Looking for something a little different for a football contest promotion? Here are 15 ideas:
1) Turkey Toss

Don’t know what it is? Check out this video. Perfect for football games around Thanksgiving.

2) Throwing or Punting Contest

Guys always like making a fool of themselves (I mean showing off!) Have a football throwing or punting contest before, during or after a high school game.

3) Eating Contest

Get creative and go beyond the usual wing eating contest. What’s the local delicacy in your area? Perfect promotion for bars and restaurants.

4) Biggest Pet Fan (photo or video submissions)

Everyone does the “cutiest pet contest”. Be different. This is a unique spin that will attract your home team’s most loyal fans! Think pet stores and veterinarians as sponsors.

5) Coolest Girlfriend/Wife (photo or video submissions)

Share why your girlfriend/wife is so cool for letting you watch so much football or better yet, why she watches with you! Lots of women watch football, so think about advertisers trying to target women.

6) Best Snack Recipe

Submit your favorite football snack recipe and enter to win gift certificates at local restaurants. This could be done on a weekly basis.

7) Sports Trivia

There are so many different sports trivia games. A weekly historical question. A question about the game. Or challenge the intellect of one of the players!

8) Man Cave Makeover (photo or video submissions)

Show how uncomfortable it is where you watch football and enter to win a man cave makeover. There are all kinds of different sponsors for this contest including furniture, electronics, carpeting/flooring, hardware and even men’s clothes.

9) Charity Promotion

Have your client donate a fixed dollar amount every time someone takes a specific action like changes their Facebook profile to the logo of your home team, follows their Twitter feed or downloads a coupon.

10) Guest Commentator (video or audio submissions)

Everyone thinks it’s so easy to be a color commentator, right? Let’s see. Have your community vote on the best audition and invite the winner into the booth for a game toward the end of the season.

11) Ugliest Chair (photo or video submissions)

OK, so you might not be able to pull off a man cave makeover, but how about teaming up with a furniture store to give away a recliner to a guy in desperate need?

12) Scavenger Hunt

Give away clues to some of the favorite things of the star football player in your market (of course get his and the team’s permission!) Everyone who correctly submits photos to all of the clues enters to win dinner with that football player.

13) Guessing Game

There are loads of different things you can have your audience guess in order to win some swag. Like the final score each week, a specific stat, predication of behavior of a tempermental player or coach . . . even the game-time temperature.

14) Funniest Sport Joke

Every week there seems to be new sports jokes circulating during football season. Solicit some once a month during the football season and give away gift certificates from local businesses to the winners.

15) Most Unusual Stat of the Game

Every football fan (especially those playing fantasy football) loves showing off their sports knowledge. Solicit the most unusual stats of a player, team or game. Have your audience vote on the best one.