!”

Mikel Robinson, KWFX-KWDQ-KLSI-KSIW, Woodward, OK

“I love LBS because it helps me to be able to do my job better for my clients and my stations.”

Steve Bart, KXII, Ardmore, OK

“I love LBS because – #1- it’s FREE TO ME! I’m proud my OAB offers this, because as a small station owner, I need all the help I can get! #2. it’s RELEVANT! The videos have facts and research we can take with us on the streets. #3. it’s short enough to keep our attention, give us some substance to take through our day withOUT taking too much of our time #4. The presenters seem to have experience, knowledge and ideas we can USE to make business grow #5. the diversity of the subjects helps so much in my small business #6. it’s good for the whole staff, including traffic director, digital mgr, etc. #7. the concepts are easy to understand #8. I’d HATE to be withOUT LBS! I refer back to them a lot, and use in proposals”

Marsha Strong, KKBS, Guymon, OK

“I love LBS because it allows managers to continue to educate our staff members with great sales ideas, tips and it’s an easy approach to help them strengthen their relationships with their advertising clients. Thank you for the information and to the OAB in our state for making it possible to have LBS!”

Colleen Kaseberg, KCMB/KWRL/KVBL, La Grande, OR

“I love LBS because even after 10 years in this business, their weekly sale ideas gives me new ideas and keep my creative juices flowing.”

Nicolle Naughton, Capps Broadcast Group, 103.5 KWHT, 107.7 KWVN, 92.1 KUMA, 1290 KUMA, 1240 KTIX, 1490 KTEL, Pendleton, OR

“I love LBS because of the daily emails that I receive in my inbox. They are a great start to the day and really get my creative juices flowing! I love LBS because of the quality of content that are provided in the video sessions – the topics are on point with what is currently going on in the market and provide answers to some of the tough questions we all receive on a daily basis.”

Christy Humphrey, KWJJ, KRSK, KGON, KNRK, KFXX, KYCH, KMTT, Portland, OR

“As a new sales rep in television advertising, LBS helps me to learn new sales techniques, new strategies and terminology for specific industries and selling digital. There are so many industry specific videos, news articles and selling tips I’ve already made my first 3 sales with information I learned and used from the LBS website! Thanks!”

Sandee Carpenter, KRCW, Portland, OR

“I love LBS because I can access it for refreshing sales ideas when I get stumped by a client. It’s awesome to have the ability to access a powerful to such as this. LBS helps keep me on top of my game and serving my clients at the best of my ability! I love LBS because, it gives me a great source to learn, reference and get great ideas for sales. I love having this resource right at my finger tips and be able to access it whenever need be! Thank you for this amazing service!”

Wade Kaseberg, KCMB-FM, KWRL-FM, KVBL-FM, Baker City & La Grande, OR

“I love LBS because it is an informative platform that I can reach out to 24/7 making it convenient for me to find additional information and updated resolution to issues that help my clients.”

Brenda Pierce, KWRO, KBBR, KOOS, KTEE, KJMX, KSHR, KBDN, Coos Bay, OR

“I love LBS because it gets me going. In a negative based world LBS heightens the positives,which in turn energizes me to empower everyone within my sphere of influence to heighten the positives. I believe that in doing this LBS helps change the world for millions bringing positive thought and positive action. I love LBS because it is the most influential continuing education I can get on a daily bases that doesn’t just stay with me but continues to spread like our air waves burst from our station’s towers. I love LBS because it reminds me that as Broadcasters we “Stand for Greatness”, we “Promote Community Greatness” and through all we receive from LBS we get to “Partner with LBS” in “Providing Greatness” to and for others.”

Charlotte Mackley, Yaquina Bay Communications, Newport, OR

“I love LBS because even after 10 years in the business, I am still learning great things from LBS and love the daily emails of information. When I have copy writer’s block, it is my go to the site for ideas.”

Nicolle Naughton, 103.5 KWHT, 107.7 KWVN, 92.1 KUMA, 1290 KUMA, 1240 KTIX and 1490 KTEL, Pendleton, OR

“I love LBS because they have helped me become a better cold caller.”

Bryant Rombaoa, KBFF & KUPL, Portland, OR

“I love LBS because of the daily tips and category information that the daily emails provide.”

Christy Humphrey, KWJJ, Portland, OR

“I love LBS because after 20 years of local broadcast sales I still have a support system to keep me motivated and get great ideas that help me become more creative for my clients! Love seeing the success of my local businesses I handle! Thank you for your support!!!”

Monica Fleck, Q102/QYX/WZDB/WZDD/WCPA, DuBois, PA

“I love LBS…. Because it helps me stay connected to my community”

Matt Holland, WDDZ, Pittsburgh, Pa

“I Love LBS because it places a ton of great ideas for sales AND management at my fingertips when I am ready to view them. Many of the presenters can relate to our struggles and do it with a sense of humor!”

Brian Richardson, WFXB, Florence, SC

“I LOVE LBS because they offer great ideas that we can use for our marketing of our clients and what will work for them on an individual basis!”

Jessica Knight, WSPA / WYCW, Spartanburg, SC

“The biggest reason I like the LBS videos is for a reminder. I have been in the business for a long time and have seen most of the LBS presenters more than once in person. The videos remind me of the things that I should be doing that maybe fell by the way side. The old adage “It worked so well we quit doing it”. They also help remind me of some of the things that can trip up new sellers we are trying to train. I also enjoy the candid presentations and the style of the presenters. Thanks, John Koons”

John Koons, KORN/KQRN, Mitchell, SD

“My LSM does a Wednesday morning sales training every week. The LBS videos are often the way she starts out, then goes further into the training.”

Chris Gross, KEVN/KIVV, Rapid City, SD

“I Love LBS for several reasons: – The sales ideas presented are REAL. They have actually WORKED somewhere. – The presenters are also REAL Radio folks and know whereof they speak. Its easy to spot a phony.”

Joel Swanson Sr., KABD-FM & KMOM-FM, Aberdeen, SD

“I love LBS because they have timely information that is useful in today’s media. By adding the Ask us option, I will be able to get specific info to help grow my client’s business and mine. A great resource to keep up on the latest trends.”

Jack Gregg, KELO TV, Sioux Falls, SD

“I love LBS because….it provides on the spot training in a variety of areas, skill sets, and topics. They are short, sweet, and to the point. Very beneficial to include in sales meetings and refer salespeople to for help on their own and for new salespeople to train at their own pace.”

Luann Hasbrouck, KELO, Sioux Falls, SD

“I love LBS because the weekly sales ideas help my staff to ‘think outside the box’.”

