LBS Creative Expert, Tim Burt, answers LIVE broadcaster questions!  In this session:

  • Are bars just out of luck? Our local bars don’t have enough food to sell and are forced to operate at a greatly reduced capacity (25-30% of their max space).
  • I have a flooring client who has “at risk” people on their staff. They are currently available by appointment only and are undecided about fully reopening (since the State has reopened their category.) I have suggested they keep their name out there and let people know they’re open, even promoting that customers can “make appointments”, but they haven’t pulled the trigger. Do you have any other suggestions to reassure them to advertise?
  • Due to COVID, it’s nearly impossible to meet with business owners face-to-face. How do we get their attention over the phone in order for them to give us 20 minutes to help their business?
  • People are doing more billboards as businesses think more people are in their vehicles than engaging with radio and TV. How do I combat this without bashing?