Mike Costa, CEO of Costa Media Advisors and LBS Broadcast Expert, answers LIVE broadcaster questions! In this session:

  • When I’m budgeting, I like to give a reasonable budget that I project I can make and then add 20% for an optimistic projection and 20 percent less for a worst case.   Is this the proper way to do it?
  • Do you recommend that you go through a budget discussion with all of your accounts before completing a budget for the company?
  • I am always concerned that my company might use my budget for any one quarter against me if I don’t meet that number.  Is it OK to sandbag a little bit to leave myself some slack?
  • Do you recommend that I take my manager on some of the budget meetings with my clients?
  • How do you help clients that are focused on NOW and pulling back on their advertising because they can’t get inventory?