Stacey Sieverding, KTTW TV, Sioux Falls, SD

“I love LBS because of “This Week’s Sales Idea” helps keep my prospecting fresh!”

Travis Dunn, KELO, Sioux Falls, SD

“I love LBS because of the training videos. They are relevant and have practical applications. It is obvious that true sales professionals currently in advertising sales are the ones writing and producing the videos. They have helped to inspire me to be more resilient and learn to adapt to a changing industry. Thank you for sharing your expertise with me.”

Donna Lancaster, WTFM, WRZK, WVEK, Kingsport, TN

“I Love LBS because I am new to Radio Advertising. LBS is giving me the tools to be successful!”

Katit Jenkins, 98.5/102.7/95.9, Kingsport, TN

“I love LBS because of the great industry info such as Automotive. Because of the great ideas for various categories. I love LBS because of all the great ideas we can get. The fall info was great! I love LBS because of of the great video sessions for sales meetings.”

Leesa Wilcher, WTFM, WVEK & WRZK, Kingsport, TN

“I LOVE LBS! I thoroughly enjoy the industry specific videos. I also enjoy being able to learn more about our other broadcast friends, television! Being only on the radio side, it opens up a platform for collaberation. I love the fact that the “insider tips” come from people that have been on the inside of broadcast sales. They are tried & true concepts, now just text book material. I love that there are videos/lessons for people at EVERY level. I’ve been in the industry 17+ years…and I find things that are helpful to all levels of our staff. And not only our sales staff, but our general office staff. One of the hardest things we are challenged with is the competition within the digital side of media. LBS helps us learn about the lingo & get a better grasp of the terminology so we are better prepared to sell our website/digital streams, pre-rolls, etc. I LOVE LBS! I begged my GM to get it again for our staff after our subscription lapsed. The entire sales team has been pleased with it. Thank you for doing what you do!”

Tiffany Hickman, WTFM-FM, WRZK-FM, WVEK-FM, WMEV-FM, Kingsport, TN

“I love LBS because it is informative and a way to constantly learn and improve my sales skills.”

Shannon Madlock, KAGS, College Station, TX

“I love LBS because the “Sales Ideas” have really helped me be more creative and make potential clients interested in advertising.”

Ashleigh Manjack, KVTV CBS 13, Laredo, TX

“I love LBS because the instant backgrounds help open doors and build credibility with new prospects. “I love LBS because….it provdes insight that can help not only those brand new to broadcast sales but reminders and refreshers for a sales veteran of 25 years!”

Adrian Soyars, KKYR, KPWW, KYGL, KMJI, KOSY AM, Texarkana, TX

“I love LBS because, I am a low powered TV Station. I a Chief Cook and Bottle Washer if you know what I mean. I am retired and I just try to sell advertisers to keep my local air available to local businesses, churches and schools. I do High School sports and that alone keeps me very busy. LBS helps me keep in touch on how to present my station. I don’t have much time to prepare the best presentation and remember what I have learned over the years. By watching the videos I am refreshed and I learn how to sell today in today’s world. Like I said I am the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer so I don’t have the time to learn it all so I depend on LBS to help me and teach me how to keep my TV stations on the Air. Thank you LBS.”

Joe Shannon, KAOB TV 27, Beaumont, TX

“I love LBS because it is an integral part of our weekly sales training. The video are easy to follow and just long enough to keep the AEs attention. The handouts provided on many of the training videos are just another great tool for them to use. After watching a video we toss questions out to the team on what they like and didn’t like about the training video. It helps the team open up and share ideas and practices. Danny”

Danny Aguilar, KIII TV, Corpus Christi, TX

“I love LBS because even after being in the business for over 30 years, you always can Review and Learn new things to help you grow.”

Rene C. Bosquez, KIII TV 3, Corpus Christi, TX

“I love LBS for the stright forward idea starters. The useful, on the front lines, information that is provided can be the just the kick start that is needed to get out there and get the job done. Primary example is the latest Fall information, as today is the first day of Fall, tough to believe here in South Texas, but it is true. Good stuff on the special days in November as well. I have an AC prospect as well as a sandwich shop that will be presented this week. I love LBS for the people who teach and train us. The latest session on Integrated Advertising\Marketing Solutions with Mr. Moore was truly on target for me. Ya know when you’re setting in church and you feel the minister is speaking directly to you; like you’ve somehow been found out. That session “Integrated Selling – Part One” spoke to me bg time. It’s times like these that you are even more grateful for having LBS. Thank you!”

Rick Geiter, KIII TV, Corpus Christi, TX

“I love LBS because the ‘weekly sales ideas’ gives me the opportunity to think outside the box and create the best solution for my customer!”

Robert Leal, KERA FM; KKXT FM; KERA TV, Dallas, TX

“I love LBS because I receive their morning emails of sales advice, there’s not a better kick-start for the day!”

Brad Ballard, KSKY-AM, KWRD-FM, KLTY-FM, Irving, TX

“I utilize the Account Executive training for all new hires. It is a great introduction to our industry. It is also a great website for them to view additional training as they continue to progress. I also like to use training videos to kick off discussions during our weekly Sales Staff meetings.”

Sherry Saffle, KJTV, Lubbock, TX

“I love LBS because the advertiser intelligence information builds credibility with new prospects and makes established ones want to know more.”

Adrian Soyars, KKYR/KPWW/KYGL/KMJI/KOSY, Texarkana, TX

“I love LBS because of all the great training tools they provide to help build my portfolio of clients. THANKS LBS”

Katie Elliott, KXLY, Spokane, WA

“The quality of the information. The contributors are some of the best in the business. Everything has an actionable focus. If you implement the insightful/education material in your sales system you WILL make money. I especially loved LBS when our state association was providing it for us – It’s been a bit difficult to love it since they aren’t anymore – and no we don’t have a local budget to pay for local broadcast sales.”

Bob Berry, KIMA KUNW CW9, Yakima, WA

“I love LBS because of the great ideas that come into my email. I look forward to the email coming and there is always great content. Even if the ideas don’t work for the situation, I feel that I have learn something that will help me in the future. I love LBS because it helps me find new prospects. I read/listen to the info and then I start researching companies in the field.”

Andy Vanremortel, WLUK WCWF, Green Bay, WI

“I love LBS because of the great articles and resources available at anytime on localbroadcastsales.com. Keep up the great work! I love LBS because of the great articles and resources available anytime on localbroadcastsales.com. Keep up the great work!”

