The following links offer the information and key facts you need to become a semi-expert on the Moving and Storage Industry.

First, although this fact sheet may appear dated, it is loaded with helpful and information and conversation starters regarding the Moving and Storage Industry.

More Moving and Storage Facts can also be found here.

The following white paper detailing a Denver Moving and Storage branding challenge provides insight into industry thinking and challenges. “The recent white paper on US Moving and Storage Industry covers the market demand factors and customer demographics that moving and storage companies will continue to experience in the coming year. During our industry research, we have identified several major business challenges that every moving and storage company faces: economic fluctuations, fuel and insurance costs, competition against self-moving companies, and high damage claim costs. We’ve also revealed some positive business trends that moving and storage companies should realize and seize as opportunities.”

Here’s a great example of a radio spot that can help create a dramatic “moving” picture in the listener’s mind.

Another simpler radio spot can be found here.

Facebook has also provided examples of the marketing of Moving and Storage companies.

Simple and effective testimonial videos can be found here.

TV commercials can also highlight many different aspects of a company from customer service guarantees to credibility and reliability. Some examples can be found here, here, here, here and here.

Hopefully, these links will provide helpful information enabling you to better sell to the Moving and Storage Industry.