What do you do when you get a verbal commitment for a television marketing campaign from a company, but then someone else talks them out of it? For example, what happens when a manufacturer talks a local dealer out of your ad campaign? There are several avenues you can take when you hit a road block with a client.

1.) If the manufacturer is the reason that your client pulled out of the deal, it may be because they don’t understand the value of TV marketing. You may need to highlight the power of broadcast. Some manufacturers provide their distribution partners co-op dollars. Check and see if television is an allowable use of those dollars.

2. The representative that is misdirecting your client probably needs to be included in the presentation process. Check and see if you can meet with them and them demonstrate why your station is a “must buy” to effectively cut thru the local and clutter and reach their particular market.

3. If the manufacturer is the source of your road block, contact their marketing professionals and discuss their philosophy. Find out if they value TV marketing and if not, why. Then use the opportunity to educate them on the benefits of utilizing your particular station.

4. Ensure that you are offering a multi-media buy by showing how digital web advertising is super-charged in combination with television. Make sure that the manufacturing representative is aware of the total package you offer.

5. The manufacturer may be concerned that your campaign will not feature their particular product enough. Reassure them that your advertising will effectively market both the local dealer and their product.

The sale begins when the customer says “No”. See if you can’t re-energize your “near close” by educating the manufacturer with the facts that local television is powerfully effective for both branding and sales to residents and commercial contractors! Good luck!