Of course! Here you go…

Client testimonials

I would imagine their key strength is the deep relationships they have within the community. They probably even have clients that are generational and are the funeral home of record for their entire family. See if some of their core customers are willing to provide testimonials and make that their commercial. Be sure to address the different buying decisions that go into choosing a funeral home.

Make Them Experts

There are a number of new trends and options for funerals today, so create a campaign featuring your client answering the 5 or 10 most commonly asked questions their client have today about planning a funeral. This will help keep the campaign fresh by featuring just one new question every few days. The call to action at the end of the commercial could be, “What’s your question? Contact us at…”

End of Life Guide

Create an end of life guide on your website about all the different decisions that an individual and their family might face. Think about all the different questions people have: assisted living or nursing home? estate planning issues? healthcare concerns? You could actually expand this concept to more advertisers beyond just funeral homes. Each advertiser could address the most commonly asked questions to make your guide more useful to your audience.


If you don’t already, create an In Memoriam segment on air featuring selected individuals in your community who have passed on sponsored by your client and allow anyone in your community to post an obituary for free on your website.