Welcome to Local Broadcast Sales Manager Sessions!

At LBS, we know that it is difficult to find good training programs for broadcast managers.  This is why we’ve devoted an entire section of the LBS site to you!  On this page and elsewhere on the site, you will find content that is focused directly on broadcast managers and the unique daily challenges you face.  Best of all, these sessions are not based theory out of some textbook, but are from professionals who have actually been in your shoes, led sales teams, gone on sales calls with reps, and worked at a desk just like yours!

Leadership Excellence in Today’s Culture

Gary Moore discusses standards and practices that all broadcast managers should adopt as they lead their teams through today’s challenging business culture.  Included in this six-part series are sessions on ethics, employee turnover, and Emotional Intelligence.

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Leadership Philosophies

LBS Guru, Ron Steiner, takes five sessions to cover proven and effective leadership approaches within a station.  Ron discusses managing vs. leadership, the ripple effect, a leader’s place on the sales team, and much more!

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Digital Advertising Challenges

LBS Founder, Stephen Warley, leads a six-part series on overcoming common challenges broadcasters encounter in selling digital advertising.  From educating the client to motivating your team to include digital solutions in their proposals, you’ll find some excellent strategies in this program recorded live in front of broadcast sales managers!

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Self Motivation

Admit it, sometimes you wonder why you put up with it all.  There are lots of easier ways to make a living.  Stop that line of thought right now and get a reminder on why great broadcast leadership matters!  In this set of videos, LBS President, Gary Moore, shares the thoughts of dozens of sales leaders across the US and what keeps them going day in and day out!

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Finished with these series already?

If you’ve mastered the skills covered in these four series, you’ve definitely come a long way!  The great news about sales though is that the further you progress, the more you realize that you have a lot farther to go than you originally thought!  Because of that fact, LBS offers TONS more content for you to consider as a broadcast leader.  You can see additional topics and series by hovering your mouse over “Managers” in the blue navigation bar at the top of this page or click on the button below to see the newest additions to this part of LBS!

Happy leading!