Terry Stevenson, WOMT, WQTC, WLKN, Manitowoc, WI

“”I love LBS because the weekly sales ideas help me get my creative juices flowing!” “I love LBS because the Advertiser Intelligence data makes my prospects listen!” “I love LBS because the video sessions are offered by streetwise instructors!””

Steven Flater, WWIB & WOGO, Chippewa Falls, WI

“I love LBS because it is a great resource to educate my clients with.”

Katherine Ramirez, WDJT & WYTU, Milwaukee, WI

“I love LBS because…… You have such great videos for ongoing training and you even have a “new hires” section. I told a new salesperson at our stations about it, and they’ve been enjoying all the information. Thanks! I’m really enjoying the information on holidays and other ideas (cupcake day, etc.) to use to build new ad campaigns and promotions. LBS is always a wealth of information. Thanks! The videos are short and to the point. I can watch a few and still not feel like I’m taking too much time away from other things. I love LBS because…… They are prompt with their responses to problems. When I had a problem with my login a while back, I was helped immediately so I could proceed and find the information I was looking for.”

Sue Engelhardt, KLGT_FM, KZZS-FM, KBBS-AM, KHRW-FM, Sheridan, WY

Even more comments!

“I love LBS because it has changed my life for the good. New to this media and struggling to learn everything very fast you have been my right hand through the learning process which started in February 2010. With the weekly insider tips I learned what to do and what not to do. The Advertiser Intelligence data has enabled me to gain trust in my clients with great data. The Video sessions well lets just say that you learn from watching and I have changed in more ways than I can mention since coming her to Anchorage Media Group. ASK LBS quick precise answers to my questions, no roaming the internet to find what I need its right here. All this information has aided me in breaking local direct records this year and I am hoping to break some more next year. Thank you for all the help!”

Susan Bradford, KEAG, KBRJ, KHAR, Anchorage, AK

“I love LBS because it gives me ammunition to sell. I can login and find useful, relevant information to share with my sales team and clients. LBS also provides great training from professional sales teachers.”

Drew Woods, WCOV, Montgomery, AL

“We were members before the Alabama Broadcasters Assoc made it available to us. As a GSM I’ve found LBS to be one of the best tools I can put in my sellers’ toolbox. It provides invaluable information, sales tips/ideas and solutions to common and some uncommon problems. One of the best benefits is as a time saving tool allowing for more face time with clients with good ideas. Most tellingly perhaps – it would never be included in any budget cuts I might have to make.”

Ed Groves, WAAY TV, Huntsville, AL

“I Love LBS because it gives me new, fresh ideas for sales, promotion and management. I am always interested in new ideas – some are applicable to us, some might not be, but I always like hearing and learning about new things.”

Greg Bell, WWIC-AM, Scottsboro, AL

“I enjoy LBS because it focuses on the topics and information I need a the right time. When I am trying to reach NEW clients for holidays LBS always gives me what I need. Everything from new ideas, statistics, and ways to put creative advertising in front of a client. Making the transition from On-Air, Production Director, Operations Manager, to General Sales Manager I enjoy every aspect of LBS. It’s got something for everyone from ways to help clients using on air personalities, to copy writing, and ways to execute and sell creative promotions.”

Nate Adams Cholevik, WRSA-FM, Huntsville, AL

“I love LBS because I have a brand new position in research for my station and the market trending data is second to none. I love that all of the videos are direct and to the point for an “”on-demand position”” in an “”on-demand world.”” After being in National Sales for 2.5yrs I took a leap of faith into research and a position brand new to the station. Without LBS I would be destined to fail. Thank you!”

Nathan Burrows, WAAY, Huntsville, AL

“I love LBS because it gives me idea and techniques to both use for myself and the share with my fellow colleagues so we can be successful as a team.”

Samantha Bloodworth, WPMI/ WJTC, Mobile, AL

“I love the ideas that I get from LBS…especially for digital media. It gives us a leg up on our competition. Right now, we’re video streaming our largest high school football sports broadcast and the revenue it through the roof. Thanks for all you do LBS! I promise it is appreciated!”

Chad Whiteaker, KWOZ/KZLE/KBTA/KKIK/KAAB, Batesville, AR

“I love LBS because the weekly videos many times serve as the spark for a training session with my sales team. The presentations serve as a jumpstart to discussions that always lead to good sales ideas or improved best practices.”

Chuck Crossno, KFIN, KIYS, KHWF, KNEA and KBTM, Jonesboro, AR

“I love LBS because of the weekly sales ideas delivered to my email address. I love LBS creative ideas”

Mary Ruth Hudspeth, KTHS, Berryville, AR

“I love LBS because of all the great information and training videos. It is a great asset especially when I have a new salesperson. I love LBS because it gives me fresh ideas to share with my sales team as well as my clients.”

Mrs Helen Elizabeth Aregood, KCXY-FM KAMD-FN KMGC-FM, Camden, AR

“I love LBS because it offers comprehensive training for our Sales reps that they can go into the field with and put into action. Plain and simple it works! Thanks to LBS training we are having our best year in sales! More more can you expect or want? It is awesome! I love LBS because the training works! We are having the best year in sales since we started utilizing the LBS sales training. Our senior rep has been here 30 years and recently had her best month in her 30 year history. The training is practical and logical to take right out in the field. There can never be enough training when you are in the sales business. The LBS training works! I Love LBS because on going training is essential to growth of the company and growth of the employees. We use LBS training twice a week with our Sales staff and there are plenty of topics to choose from for continued growth and education. Whether you are the GM or SM, continued training is so important in this business of ours as it changes and evolves. LBS meets these needs in a big way!”

Roger Lowery, KCWD-FM/KNWA-AM, Harrison, AR

“I have been in advertising for over 20 years and feel you can never stop learning new ways to reinvent myself in the exciting advertising world of media. Through excellent weekly sales ideas and viewing the video sessions as often as I can., keeps me knowledgable in the local Tucson market. With what my local LBS association has to offer I can continue to educate myself and be the best market media consultant my clients look to for advise and guidance in today’s ever changing economy where creativity in advertising is very important to our local advertisers.”


“I’ve worked with Gary Moore in the past, he’s an innovator and taught me many things during his time at my prior employment. I’ve enjoyed the videos and information I’ve gotten from the LBS site. I made the transition from print and digital sales to CBS Broadcasting last year. It’s tough – and I appreciate the insight!”

Allison King, KFROG Radio, Colton, CA

“The presenters are top notch and deliver in a real and exciting fashion, not staged and stodgy.”

