Looking for a unique marketing idea to pitch a jeweler? One of these opportunities should get your prospects’ attention!


1) Hunt for the Hidden Gem

Have your client “hide” a photo of a special gem on their website for your viewers or listeners to find. You might hide a piece of costume jewelry somewhere around town or in your client’s store.

Consider running a TV campaign, but make one of the commercials different by featuring a special gem and the first viewer to call, text or email when they see it wins a prize. (Great way to boost ratings too!)


2) Best Apology Contest

One of the classic apology gifts from men is a piece of jewelry. Have women share a story about the best apology they ever received from their husband or boyfriend. Let your community vote on the best story to win a piece of jewelry from the sponsor. It’s a fun contest and something everyone in a relationship can appreciate!


3) Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary Each Week

Instead of pitching a jeweler a short-term campaign around Valentine’s Day or the Holiday season, pitch them a year-round campaign celebrating special wedding anniversaries in your community each week. Have your community submit stories about special wedding anniversaries and feature them in a short segment on air each week sponsored by your client.


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