Gary Moore, LBS President, answers LIVE Broadcaster questions! In this session:

  • How do I sell against another station that is underselling the value of broadcast and selling cheap spots because all they care about is getting today’s sale?
  • I have a client that thinks she is really creative, but she is not and she is insistent that I use her ideas. I’m not creative, but we have some really good people at our station who are and they are willing to help me. How do I deal with this customer and tell her to let me handle her creative? I’m positive that I can get her much better results.
  • I completely agree with your statement that I should “underpromise and overdeliver”. It seems like the digital reps in my market, one that I keep running into in particular, is making promises that can’t be legit. Next to these kids of promises, my presentations are comparatively uninteresting and flat. Do I address that? What can I do to look better without exaggerating the truth?