Brad LaRock, KEKB, KKNN, KBKL, KMXY, KEXO, Grand Junction, CO

“I love LBS because I just started as a marketing consultant, selling in a different way than in my past. Paul Weyland’s ‘Sales 101’ training helped me a great deal. He speaks to both the strategy AND the tactics, helping me to understand better how to listen and respond~the do’s and don’ts. I look forward to relying on the wealth of information provided at LBS online so I can serve my clientele best. My focus is small business and they really need help these days!”

Bridget Ries, KZKS-FM, KAYW-FM, KRVG-FM, KWGL-FM, KRGS-AM, KAVP-AM, Glenwood Springs, CO

“I love LBS because…it has helped me work my way to the top and become the top biller at our station for the last four years! Watching the weekly videos helps keep me sharp, motivates me to go out and get more business, and inspires me with great ideas and wonderful tips. And anytime I need to reference some relevant material for either new or existing clients, LBS is the first place I turn.”

Ashley Cerruto, FM 97.3 WZBG, Litchfield, CT

“I love LBS because there is pertinent and timely info that help generate new angles and ideas with being able to help businesses who are looking for more help than ever! There is useful customer focused information…especially auto related so you can talk their language sounding knowledgeable.”

Drew Wilder, WCCC, Hartford, CT

“The tips are very useful and concisely presented. Whether it’s overcoming objections or unique ideas to pitch a client, I find these to be extremely hepful. Additionally I find that receiving these on a weekly basis provides compelling information we can use in the regular sales meetings with our team.”

Jeff Weber, WGCH-AM, Greenwich, CT

“I love LBS for the weekly sales ideas that have help me create new ideas to sell!”

Monique Huntington, WDRC, Bloomfield, CT

“I love LBS because the information sent is always valuable. I don’t ever have to comb through unneeded data.”

Coriya Burns, WHTA, WPZE and WAMJ, Atlanta, GA

“I love LBS because of the advertiser intelligence, updates, ideas and concepts. I find the information usable, timely and informative not just for myself but also for the sales staff. This is a great service specifically if you access to limited information. LBS pulls it all together in a way that is friendly and easy to use.”

Hugh Brown, WHTA-FM, WAMJ-FM, WPZE-FM, Atlanta, GA

“I love LBS because the weekly sales ideas help me gear up for Monday morning sales meetings for my team!”

Lauren Phillips, WTVM, Columbus, GA

“I have been in sales for over 25 years and feel you can never stop learning. I love LBS because it gives me new prospectives, Revisits the basics and give me currant buying trends that better prepares me for a ever changing market place.”

Sonny Gay, WSWG, ESWG and GSWG, Moultrie, GA

“I love LBS simply because of one thing. The clear focus on strong ROI for my team and clients. Everything that is published, is ROI focused and very well thought out. I own and operate a cluster of stations and media websites and all of my staff members, even programming use LBS. Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO TO HELP BROADCASTERS!”

Fletcher M. Ford, WKEI-WJRE-WYEC-RegionalDailyNews.com – QuadCityDailyNews.com, Offices and Studios in Kewanee and the Quad Cities, IA and IL

“I love LBS because as a manager, it is a “”go to”” tool in my arsenal for training new AE’s and AE’s that need a refresher or ideas in a new category.”

Amy Carothers, WGEM TV Radio NBC FOX CW, Quincy, IL

“I love being able to watch videos that pertain to the accounts I service, or am pursuing! These are great tips, or reminders of things I need to be doing when closing a sale. Thank you!”

Angela Baumeister, WJDK 95.7FM/WCSJ 103.1FM, Morris, IL



“I love LBS because of the video commentary and training tools that it has to offer. I have been in Sales of some sort for about 13 years and I have never seen a training site just like this. The video’s aren’t old, outdated and boring. And the people talking to you in the video’s teaching you, have all had real life experiences and aren’t mono toned. They keep me interested instead of making me want to fall asleep in my chair like in an hour long meeting that I don’t want to be in. I think the short 4 to 6 min clips are great. Plus there is the ASK LBS and Sales Ideas sections that can be very helpful! Great website, wish I would have known about it a lot sooner.”

Joey Bigley, WLRB, WLMD, WKAI, WNLF, WMQZ, WJEQ, Macomb, IL

“I love LBS because the ideas passed along in the newsletter have been tremendously helpful in generating ideas for my clients. I love LBS for all of the great video tutorials that they provide. It’s like having a library of webinars at your fingertips!”

Pam Gaither, WAAG, Galesburg, IL



“You’re LOCAL! I have worked in radio for 26 years and I have learned through-out this time from reading from our industry successes/failures. I have challenged my sales staffs to review everyday what’s coming down the line from LBS. I enjoy the brief explanations of real world sales situations. The success of radio is to be live and local in your communities that you serve and I am proud to say that our cluster, here Hoosier Am/FM Radio Kokomo does just that.”

Ernie Caldemone, WZWZ – WIOU -WMYK, Kokomo, IN

“LBS is always right on top of the market, with current articles on industry trends, latest news, and events. It is a daily reminder to stay on top of my game as well.”

Janice Whittington, WCSI, WKKG, WINN, WWWY, Columbus, IN

“I hope this doesn’t come across too Pollyanna, but I love LBS because it inspires me to be better than the day before. LBS provides a creative spark when I am creatively challenged, reminds me to make one more phone call even when it’s been a “”no”” kind of day, and challenges me to come up with even better opportunities. I started in the business a year ago, coming from a completely unrelated field, and LBS was a major contributor of the tools I needed to deliver results for the local direct clients that I am proud to serve. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU!”

Jennifer Armstrong, WBIW – WQRK – WPHZ, Bedford, IN

“I love LBS because in small markets is is so easy to fall into a rut of the same sales and promotions each year, LBS always has fresh ideas and approaches to find new clients and increase the spending of current clients.”

John O’Rourke, WAWK AM/FM, Kendallville, IN

“I love LBS because it is “”real world”” advice that is delivered in a user-friendly format and can be implemented immediately. Not all Sales are the same and there is a broad range of topics covered on the site. I love LBS because they are sooooo user friendly. It is so nice to be able to add a Video Tutorial as a part of my Sales Meeting. The subject matter library is deep enough, that we can get information on virtually any aspect of our industry. Radio Sales 101 is a wonderful starter for new employees. Thank you LBS!!!”

Karen Boehnlein, WGCL, Bloomington, IN

“I love LBS for the great ideas and up to date information!”

Pam Myrick, WEHT/WTVW, Evansville, IN

“I love LBS because the Advertiser Intelligence data provides me with information that allows me to speak intelligently with my clients about their business.”

