LBS Research Account Registration

You are just a few short moments away from registering for your very own LBS Research account powered by Pulse Sales Tools!  Once you have your account, you will be able to create/email/print your very own one-sheet flyers and mobile phone presentations at your convenience!

To get your account set up and provide you with information that reflects your LOCAL market, we need a little bit of information from you.  Don’t worry – we can edit anything that you ask us to later on and are very willing to get on the phone with you if anything in the form below is less than clear.  If you don’t know what to enter in one or more fields, just enter something like “I don’t know, please call me” and we will be happy to follow up!

If you would like to reach out directly, please contact LBS Research and Pulse Sales Tools Expert, Brian Knapp at

We look forward to assisting you as you serve your clients and prospects!

Individual stations: WABC, WDEF, WGHI
Stations grouped together: WABC/WDEF/WGHI