Did you know that as a member of the IBA you can have full access to world-class broadcast sales training for FREE?  You can and you do!  Visit localbroadcastsales.com today and complete the short form on the home page.  The professionals over at LBS will get your account activated and are always available to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  Don’t wait, register for LBS today!


MANAGERS: Make sure your entire team has their own individual LBS accounts – there is a form here that will allow you to quickly create them for FREE!


Here’s what your FREE LBS membership includes!

Sales Training

Did you know that your membership with the IBA includes full access to LBS services?  This means that you have over 1,600 broadcast selling-specific videos (including over 1,000 that are ten minutes long or less!) available to you 24/7/365!  Need to brush up on some aspect of the broadcast sales process?  You’ll find lots of insight on the LBS site!


All LBS videos are developed and delivered by proven ad sales professionals who have sat in your chair, cold called prospects, managed existing accounts, and been through the same battles & successes you experience every day!  Did we also mention that new videos are added every week?

Log in to your LBS account today to access this powerful member service!

2nd Tuesday Webinars

Through your station’s LBS membership, the IBA is making LBS’ ongoing webinar series – LIVE on the 2nd Tuesday of every month – available to you for FREE! To attend a webinar, simply visit this page and click on the “Registration Link” next to the session you are interested in.

Sales 101

So you have a new hire who is going to be selling time on your station.  Congratulations, that is a huge win!  As a rule, new hires do not have a background in ad sales.  Selling air time is a vastly different prospect than waiting tables, selling furniture, selling cell phones, or door-to-door home services.


All stations want to get their new hires up and running fast so they can begin to positively contribute to the station’s bottom line.  The IBA has you covered through the LBS New Hire service!  Start your new hires’ broadcast career on solid ground by introducing them to some or all of the New Hire training available on the LBS website.

LBS Sales Certification

The LBS BEST (Broadcast Essentials for Selling Today) Program gives the veteran and new seller broadcast professional a foundation to build upon for a successful and rewarding traditional and digital broadcast sales career. It is also the path for IBA members to obtain the coveted status of Certified Seller!


“The LBS Sales Certification Program is a high-value certification ensuring that Illinois’ broadcast sellers and leaders maintain a high level of knowledge and skill in the broadcast sales profession. Your commitment to completing the program is a strong message that you have mastered key sets of selling skills for the benefit of your clients, station, web marketing, and self-development.”

Dennis Lyle, President of the Illinois Broadcasters Association

Click here to log in to the LBS site and get started today!

Sales Ideas

Have you ever needed a promo or creative idea to take into a local client/prospect to help them get excited about getting their message out on your station?  Yes?  Then the LBS Sales Ideas service is exactly what you need!  As a part of your station’s membership with the IBA, your entire sales team has direct access to hundreds of sales ideas surrounding holidays, seasons, and consumer shopping habits.  Even better, each of these ideas is organized by business category and presented by advertising sales pros who know what it is to make calls on local businesses every single day!


Your station’s membership with the IBA includes a one-of-a-kind member service through our partnership with Local Broadcast Sales.  Ask LBS contains over a thousand questions asked by hundreds of real broadcasters across the US!  Got a question about selling broadcast that you want answered?  LBS has probably already answered it!  Got a question that hasn’t been addressed yet?  Use the LBS site to contact LBS directly and put their experts to work for you!  The Ask LBS drop down menus and search function on the LBS site will help you to find exactly what you want and need!  Another world-class service brought to you by the IBA!

LBS Research

Make sure you are taking advantage of LBS Research!  This sales tool is designed to help you get appointments with LOCAL businesses based on consumer buying habits.  Use LBS Research to help you focus on the HOT ad categories that you should be calling on each quarter.  Put LBS Research to work for you today – another great LBS service made available to you through your IBA membership!

Ad Intel

As a part of your station’s membership with the IBA, you enjoy full access to Local Broadcast Sales, a site dedicated to providing service and support to broadcast sellers in our state.  Included with LBS is Ad Intel, a sales resource center with over 3,000 articles/industry trends organized by category and designed to enhance your capacity to recognize & understand what’s going on in & around your clients’ business world!  Use the Ad Intel drop-down menu or the site search function to find the information you need to set appointments and deliver solutions to the issues keeping your local business owners up at night!

Sales Meetings

LBS Weekly Sales Meetings are designed to provoke discussion, new thinking, and creativity before your sales team goes to market with your LOCAL clients.  No prep is required; just log in to LBS and connect to a projector!   Get more info here.

To be included in the weekly email distribution list highlighting new topics and videos ready for you to use, contact LBS GM, Mark Moore today!

To create your own LBS account:

  1. Go to www.localbroadcastsales.com
  2. Complete the short form on the home page
  3. That’s it – LBS will manually verify and activate your new account ASAP!


MANAGERS: Make sure your entire team has their own individual LBS accounts – there is a form here that will allow you to quickly create them for FREE!