Through your station’s LBS membership, you can catch up on and/or relive the exciting 2024 LBS Year of the Customer Event that aired live in January, 2024.  Use the links below to hear from ELEVEN LBS experts as we renew our focus on serving our prospects and clients!

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Gary Moore
LBS President

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Establishing Customer Engagement as Your Competitive Selling Advantage!

Gary Moore opens the “Year of the Customer” experience with a compelling presentation on how to leverage your excellent service as a competitive advantage in your market. As always, Gary will provide and discuss practical steps you can take to enhance your own skills in this area.

Gary is President of LBS, leveraging decades of experience in innovative ad and product development. He is a dynamic leader, dedicated to empowering and transforming Radio, Television, Digital, and Newspaper professionals. With a reputation for unwavering sales integrity, Gary excels in revitalizing sales teams and providing top-notch media consulting services. His expertise extends to fostering strong advertiser relationships.

Mastering the Truth in Selling for your Customers’ Benefits and Successes!

Paul Weyland believes that broadcast sellers need to take a newer, better story to clients. A story that will change your relationship with decision makers for the better, resulting in bigger budgets, less rate resistance and long-term advertising campaigns that really, really work.

Paul works with local radio and television stations across the country. He deals with local direct clients every week, so you’ll come away from his sessions fresh with great ideas you can go out and pitch immediately. And because you came to a Paul Weyland session, not only will you walk away with proven ways to make more money, you’ll also be thoroughly entertained.​

Paul Weyland
President of Paul Weyland Communication Strategies and
LBS Broadcast Selling Expert

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Blaine and Honey Parker
Founders of Slow Burn Marketing and
LBS Creative Experts

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Providing Creative “Surprise” for Your Customers!

Blaine and Honey Parker discuss producing and utilizing surprise in your creative that enhances the value of your station and helps your clients sell their products/services. We will also cover three quick & easy ways to develop relevant commercials that are more surprising and engaging!

Blaine is a national-award winning Creative Director and copywriter whose career focus has been small business. He’s helped build ROI for hundreds of local businesses across the country. In the process, he’s twice been honored with the Radio Mercury Award (essentially the Oscars of radio advertising), as well as dozens of other awards. At the same time, he has done plenty of work for big brands you know and might even love.


Honey Parker is an award winning advertising creative. Beginning life as a New York advertising art director, Honey quickly switched over to copywriting. (Better hours.) The peak of her career on Madison Avenue was as Senior V.P. at the iconic Grey Advertising. Beckoned by a career as an LA freelancer, Honey answered, servicing both powerhouse agencies and creative boutiques. ​As a stand-up comic, Honey has toured clubs and colleges and made occasional TV appearances. She has also sparred with female boxing champion Christy Martin, for which she’s most proud that she neither bled nor cried.

Mastering Your Station’s Reputation for Advertisers, Prospects, and Community!

Melody Spann-Cooper shares the importance of your station’s reputation, how to make it stand out locally, and the benefits this will provide to you as you call on your prospects and clients. She will also discuss some ways that station owners, managers, talent, and sales teams can work together to build the LOCAL perceived value of your station!

Melody Spann Cooper is Chairman of Midway Broadcasting Corporation, a best-in-class African-American owned media company whose properties include radio and interactive platforms. Spann Cooper’s other professional affiliations include: Commissioner of the Illinois Liquor Control Commission; Vice Chair of the Illinois Broadcasting Association; Co-Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Council for the Obama Library Foundation; Board Member of Chicago’s tourism board, Choose Chicago; Trustee of the Museum of Science & Industry; Executive Committee Member of the Business Leadership Council; Executive Board Member of The National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters, and Co- Founder of the Color Us Women Organization.​

Melody Spann-Cooper
CEO and Chair of Midway Broadcasting Corporation

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John Tkac
President of John Tkac Enterprises and
LBS Auto Expert

Gary Moore
President of LBS

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“Must Do’s” for Becoming an Industry Expert for your LOCAL Auto Dealers!

John Tkac and Gary Moore offer valuable insight into what you need to know to position yourself as THE broadcast media professional to work with in your market. Find out how to get your dealers’ attention and how to successfully position your station on their terms!

LBS Auto Expert, John Tkac, is a renowned auto authority and will equip you with the tools you need to engage in high-level conversations with your dealers. These conversations translate into increased revenue for you. John brings a wealth of experience to the table, having managed one of the largest car dealer operations in America. John is a trusted consultant to both broadcasters and dealers, making him the perfect guide for your journey to success.


