LBS Auto Expert, John Tkac takes LIVE broadcaster questions! In this session:

  • In our market we have one owner group that has multiple stores carrying the same brand.  Example: 2 BMW stores just 20 minutes apart in the metro.  Historically, these individual stores operate as competitors and do not/will not share a campaign or have continuity in their messaging.  Do you agree with this approach?  I would like to see them combine efforts and make a larger impact with their dollars.  Any advice on how to get them to do that?
  • I’ve had a dealer tell me that they can’t hold onto used/pre-owned inventory. They go out the door as fast as they get them. What can we tell them?  How long does it take for the used car auctions to ramp back up to meet demand?
  • What would you recommend to an account exec that needs more experience with dealers and has historically felt more comfortable working with other categories?
  • When cold calling a dealership for the first time, what would you suggest we say on the phone/in person to get an appointment? “Getting your fair share of the comeback” is great, but what else can I do?