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Blaine and Honey Parker, LBS Branding Experts, discuss three epically tragic mistakes that make advertisers anonymous and profitable ways for you to help clients avoid them!


Anonymity is great—unless you’re trying to sell something.  An advertiser who is anonymous IN THEIR OWN AD CAMPAIGN ends up with an expensive explosion in their face and a meaningless interruption to the person who matters most: the customer.

  • We’ve seen billboards that are cleverly drafting off of an advertiser’s TV—but mean nothing to anyone.
  • We’ve heard pointless and forgettable radio commercials from otherwise brilliant companies— their joy is not up there on display, just the white noise of pricing and features without personality or benefit.
  • We’ve offered strategic, personalized solutions to anonymous advertising messages that are a miscarriage of marketing—only to be told, “No, we don’t need to do that. Everyone already knows who we are.”

Human beings crave relationships—and too much advertising avoids making friends in favor of massaging someone’s ego somewhere in the marketing food chain. We’re going to examine three ways we’ve seen this happen across the country—and share simple solutions that can make the marketing stand up on its hind legs and make friends with customers hungry to spend money.