Paula Bell, WVNI, Bloomington, IN

“There are so many creative and new ideas continually posted that I feel I will miss the BIG score if I don’t return often. You keep if fresh and I love that there are so many digital ideas as well. You really help us understand how businesses approach advertising no matter what their business sector. Keep the ideas coming!”

Ruth Nasser, WTHI-ETHI, Terre Haute, IN

“Your LBS features are short with long information in an industry that changes quickly. Reliable Radio Sales updates and the “”why didn’t I think of that’s”” are important to quality sales. Closed minds equal unclosed Sales. Your open approach is bright and focused on everyday Radio. I very much appreciate your Reliable Radio Remedies. Your efforts are easy to understand and implement.”

Curtis Duncan, KLOE KKCI KWGB, Goodland, KS

“I love LBS because it gives me ideas to share with my sales staff. I also like starting the day with great sales ideas and information. It gets my brain started.”

Jeff McCausland, KSAS/KMTW, Wichita, KS

“I love LBS because the video sessions make great sales meetings and give our sellers the knowledge and savvy to become advertising experts and marketing partners with clients.”

John Leonard, Radio Results Group-KGGF-AM/FM, KUSN-FM, KQQF-FM, Coffeyville-Independence, KS

“I Love LBS because I always find a little inspiration from their ideas for an ad campaign or a new idea on how to approach a customer. They help me keep looking towards the future and teach me how to lean in!”

Marilyn Stuart, KAHE,KZRD, KERP, KGNO, Dodge City, KS

“I love LBS because the weekly sales ideas help me understand specific potential buyers that I go to meet with.”

Todd Senecal, 92.7 KZUH, 95.5 KVOB, 101.7 KDJM, Salina, KS

“I love LBS because it always seems to be the right advice at the right time. Sometimes as Managers and Sales People we get in a funk, and LBS manages to bring ideas that help knock me out of the funk and get me reengaged to succeed and lead my team. I appreciate the added kick in the rear! Thanks!”

Brandon Thompson, WAIN AM/FM, Columbia, KY

“I Love LBS because…. It focuses on the reality of what we deal with when we’re on the street every day. Its a Wealth of Real life meat and potatoes solutions, reminders, education, ideas and updates to help you succeed in our competitive media world.”

Joe, WBVR-WUHU-WBGN-WLYE, Bowling Green, KY

“I love LBS because it help me prepare my day, challenges my thinking, and give me an edge over the competition. Thanks for the service. It keeps me informed, prepared, and ready to meet the day. They make me think deeper, differently, and determined, explain details of our industry and how to present ideas and overcome objections. They help me prepare my day and week with ideas work. and help me develop professionally and help me prepare for the daily and weekly sales activity.”

Martin Moreman, WULF, Elizabethtown, KY

“Particularly on a Monday, this gets my brain in a selling mood and bring me information on tough accounts or categories.”

Bill Wayland, WCAP, Lowell, MA

“I love LBS because of all of the above. It’s great information and motivation.”

Pat Racine, WXLO 104.5/WWFX 100FM The Pike/WORC FM 98.9, Worcester, MA

“I love LBS because being new to the media world it gives me a chance to learn new things daily and learn trade secrets from knowledgeable instructors with success in the field. It has helped me grow as an account executive without chasing around the internet for information that may or may not be credible. LBS is an easy place to come to learn about all aspects of my field and furthermore the fields of my potential clients. Thank you LBS !!!”

Ashley Adams, WPXT, WPME, ME-TV, Portland, ME

“I love LBS because of the great videos from Jon Tkac.”

Eric Turner, WPFO, Portland, ME

“I love LBS because in today’s day and age you need to be in contact with prospects and clients on a regular basis. It’s vital to touch clients when I’m not trying to sell them. LBS allows me to do so in a professional manner. Advertiser Intelligence data allows me to update clients, provide pertinent information and solidify our relationship.”

Gracie Johnston, WPOR, WGAN, WZAN and WBAE, South Portland, ME

“I love LBS because it provide excellent training tools for new AEs.”

Larry Julius, WMGX, WCLZ, WYNZ, Portland, ME

“I love LBS because the topics covered in the videos reiterate the message I try to convey to my sales staff. Anytime an outside source reinforces a point I try to make in a sales meeting it seems to get the message to sink in a little more to my staff. I enjoy getting fresh ideas each week to present to my staff. I love LBS because of the perfectly tailored videos about issues affecting my team RIGHT NOW.”

Craig Carnesi, KRBK-TV, Springfield, MO

“I love LBS because it provides me with actionable information and ideas I can take to my clients. LBS makes me look smarter with my clients than I really am!”


“I love LBS because there are some refreshing ideas that are generated from their team. It keeps me from falling into a slump. There’s constantly a category to pursue thanks to LBS! They are so comprehensive in the categories they cover, I’m a huge believer in creative and so are they! I’m impressed with some ideas. They’re not always the same old same old thing. It’s daily contact, that keeps my creative juices flowing!”

Gay Will, WIL-FM, St. Louis, MO

“I love LBS because…. Being a new and upcoming Account Executive, LBS has helped me a significant amount; from the basics, skills and ideas, to tips on overcoming objections and getting that close. LBS has opened up the door for greater opportunity and further success!”

Iliana N. Corfias, FOX 26, KNPN, St. Joseph, MO

“I love LBS because it gives us so many great ideas, that a lot of times we do not think of ourselves. In this fast paced world, more head are better than just one or two. You can never have too many great ideas to pull from. We look forward to receiving the LBS ideas and putting them to work for our station!”

Joeli Barbour, KDEX AM/FM, Dexter, MO

“I love LBS because… they help me with new ideas and approaches for new business calls. I particularly like the video sessions because they include both on-air and digital ideas!”

Laura Landmann, WXOS, Saint Louis, MO

“I love LBS because….. 1) I’ve been in newspaper advertising for the last 6 years. I’ve been with Radio since Aug. 2, 2013. The training sales video’s are top notch. I watch a training video early each morning to start my day with a knew tool on advertising. 2) I love the sales idea’s each day. I either email or tell at least one account something I’ve learned that morning. Great to way to start a conversation with someone you’ve never met. Thank you for the great information and tools you provide.”

Shelly Morris, KBNN, KJEL,KFBD,KJPW,KOZQ & KIIK, Lebanon, MO

“I Love LBS becasue it gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in radio sales and helps give me new ideas of how to sell different businesses .”

