Many moms want something different for Mother’s Day beyond the usual dinner out, flowers, cards and jewelry. (Don’t believe it? Ask your mom want she really wants for Mother’s Day.)
Time to get creative. Consider calling on a few of these alternative prospects. They’ll stand out from the crowd on your air and you’ll have less competition when you call on them. The rest of the other local media reps will be beating each other up over the same old prospects.
1. Cleaning Service

Every mother would loved to be treated to a spring cleaning of her home by a professional.

2. Professional Photography Studio

Moms love photos of their kids no matter how old they are!

3. Tech Support

OK, this might be a 2 for 1 gift . . . mom now has someone to call with her computer questions, but it’s not her kids! (Model an advertising campaign after

4. Contractor

Getting mom a new deck, bathroom or kitchen isn’t cheap, but mom would be thrilled! Great opportunity for older children with jobs to go in on a gift only a mother could love year after year!

5. Yoga Studio

Most moms will tell you they want time to relax, so why not get a yoga studio to create a Mother’s Day relaxation card, so your mom can enjoy multiple zen sessions?

6. Child Care

New moms would love nothing more than an afternoon off. Call on daycare centers to create a special offer to watch the kids on Mother’s Day.

7. Local Resort or Hotel

Mom’s don’t need to travel far to enjoy an overnight out of the house. Local hotels and resorts are always looking for new creative ways to attractive a local clientele.

8. Nail Salon

Lots of people get their mother a gift certificate for a massage or a day at the spa. Paying for a mani-pedi may be a more affordable alternative for some and no less appreciated by mom!

9. Landscaper

Why buy mom flowers that will die in a few days? Hire a landscaper to help her get her yard and garden in order, so she can enjoy your gift all spring and summer long!

10. Laundry Service

Give mom a break from laundry for a week or even a month by promoting special Mother’s Day offers from professional laundry services.

11. Grocery Delivery

What’s for dinner? I dare you to ask your mom that on Mother’s Day! Many grocery stores now offer delivery services as more and more busy moms don’t have the time or energy to go grocery shopping.

12. Nightclubs

Moms (particularly younger moms) would love nothing more than a girl’s night out with their girlfriends. Bars and nightclubs are always looking for unique and new promotion ideas.

13. Charities

Find local charities that support mothers and women. You could also build a “Mother’s Day Guide to Giving” by promoting several different charities. Moms always say they don’t want anything, so want not make a donation to her favorite charity in her name?

14. Bookstore

Not every mom has given up on books in favor of a Kindle or iPad. Create a contest with a local bookstore, asking moms to share their favorite book recommendations. Instead of featuring “staff picks” in the store, create a bookshelf of “mom’s picks”.

15. Theaters and Museums

We’ve all rolled our eyes at one time or another when our mother suggested we go see a play or a new museum exhibit. Moms love this kind of stuff. Many cultural attractions in your area might already be planning a Mother’s Day event . . . find them and help them promote it!

Bonus – Bingo Palor

My mom would LOVE it if I played bingo with her on Mother’s Day. Apparently she isn’t the only one. Listen to this radio commercial for a bingo parlor.

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