Getting your audience to engage with a financial advertiser can be a bit more difficult than getting them to respond to a “buy 1 get 1 free” offer from McDonalds.

In today’s world, everyone’s concerned about their financial well being and people have loads of questions about their money.

The simplest way your financial advertisers can engage more of your audience is to get your listeners and viewers to ask them questions about their personal finances. Here are a few ideas:

1) Online Video

Record video of your financial expert responding to the 10 most common questions about personal finance they hear from his or her clients all the time.

Toward the end of the clip, tell people how they can ask their own question. These days Twitter and/or email are probably the easiest for much of your audience. You can also try setting up a special dedicated phone number using Google Voice.

As you receive questions, record the responses to create more videos for your website. Eventually you will create a deep archive of financial expertise for your website and your client’s website.

2) Question of the Week

Create a financial question of the day or week to challenge your community’s “financial intellect”.

The first person to answer correctly, gets a fee consultation or a $25 gift certificate. You might even tell folks the answer is hidden somewhere on your client’s website as a way to engage with your client’s content.

3) Financial News of the Week

Everyday there seems to be a new financial issue in the news, so get your client to “newjack” the latest financial story.

Click here to learn more about “newsjacking“.

Have your financial expert offer advice and perspective about timely financial issues or the biggest financial news of the week and how it may or may not affect an individual’s personal finances.