Lori Lewis, LBS Social Media Expert and President of Lori Lewis Media, answers LIVE broadcaster questions! In this session:

  • Social media is new to my station and I’ve never paid much attention to it, personally. What is the number one thing I can do start selling it to my clients?
  • Our TV station set a target to have 7 new posts a day. It’s labor intensive and hard to make each post meaningful. Do you have any thoughts on our current strategy? PS, we don’t respond to comments now.
  • I have a social media client who only likes to list an offer and hopes for people to move directly to a purchase. How can I convince them to establish posts that will generate interactions between them and the consumer?
  • The emotional triggers are interesting and they make sense. Our station group has a social media expert who runs his own show … how can I share the emotional chart without offending him and move our postings accordingly?