Making Your Mark in a Recovering Economy – Part 7 – Q&A

Paul Weyland takes LIVE broadcaster questions! In this session:

  • What recommendations do you have for replacing dollars from cancelled events? Do you have thoughts on creating an on-air or virtual experience?
  • How do we respond to this blow off line – ‘we are only buying the top 2 news stations’?
  • I have a client who has been a loyal radio/tv advertiser.  He is now saying that he thinks everyone is watching more TV right now so he is getting sour about radio.  How would you address that?
  • Hello, I’m currently training for sales and I come across a lot of clients who thinks radio doesn’t help their business as much as social media. What are some tips I can use or say to convince them radio works?
  • I’ve got a mortgage loan lender on and he’s not getting any response. How should I position him for success? Is it my message that isn’t working?
  • We are in a small market and don’t get Nielsen numbers very often.  A lot of our airtime is dedicated to live sports.  How can I get clients to spend the money on music programming when they aren’t on sports?
  • How can we show empathy and at the same time stress importance for advertising during this time when small businesses are worried about feeding their employees?
  • How can I get the owner of a towing company to call me back?

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