Wesley H. Scherler, Cameron Regional Radio KKWK, KMRN, Cameron, MO

“I’ve been marketing businesses through radio for just over one year and each day offers new challenges to meet and exceed the area customer; LBS is a tool I use for ideas, inspiration, and confidence! I utilize the products and services to help me inspire new ideas in the defined clients market and work a plan that fits them with tools like LBS. Thank you to the great minds and knowledgeable hearts who take the time to inspire people like me!”

Michelle Ascheman, KYNU, KRVX, KXGT, KQDJ AM, KQDJ FM, Jamestown, ND

“I love LBS because I get accurate, up-to-date information about specific business categories that I call on consistently. Motivation is key is sales, so going to LBS is like having a pep-talk sales meeting twice a week. I work in a sales office located in a different community than where our radio station is located. I am the only salesperson in this office…so motivation from LBS is very helpful to keep my attitude positive! And, I can go to LBS anytime of day to listen in to the latest topic of the week.”

Colleen Simpson, Big Red Country 104.9fm KCTY/KTCH 1590 am, Wayne,, NE

“I love LBS because your training segments are sorted by relevant topics, containing “”nuts and bolts”” teachings that can be put to use immediately!”

Jim Timm, KBBX-FM, Omaha, NE

“I love LBS because the short videos on Time Management are greatly informative. Although I am not in sales, but am the traffic & billing director here at our station, I have found the various videos that are available are very informative and our upbeat giving me the feeling that YES I can do this. Keep up the great motivational videos.”

Karen Schmer, KNEB AM-FM, The Beet, Scottsbluff, NE

“I love LBS because I am a new sales person and it has been so helpful to me learning how to sell and giving me tips on new things to do! The weekly emails help me with new ideas! Thank you LBS to get my sales career going! They really help me think outside the box! Being new to this amazing career, I could not have survived the last 6 months without the guidance and direction of LBS! Keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Tricia Chitwood, KNEB, Scottsbluff, NE

“The most current information, training and details available. Love that I can connect LBS for additonal information and questions. Very useful advertising data for new and current clients. Expert training Video’s by the best in the industry. LBS is an excellent resource for training, information and current data.”

Susan Wells, Monadnock Radio Group, Keene, NH

“I love LBS because of its sales ideas! I have been trying to broaden my client base from just my normal large advertisers of home improvement, grocery, retail, etc. LBS has helped me go after such unique businesses as Frozen Yogurt shops, Bars on the outskirts of town, High End Golf Courses, and even Women’s and Geriactric Healthcare! I am able to take innovative ideas to these clients and show I am well educated about these types of businesses I do not have a lot of experience in. Thank you LBS!”

Andy Papaleo, WBNG-TV, Binghamton, NY

“I love LBS because it has helped me grow in this business. I have learned so much from coming onto LBS and watching the videos. I was able to help my clients with all the ideas I have learned from LBS.”

Angelique Mercurio, 106.9 WYNY, 107.7 WDLC, Pocono 96.7, Port Jervis, NY

“Attending the LBS Digital Leadership Academy was a great opportunity for me. The revenue generating sales ideas and networking opportunity with other digital sales colleagues was “”priceless.”” Best practices for internal strategies to encourage AEs to sell more online, social media and mobile advertising was a great “”take away”” for my team.”

Barbara Miller, WSYR-AM/FM, WBBS-FM, WWHT-FM, WYYY-FM, WHEN-AM, Syracuse, NY

“I am brand new to sales after spending over 10 years on the broadcast side of TV. I love LBS for showing me the easy ways to work with and develop new clients. Not only with great training videos but tips on how to go out every morning and make some more money!”

Brendan O’Reilly, WBNG-TV, Binghamton, NY

“STEPHEN WARLEY GIVES THE BEST IDEAS IN THE MOST SIMPLE WAYS. Great use of free tools online for clients and reps!”

Christa Ceiri, Wicz/wbpn, Binghamton, NY

“LBS gives my sales people positive training”

Clay Ashworth, WWSC AM, WCKM & WCQL FM, Glens Falls, NY

“I am a sales manager and i like that my team can see SHORT tips/info on different categories and hopefully use them to sell something! I also keep all of the LBS in a file to refer back to when they come to me for questions!”


“I love LBS because the video sessions give you great ideas to help sell your station!”

Denise Edmister, WBNG-TV, Binghamton, NY

“I Love LBS because lots of different clients need lots of solutions to lots of different concerns. LBS is a great resource of diverse ideas.”

Doug Beck, WABT, WYNY, WDLC, Port Jervis, NY

“I love LBS because the information offered is a daily, valuable tool that delivers not only thought provoking ideas, but also reminds us to go back to the basics. Many times, we in sales, tend to make our transactions more complicated than they need to be. Conversely, we can always use a daily reminder of what works and what has been played out. LBS delivers on both counts.”

Felix Perez, Univision Radio NY, New York, NY

“LBS is personal.”

Jake McIntyre, WCBS 880, New York, NY

“I love LBS because it was a major factor in helping me become the media sales professional I am today. When I was only two weeks into the job, I went to the NYSBA training with Ron Steiner and Gary Moore and it changed my life. I was fresh out of college, knew nothing about broadcast sales, and Gary and Ron got me so excited about media sales that I knew I never wanted to do anything else. I went from being a brand new AE on the streets, to the top billing AE at my station in 3 years, and in 5 years I became a Local Sales Manager and I believe LBS gave me a huge advantage getting there. Thank you LBS for the great tips I get to share in my sales meetings!”

Jeff Knauss, WSTM / WTVH / WSTQ, Syracuse, NY

“Advertiser intelligence! Info I need at the click of a mouse. What’s better than that?”

Jim, WXXA, Albany, NY

“The information they e-mail helps spur great ideas!”

Jim Coughlin, WBNW, WMXW, WBBI, WKGB, WINR, WENE, Binghamton, NY

“I love LBS because it has definitely helped my business grow to the next level. The more i know the more confident i feel. The more i know, the better prepared i am to help my clients. The more i know the more they Love me. The more i love LBS”

Juan Almanzar, WSKQ-FM, NY, NY

“I love LBS because they make me feel like I’m not alone in this digital universe! I like having a team of experts to go to when no one in my broadcast world knows the answer. LBS removes the doubt, provides new ideas and answers questions about my individual station’s dilemmas (which btw, are not always so unique). It has been nice knowing they are there when I need them.”

Lori Collado, WNYT/WNYA/MeTV, Albany, NY

“With my busy schedule, I really appreciate being able to access LBS when I need to!”


