First, ask your client what are the three most common reasons someone is going to come into their office and/or website. That information will focus their marketing message.

Next, assuming your client’s measure for success is increasing traffic to their website and increasing their patient base, here are some urgent care stats that might be useful.

Finally, here are some ideas…

Mobile Marketing

One idea I think you should seriously consider is mobile. Most likely someone is more apt to grab a phone in an urgent medical situation, rather than go to their computer. Part of your pitch might be setting up a mobile alert for them. . . . people could sign up for all sorts of health reminders on their website and via mobile.

“Wait Time” Clock

They might even have a “wait time” clock available on their website or as a mobile app to show how much faster it would be to go to their office than calling your family doctor or to go to the emergency room.

Preventative Resources

Help them establish their expertise in your community by hosting webinars, producing on-demand videos or even creating a few simple slideshows focused on easy preventative measure people could take to stay healthy. Post the content on your website, your client’swebsite, YouTube and Facebook.

Also, check out some LBS trainings on digital sales for more ideas.