Mark Levy, LBS Broadcast Selling Expert and President of Revenue Development Resources, discusses a seven overlooked details that will make you better prepared to build and enhance your selling efforts during a time of economic recovery.  Just some of the things covered include:

  1. Competitive money – where is it, and why do people buy competitive media when they could be buying us?
  2. Reducing cancellations with just a couple of the right questions
  3. 7 “Must Ask” questions in every CNA – and if you don’t ask them, it isn’t a CNA. A spreadsheet to show you why? Absolutely!
  4. Benefit-oriented presentations (and yes, we’ll have a template)
  5. Giving clients who don’t like to plan farther than a month out a tool to help YOU help them plan further out
  6. Customer service tips to share with your clients to help them close more business
  7. The Grand Poobah Appointment list

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