“I LOVE LBS because it’s a wealth of information dedicated to our business! It’s a trustworthy source to get the latest and greatest information to help us be successful, and to have that leg-up on our competition.”

Michele LaBarge, WNYT-TV, Albany, NY

“What I love about Local Broadcast Sales is how all of the tips and sales category trends are tailored specifically to Account Exectuvies selling Television & Web. They are all designed to show how Television or Web Advertising on our stations websites can be pitched to specific categories of business a few months before their season picks up. As long as I keep reading the emails and logging into their site, I feel I am always ahead of any seasonal opportunity to earn more money from pitching great ideas at the right time.”

Paul Deyoe, WPTZ, Plattsburgh, NY

“I love LBS because each week I present an LBS article to the entire sales staff and each week they find it informative and helpful!”

Rebecca Baines, WHCU, WYXL, WQNY, WIII, Ithaca, NY

“I love the weekly sales ideas to help create packages for my clients. I love the sales ideas section. It helps generate ideas for specific categories of business and the weekly emails remind us of their services and the articles and tips to help us improve.”

Tracy Casey, WBNG-TV, Binghamton, NY

“Gives me a nice kick start every week! Videos work as short training sessions. Arrticles are timely and keep me in front of my clients as I regularly send them pertinent info. Keep up the great work!”

Wendy Paterniti, Cayuga Radio Group, Ithaca, NY

“I love LBS because it helps me with REAL solutions to REAL problems. As the sales manager of a Brand New station in a Brand New market with Brand New sales staff of Brand New sales people….some of whom have never sold anything in their lives. Thanks for the great info.”

Doug Beck, WABT-FM, WYNY-AM&FM, WDLC-AM&FM, Port Jervis NY, Stroudsburg PA

“As a new rep to the industry, LBS has really helped me understand sales strategy, ways to determine leads and tricks of the trade I wouldn’t learn elsewhere. Thank you LBS – that’s why I love you!”

Adam Elliott, WRKZ, WJKR, WMNI, Columbus, OH

“I love LBS because it helps me sell digital, helps me build value, helps me sound intelligent, and most of all helps me make money! :) Thank You!!”

Jessi Adams, WWCD, Columbus, OH

“I live LBS because it is such a great research and learning tool! It helps educate me on industries,offers selling tips, and trending verticals to focus on. Thank you LBS!”

Katie Yusz, WKYC, Cleveland, OH

“I love LBS because as a local sales manager it makes my job easier. I use the training videos and sales ideas to assist in my sales meetings. Thanks LBS!”

Michelle Kirkendall, ELIO, WOHL, WLIO and EOHL, Lima, OH

“I love LBS because it is one of the best sales resources that I have come across! The information is concise, practical and easy to use.”

Stefanie Allen, WEWS, Cleveland, OH

“I love LBS because the information available is absolutely outstanding!”

Stephanie L Walsh, WMFD, WVNO, & WRGM, Mansfield, OH

“It makes to job of passing info along to our sales staff much easier. I pick a topic of the week for our sales meeting and play the video from my laptop and then start a discussion among our A.E.’s.”

Thom Williams, WATH/WXTQ-FM, Athens, OH

“I love LBS, because I don’t have all the answers or all the ideas. I can almost always find up to date ideas on LBS that help me close more business!”

Joseph Palmer, KQCV/KARF, Oklahoma City, OK

“I love LBS because every Monday and Wednesday I am guaranteed to learn something new and very helpful!!”

Mikel Frederickson, KWFX-FM, KWDQ-FM, KSIW-AM, Woodward, OK

“I have only been with this station 7 months, and I came in not knowing anything really. I owned my own business but I this is not the same. I have to go out and find people, and when I had my business people came to me. I have learned a lot with LBS- How to help people, listen to what they have and what they need, provide them with information they need, help them sell what they have, just have a good communication with my client. I’m not at top sales yet, but I’m working on it and i will continue to take advantage of LBS. Thanks.”

Renee Bethea, Classic Communications, Inc., Woodward, OK

“I’ve been selling for over 25 years in radio and I look at LBS daily because It keeps me ahead of the game with timley new ideas. Yes, you can teach an “”old dog”” new tricks and ideas to help clients. Thanks for all the up to date information.”

Ron Whitaker, KWEN, KJSR, KRAV, KRMG, Tulsa, OK

“I love LBS because, there is a lot of great information that is easy to find, it helps me do my job, answers questions and allows me to be more effective. LBS is a great resource with plenty of ideas to help you make more money. It is very useful, easy to find information that I can apply to my business today”

Steve Bart, KXII, Ardmore, OK

“I love LBS! That’s like asking why you love your kids…..the reasons are numerous! I love the non traditional ideas you bring I love the research information that makes me look great to my clients I love the training you offer at the OAB convention I love that it’s in video format I love that you include real live campaigns from other markets LBS has been a part of my learning since I started in radio and I feel like they have been a true partner in my success.”

Valerie Gramm, KRMG, KJSR, KWEN, KRAV, Tulsa, OK

“I love LBS because all of the resources it provides me to be more proficient in my day to day tasks. Not only do the periodic emails provide fuel to my presentations, they also highlight key topics that are all the buzz in our every changing economy as they relate to each industry. My team really appreciated a representative from LBS visiting our station and highlighting the resources the LBS website offers. It’s so refreshing have such tools at our fingertips. With just a click of a button, I am able to provide my agencies with material that demonstrates how effective their clients’ ads can be in our market. Thank you so much LBS!!”

Alicia Lewis, KOBI, Medford, OR

“First and foremost i love LBS, because I love Broadcast Sales. The rewarding feeling I receive from helping my local Business Clients find the light switch is incredible. That being said, i sometimes forget where the switch is myself, or i try to turn it on by pulling the string. LBS, helps me fine tune turning the light on in with ideas, or might I say guiding me to use a dimmer switch to adjust to today’s market, and the environment of each Client’s opportunities, strengths and weakness’s. I have learned, that I need all the help I can get to grow revenue for my stations, the Clients business, and to continue doing what I love; Local Broadcast Sales. Thanks for always being there like a light in the dark!”


“I love LBS because it’s an on-demand program that helps me increase revenue, educate my radio sales staff and keeps our job fun and challenging!”

Colleen Kaseberg, KCMB/KWRL/KVBL, La Grande, OR

“I love LBS because my staff and I can get training on any topic to fit my schedule!”

