Sure a funny commercial might make someone laugh, but will it get them to call a plumber? With the average consumer being bombarded with so many different marketing messages, branding a plumber alone on radio is no longer enough. You need to engage your listeners and get them to act. Here are three ideas . . .
Offer a Guarantee

Everyone always complains they can never get a hold of a plumber when they need one. Offer a guarantee that when you call, text or email . . . you’ll get a responses within 30 minutes or you’ll get 10% off your bill. That message would definitely make your plumbing client stand out from the crowd!

Turn Your Client into an Expert

Instead of spending copy that will only make your commercial sound like another commercial, interview your client. Either ask them to respond to the 5 to 10 most common questions they get from their customers or offer 5 pieces of advice on how to keep the plumbing running smoothly. These responses can be cut into a variety of different commercials.

Humorous Customer Stories

If you want to go the humor route, there’s nothing better than true stories shared by your client about their customers! Have them share 3 to 5 stories (make sure they get their customers’ permission first!)

Remember, whichever of the above campaign ideas you use, always focus on a specific aspect of your client’s services. Something they do better than any other plumber in your area or something no other plumber is doing.

Also, include a specific call to action. Does your client want people to call, text or email? Make it easy to remember.