The key marketing goal of most healthcare advertisers is education and awareness. I’m always recommending webinars as a an option to pitch to healthcare advertisers. Although some healthcare organizations regularly host webinars, most are missing out on this opportunity. Pitch webinars to them!
Talking Points

Here are the key selling points for why healthcare advertisers should consider webinars…

1) They are highly engaging because people can ask your client questions live.

2) They capture email addresses as people register for the webinar your client can use for future marketing campaigns.

3) They can be recorded and archived as additional content for your client’s website.


Here’s one example of a successful webinar.

WBZ-TV in Boston promoted and hosted a webinar for a new joint-reconstructive center at a local hospital, which lead to 7 new patients for the hopistal within a week of the webinar!

A few other digital advertising opportunities for healthcare advertsiers that can easily be integrated with broadcast are online video, mobile reminders and surveys/quizzes.