First, great job on using National Dental Hygiene Month as a conversation starter. If you really wanted to go in with a big idea, why not pitch a “30-day dental health plan”? Think of it like an fitness plan, but it’s about getting your teeth back in shape. Position your client as a “dental coach,” who offers a daily regimen, tips on how to stick to that regimen and other interesting dental trivia.

Here are 5 other ideas:

Focus on a Niche

Make your client stand out from the crowd? What is their target customer? Kids? Adults? Seniors? Do they specialize in treatments like implants, Invisalign or root canals? Focusing on a niche doesn’t narrow your client’s marketing opportunity, but rather makes them more memorable by building a brand around their practice.

Dental Minute

There are so many different ways your client could educate your listeners about their dental health. You could do trivia (and even have people enter to win a prize.) The format could be a simple true/false question like, “True or false? Your teeth stay cleaner using an electric toothbrush.” Your client could also offer a few different pieces of advice about dental hygiene in a few different spots.

Healthy Teeth Plan for First-Time Patients.

Many people have been to the dentists in years! Position the marketing message as a “dental amnesty program.” Your client promises not to lecture about dental hygiene, but will devise a customized dental hygiene program during your first visit. This concept ties in nicely with National Dental Hygiene Month. See if your client is willing to create a special dental cleaning offer like including X-rays for free or a discount for those without dental insurance.

Best Smile Contest.

Your client want to go with a concept that is more lighthearted like a best smile contest. Have folks submit their entries online or via Facebook, let your community vote for the winning photo and have your dental client give away the prize. As part of the entry process you might ask a mandatory question like, “When’s the last time you had a dental cleaning?” After the contest, provide your client with all the email addresses of the folks who haven’t had a dental cleaning in over 6 months, so they can reach out to them.

Focus on Patient Recommendations

What is the ONE detail your client’s patients use to recommend their dentist? How he or she makes their patients feel comfortable? How convenient their location is? How easy it is to make an appointment? You might even ask your dental client if a few of his or her patients would provide testimonials to use on air.

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