New to radio and feeling a little stuck with where to begin? Then this LBS Guide is for you. You’ll start with sales fundamentals and work your way up to producing creative.
Radio Sales Fundamentals

Here’s the place to get your grounding with solid sales fundamentals.

Step 1. 5 Keys to Selling Radio for New Hires with Paul Weyland

Step 2. Sales 101 – Part I with Paul Weyland

Step 3. Sales 101 – Part II with Paul Weyland

Step 4. Making New Hires an Instant Success Panel Discussion

Step 5. Time Management with Mary Carlomagno

Getting Appointments

You can’t sell them if you can’t get in front of them. Here’s how to meet more clients.

Step 1. How to Get Your Voicemails Returned with Dan O’Day

Step 2. How to Get Appointments with Paul Weyland

Step 3. How to Schedule Meetings with Stephen Warley

Communication Essentials

Sales is all about communication. The trainings below will guide you through better networking, delivering more effective presentations, and how to change your approach for different personality types.

Step 1. Sales Communications with David Topus

Step 2. Effective Networking with Diane Darling

Step 3. Presentation Skills with Karen Vigurs-Stack

Step 4. Selling by Personality Style with Gary Moore

Closing Sales

And of course, you need to close well to have success.
Step 1. Closing Sales with Paul Weyland, Part 1

Step 2. Closing Sales with Paul Weyland, Part 2

Step 3. Closing the Deal for Web Sales with Stephen Warley

Step 4. Closing by Personality Style with Gary Moore

Producing Creative

Here are the keys to producing creative that doesn’t sound like everyone else.

Step 1. Radio Commercial Copywriting with Dan O’Day

Step 2. Stop Writing Radio Commercials with Jeffrey Hedquist

Step 3. 10 Simple Ways to Harness The Power of Stories to Amplify Your Commercial Results