Finding good broadcast sales talent in small markets is tough. Even once you find the perfect AE, it’s hard to keep them around. Here are 5 alternative recruiting ideas.
1. Search LinkedIn

Search LinkedIn for local media sales reps in your market. You can quickly get a sense of their experience level and how many contacts they have to help generate new business for your station.

2. Recruit Retiring Sales People From Other Industries

Go after retiring sales people from other industries, like car dealers, medical equipment, restaurants and insurance or financial brokers, who have loads of contacts in that respective advertising category to leverage as prospects for your station and are looking for some fun by working in broadcasting!

3. Create Referral Agreements

Set up a mutual referral agreement with local web development and social media companies, who can help your clients get online and your station can help promote their clients’ new websites, mobile apps and social networks.

4. Hire an Inbound Marketing Specialist

Cold calling isn’t for everyone, so think about hiring people who might be more interested in becoming an inbound marketing specialist for your station. Their primary role would be creating sales and marketing content to attract new prospects.

5. Let Sales Reps Own Side Projects

Recruit entrepreneurial sales reps by letting them know they can manage their own side business like social media management, building websites, search engine optimization services, etc. as long as they meet your quotas and you can get a stake in their business.