COVID Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year – Your Chance to Shine! – Part 8 – Q&A

Paul Weyland takes LIVE broadcaster questions!  In this session:

  • I have a new local mom and pop distillery client. They sell their whiskey in local and chain stores.  What approach can I use to drive listeners to buy their product as we approach the high volume holiday sales?
  • How important is it for a client to have a modern and exciting website?
  • I have a pressure washer company client whose minimum residential job is $800 with a profit of 70%.  He wants a proposal that shows a clear ROI for him.  I am a first year AE. Can you tell me how to do this and what other info I should provide?
  • When is the best time to reach out to ad agencies for financial institutions?
  • Our market has many local gift shops.  One in particular is more outside of town and also has a new coffee shop in it. How can I sell this shop and deal with the excuse that our signal does not reach their location?

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Making Your Mark in a Recovering Economy – Part 10 – Q&A

Paul Weyland takes LIVE broadcaster questions! In this session:

  • How can I get landscapers and excavating companies to call back–when they are busy doing their jobs from 6 a.m. till dark?
  • How often should you update a client’s ad?
  • What do you recommend for carpet cleaning companies since people don’t want them in their homes right now?
  • What would you say from the heart to your sales team and staff about covid19?

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Broadcast Sellers Can Be Sales Leaders During an Unsettled Economy – Part 9 Q&A

LBS Broadcast Selling Expert, Mark Levy takes LIVE broadcaster questions!  In this session:

  • In today’s environment, should we offer a free month to a good client that we don’t want to see leave?
  • Can you explain why the Bar Association is a good target?
  • What kinds of compelling messages need to be promoted by gardening businesses and landscapers?

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