Paul Weyland takes LIVE broadcaster questions! In this session:

  • We’re a tiny local station.  How would you handle losing big corporate sales to businesses that handle advertising on a larger scale, where we tend to fall through the cracks? Our local advertiser fought for us to be in the loop, but corporate went another way.
  • I had a new business on for 14 months and booked for the rest of the year.  They got busy and hooked up with an out of state agency that states on their website that they buy bulk so they get the best rates at the stations.  When I submitted rates, I gave the agency the same rate that I had booked with local direct.  The agency then went with another station group.  We are a dominant #1 in the market.  I am thinking he told the client that he got better rates than the client could have at the other station to try to validate their position.  Any thoughts on me reaching out directly to the client?  I think there is some misinformation being shared.
  • It’s hail season in Texas which brings a flood of salesmen flocking to roofing companies. It also brings a lot of fly by night roofers who come to town for a couple months and move on. Any tips on how I can stand out among all the other media sales people?
  • How do you feel about musical branding?