Gary is President of LBS, leveraging decades of experience in innovative ad and product development. He is a dynamic leader, dedicated to empowering and transforming Radio, Television, Digital, and Newspaper professionals. With a reputation for unwavering sales integrity, Gary excels in revitalizing sales teams and providing top-notch media consulting services. His expertise extends to fostering strong dealer relationships.

Social Media for your Customers Isn’t About Volume, It’s About Differentiation!

Lori Lewis addresses the misconceptions and pitfalls of social media that stations and LOCAL businesses commonly fall into. Lori will present guidelines for enhancing your own station’s social media presence and how to effectively utilize it as a powerful tool for your clients.

Lori Lewis’ radio career spans 25 years, starting out as an on-air talent , and then to a decorated Program Director in Baltimore. In a move to help the Radio industry grow digitally and socially, Lori left day to day programming in 2008 and created the new position – VP of Social Strategies & Digital Audience Growth – for Duke Wright’s Midwest Communications. In 2011, research and consultancy firm, Jacobs Media, tapped Lori to help their clients’ digital and social needs. In 2015, Lew Dickey recruited Lori and Lori, again, forged a new position for the industry as Vice President, Social Media, for Cumulus Media and Westwood One. In 2018, Lori left Cumulus to rejoin Lew Dickey for another newly created position, Vice President, Social Media for Modern Luxury. And in Nov. 2019, Lori Lewis launched “Lori Lewis Media,” a social media management, marketing and monetization firm – advising brands how to create real impact in the social space.

Lori Lewis
President of Lori Lewis Media and
LBS Social Media Expert

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Jeff Schmidt
Senior VP of Professional Development at RAB

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Transforming Your Money Mindset and Elevating Customer Service!

Jeff Schmidt unveils three profound lessons that reshape our perspective on money and encourage us to think big to ultimately achieve exceptional results for our clients. Discover what excellent customer service truly entails and why it is vital to your future success!

Jeff has been “on the air”, on the streets as a successful seller, and has spent years inspiring teams as sales manager. Jeff has navigated the complexities of working for small independently owned companies, survived the tumultuous occasions of ownership changes, and excelled in the corporate arena. He rose through the ranks as sales manager, market manager, and regional vice president and has served in various sales roles and organizations in his 30+ years in radio. As Senior Vice President of Professional Development, Jeff Schmidt oversees the professional development group across all RAB’s training services and works with the industry’s leadership to continue to provide a professional development practice positioned to serve an evolving industry sales force focused on digital, solution based integrated marketing and sales efforts.

Tools to Master Revenue Growth from Your Clients!

Chris Fleming challenges managers and reps to adopt tools that lead to higher revenues in any economic climate. Learn to define your value, prospect using propensity and predisposition, plan a depth of assortment and simple add-ons, and cut the time gap!

Chris Fleming has thirty-plus years of broadcast media sales and management experience. His methods and practices have brought large-scale success in big markets and small. It is success based on key areas of focus. We focus on the drivers of the sales business. Everything else is window dressing. Get your media sales training and advice from the front-lines. As the world has gotten more complicated, we try to make our process simple. Success lies in the simplicity. Simplify your sales process to see greater results.

Chris Fleming
President of CD Media Consulting

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John Marling
President of Pulse Research and
LBS Research Expert

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Help Your Clients and Prospects Benefit from Consumer Research!

John Marling shares how to use consumer research to help your prospects and existing customers envision the potential sales in your LOCAL market and how your station can help them capture more than their fair share!

John Marling is the President and founder of Pulse Research. As a media leader serving the suburbs of Portland for over 13 years, he recognized the need for research information that was more effective at communicating the value of media’s reach to advertisers. That was the beginning of Pulse Research, Inc in 1985. John is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Marketing and Market Research. He has experience as a sales person, sales manager, and general manager at the Times Community Newspapers before he was made publisher. John is a nationally respected speaker, presenting to over 50 national and state media associations.

Help Your Clients and Prospects Benefit from Texting!

Bryan Anderson reveals both the simplicity and power of harnessing texting as a way for your clients to connect with their own customers in a whole new way that your station needs to monetize before someone else does!

Bryan Anderson built Autobase, an auto dealer-specific CRM in 1988. In 2014, Bryan started Captivated, an enterprise text platform that enables a business to engage in real-time conversations with their customers for the purposes of sales or customer service. Bryan also owned Ellis Lake Retreat from 2005-2020 and loves all things family, tech & biz. He still enjoys helping dealers with their technology and marketing.

Bryan Anderson
President of

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