Want to get real estate advertisers excited about advertising with your station?
Remember, consumers don’t just buy a home, they are buying into a neighborhood.
Create promotions about all the great things to do in the various neighborhoods and regions in your market. Here are 5 ideas:
1. Fox 25 Boston’s Zip Trips

Weekly summer promotion from Fox 25 in Boston featuring what makes living in various zip codes so special.

2. Colorado Local First’s Local Flavor

Online videos featuring various main streets in Colorado and what makes them cool.

3. Best Local Schools in Tampa

Quality of education is one of the key factors in buying real estate for young parents. Here’s an example of a real estate company who create a guide for the best local schools in Tampa that your station could easily create online for your market.

4. Best Block Contest

Show off the pride of the neighbors by conducting a Best Block Contest like Good Morning America or the Miami Herald.

5. Top 10 Reasons to Live in Brookside, Kansas City

Create online guides featuring the top 10 reasons to live in the various neighborhoods in your market or create a weekly on-air promotion featuring a new neighborhood and the qualities that make it unique.

One more idea . . . you can easily sneak in a few local business sponsors who would love the positive promotion of the neighborhood where their business is located!