LBS Creative Expert, Tim Burt, takes LIVE broadcaster questions!  In this session:

  • Is it true that people remember humorous ads better than others and can you give examples using humor?
  • Can I adapt the Subway Map Method for Historically Black Colleges & Universities for recruitment campaigns encouraging students to stay local vs. attending college abroad?
  • Many times, advertisers seem at a loss on how to measure my station’s effectiveness for their business. They just aren’t completely sold on advertising in the first place. Any thoughts on how to improve this dynamic?
  • Have you ever used this system with a farm equipment supplier?
  • Can you speak to the effectiveness of humor in spots? What has your experience been with success using humor in spots, and what are some good ways to inject humor in your ads?
  • Is it wise to share this approach with an agency that usually produces poor TV ads if I want their clients to be regulars on my station?