Welcome to Local Broadcast Sales 101!

This page is ABSOLUTELY LOADED with great content for individuals new to selling broadcast and for veterans who are looking for a refresher on the basics!  Each featured topic below contains a series of videos that will help you to build your broadcast sales career from square one!

Broadcast Selling Basics

Join Paul Weyland as he covers the ABC’s of selling broadcast advertising.  This series contains 28 videos on topics ranging from Getting Appointments to Overcoming Objections to Closing and everything in between!

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The Art and Science of Selling … Made Easy!

LBS President, Gary Moore provides an often-overlooked and misunderstood, yet absolutely foundational set of skills that literally EVERY ad seller MUST have in their selling tool box.  These 25 sessions will get you started on a lifetime of identifying, understanding, and adapting to they way your clients buy.

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How to Get Appointments

Check out LBS Broadcast Selling Expert, Mark Levy’s, five-part series on getting appointments.  In these sessions, Mark covers everything from pre-call planning to making effective, practical statements that will get prospects excited to see you to handling gatekeepers.  A must-have set of skills for every broadcast sales manager and rep!

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How Car Dealers Make Money

LBS Auto Expert and former car dealer, John Tkac, presents a six-video series explaining how car dealers make money.  This is vital background information for you to know before you ever step foot on a lot.

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Why Advertise in the First Place?

If you spend any time in the field, you will definitely run into this question.  It usually comes from a prospect who just doesn’t want to deal with you.  Instead of responding with a station-centered list of features and benefits, how about some of these customer-focused replies from LBS President Gary Moore!

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When They Say Ads Don’t Work

LBS Broadcast Selling Expert Paul Weyland covers five reasons that prospects will tell you that broadcast ads don’t work.  Find out how you can have ready responses for all five of these reasons and watch your ability to respond to these very common objections skyrocket!

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Finished with these series already?

If you’ve mastered the skills covered in these six series, you’ve definitely come a long way!  The great news about sales though is that the further you progress, the more you realize that you have a lot farther to go than you originally thought!  Because of that fact, LBS offers TONS more content for you to consider as you begin your broadcast selling career.  You can see additional topics and series by hovering your mouse over “New Hires” in the blue navigation bar at the top of this page or click on the button below to see the newest additions to this part of LBS!

Happy selling!