Things We Love: 3 Day Weekends, A Great Cheese Burger and (drum roll please)… Budget Time!

As long as the earth keeps turning, and broadcasters keep broadcasting, there will be – Budget Time! Admittedly it can be stressful, especially when your idea of a budget you can hit doesn’t mesh with your boss’s. So make sure all the sellers AND managers at your station watch this together!

Among the things will be covering:
1) Why you may not need as many new clients as you think…
2) Why you may need more new clients than you think
3) The narrative that should accompany every budget proposal
4) “Clients, Orders and Spots, Oh My!”
5) History and Math – you may have hated them in high school, but they can save your behind!
6) 80/20, 10/10, 10/70
7) Yes, you may need to get some tools on your own if you want to see growth.

Presented by: Mark Levy, LBS New Business Development Expert