Here are a few marketing ideas to pitch to eye doctors:
Focus on the Unique

Focus on one unique attribute in the broadcast advertising campaign. What specialty is this eye doctor know for? Working with kids? Lasik surgery? A certain eye condition? Listen to this radio commercial for an eye doctor focused on Lasik.

Annual Eye Appointment Reminder

Most people get an annual physical or even get their teeth cleaned once a year, but most people don’t worry about their eyes unless they have trouble seeing. An annual eye exam might pick up problems in advance, like glaucoma. Listen to this radio commercial reminding parents to get an annual eye exam for their children.

Special offers

You can never go wrong with a special offer. Might be a discounted eye exam or the eye doctor might have a partnership with a local eyeglass store offering discount. Listen to this radio commercial about a very creative offer to get people to buy new eyeglasses.


Simply ask your client, what are the 10 most frequently asked questions people have about eye exams and turn that into your advertising campaign! It saves you from writing radio copy that sounds generic and makes the marketing message so much more engaging by responding to questions that are on people’s minds!

Eye Care Video Directory

Go a step further and interview your client about 10 or 20 different pieces of eye care advice them commonly share with their patients. Feature one piece of advice in a radio commercial and the drive people to a video directory about eye care form your client on your website, YouTube, Facebook or your client’s website.