Gary Grossman, KIHR,KCGB,KMSW,KACI AM,KACIFM, Hood River/The Dalles, OR


Jennifer Travis, KCRX, KAST, KVAS, KLMY, Warrenton, OR

“I love LBS because they’re all about the topic of sales, and everything is specific to my industry. Sales can be a very generic word. In any industry, you need support that is specifically targeted to your job and that’s what LBS offers. They’re there when I need them. I don’t get bombarded with emails, and I don’t miss out on the information if I can’t immediately look at their email. I always know I can fall back to the website and get everything I’ve missed and everything I need.”

Lorna Dobberstein, AM 860 KPAM & Sunny 1550, Portland, OR

“It’s like having my own personal sales tools library. Whenever I need a fresh idea or need to research a specific business, I visit the LBS page. The weekly sales ideas are great and really get me going again when I kind of hit a “”limbo”” phase with some of my existing clients; it’s great to have a tip that just might get a client excited to ADD to what they’re currently doing. My favorite feature by far is the video sessions. I feel like the instructors are genuine in their advice and information and they have such lengthy sales backgrounds that make me feel secure with what they’re advising. I have found both the car sales and holiday sales video the most useful. Thanks LBS!”

Nicki Whittle, KAST, KVAS-AM, KLMY, KVAS, KCRX, Warrenton, OR

“The video tutorials are the best! No other medium delivers a message with as much impact and influence than video.”

Jim Maffessanti, WTAE TV, thisTV Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

“I love LBS because the e-mail blasts are a constant reminder that you need continual training in this industry (and every industry to which we sell)!”

Brian Richardson, WFXB, Myrtle Beach, SC

“I am a new sales Rep for KOTA-TV. My back ground is Cell phone sales. Having a resource like LBS has made a huge difference in my ability to understand various businesses and what they need from a media partner. Without LBS I would only be assuming, with LBS I am sure of what I am presenting. Thank you LBS for understanding what we in the media need to know.”


“I love LBS because the info is always pertinent to my size market and very useful info for my clients. Great stuff for sales meetings also. BTW”

Ralph Thomas, WOGY WYNU WTJS WYJJ, Jackson, TN

“LBS has figured out how to make training enjoyable, effective and painless. As a seasoned vetran of the industry (36 years in radio and TV sales) I know the importance of on-going education and staying informed on the latest industry trends. LBS is one of the best ways I stay on top of our changing industry. It’s a resource that allows me to gain new ideas that easily translate into methods to better serve my clients…. because when they do well, so do I.”

Aldie Beard, KIAH-TV, Houston, TX

“I love LBS because…no matter what topic I am currently researching LBS has the most creative and informative information. Plus, when I have questions, LBS always replies in a timely manner with the answer! Thanks for all you do to help me be a successful Radio Marketing Professional!”

Angel Taylor, KRNH 92.3 the Ranch, KSYY 96.5 Sunny, KKVR 106.1 The River, Kerrville, TX

“I love LBS because as being an entry level sales, LBS has helped me learn and make more local businesses become successful through me. Thank you LBS!”

Ashleigh Manjack, KVTV CBS 13, Laredo, TX

“LBS sales ideas help me hit budget!”

Brad Dubow, KLAQ/KROD/KSII, El Paso, TX

“I love LBS because when I find a brain in a fog with no new creative ideas… I simply log on to LBS for a wealth of information for me and my current clients! I am never disappointed!!!”

Hollie Jo White, KTAB/KRBC, Abilene, TX

“I love LBS because the weekly sales emails give creative ideas based on the season, and great insight into certain industries.

Jamie, KAMC/KLBK, Lubbock, TX

“because of the weekly sales ideas. This is a great information that we can implement in our presentations. Also, the weekly sales ideas gives us the opportunity be creative with our clients. Our clients will appreciate for us to go far and beyond in developing their marketing campaign!”


“I Love LBS because of the segmentation Intelligence data,marketing information and video sessions. Keep Up the Good!”

Sonny Rio, KCWX, San Antonio, TX

“I’ve been in the radio business for 44 years (and could say I’ve seen it all but I wont) but I can say the LBS website is the most in-depth sales training and information resource I’ve seen. i don’t nearly take advantage of LBS as i should but knowing its here keeps my stress level down. thanks y’all for what you do keep it up.”


“I love LBS because, I am new to the marketing industry, although, marketing was my major in college it’s a lot different when your in the field doing the work. Marketing and radio have been my dream for a long time now and I finally have the opportunity to pursue the career I’ve waited a long time for. I want to be the best I can be and honestly without having lots of help from LBS I wouldn’t know what I need to know for this job. I am hungry for knowledge and with LBS I get plenty of it, when I have an idea I go to the LBS site and see if there are any ideas on how to go about what I’m thinking, usually I will find something to help me and it’s usually successful! Thank you LBS for being there when I need you most, and even when I don’t but I’m in the mood to brows and read something of interest.”

Alexis Simon, MOO92, Derby, VT

“Of all the great sales ideas to take to our market!! Thank you so much for helping us out more money in our pockets!”

Katie Elliott, KXLY, Spokane, WA

“I love LBS because…it is extremely informative, has a lot of learning videos and the LBS site is easy to maneuver around and locate what I need to make the sale. Our entire sales staff loves LBS so much that when WSAB decided not to carry LBS we convinced our owner to pay for it.”

Kyla Salas, KAPS and KBRC, Mount Vernon, WA

“I love LBS because it helps my accounts make money. The advice I receive on LBS directs, advizes and encourages me to write ads that sell product and at the end of my day that is what it is all about.”

Melissa, KAPS/KBRC, Mount Vernon, WA

“I love LBS because I always learn something new, or am refreshed with hammering in the ideas necessary to make new friends and clients!”

Ryan Bair, 88.5 WGNV, Milladore, WI

“#1- it’s daily #2-I find it much more helpful than TVB”

Al Marra, WOAY-TV, Oak Hill, WV

“I love LBS because the information and ideas come “”right from the horses’ mouth”” The use of videos to deliver the wide variety of info makes it easy to understand and apply. So even an old-timer like me, who did his best to destroy his brain cells in the 60’s and 70’s, can make use of LBS! Thanks for being such a great source of practical and usable ideas!”

Ray Rintamaki, KTAK/KVOW, Riverton, WY

“I love LBS because….. of everything they offer. The Ask LBS section as well as the fantastic, informative videos, sales ideas, advertiser data, etc. I love all of the information. I love having so many resources to help me do my job. My only problem is finding enough time to explore it all!!”

Sue Engelhardt, KLGT-FM, KZZS-FM, KHRW-FM, KBBS-AM, Sheridan, WY