Facebook can be a great marketing tool if you are aware of some general guidelines that they require you to keep. This article will help you understand the updated Facebook rules regarding running contests or promotions on your Facebook page. Some of the rules can be tedious, but it’s important to understand and abide by them. Some broadcasters have run into trouble with Facebook and having your page removed is not helpful when you have spent so much time increasing your social media presence and building a loyal following.

Here is another example of some generic rules that would be worthy of consideration for any station including Facebook-Twitter in their marketing efforts.

A good general rule to follow when utilizing Facebook is to pay for one of their third party apps to run any contest or promotion. The guidelines are significantly looser when you pay one of their preferred vendors to run promotions for you. Unless you have specific written permission from Facebook, you shouldn’t use the site to form, collect or notify contestants on your own. In addition, you should probably consult an attorney with the specific promotion you intend to run to make sure you won’t run into any trouble with Facebook or other social media sites.