Each of these promotions focuses on broadcast advertising messages about how consumers can take better care of their skin this summer.
Here’s the best part, each promotion also includes ideas for integrating at least two sponsors into the campaign, so your station generates even more revenue!
1. Free skin cancer screening.

Secure two sponsors for this promotion, a dermatologist to perform the screenings and a
local pharmacy or gym where the screenings can be conducted.

2. Choosing the best sunscreen and how to apply.

The FDA released new sunscreen guidelines this year, so here’s the perfect opportunity for
a dermatologist to focus on a relevant and current message in their advertising on your air. Considering pairing the dermatologist with a local pharmacy or retailer that sells skin care products.

3. Getting enough Vitamin D?

The primary source of vitamin D is from the sun, yet many Americans are vitamin D deficient, particularly when they are advised to reduce their time spent in the sun to prevent skin cancer. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to several forms of cancer. This could be another unique marketing message for both a dermatologist and a local health food store selling supplements to stand out from the crowd on your station.

4. Education about indoor tanning salons.

Most dermatologists advise avoiding the use of indoor tanning salons, yet more than a million Americans use them each day according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Consider creating a campaign about how to reduce the adverse effects of indoor tanning with a dermatologist and a tanning salon as sponsors.

5. Healthy foods for healthy skin.

Feature a dermatologist and a local restaurant in an advertising campaign about healthy foods for healthy skin. Consider quick snack ideas for the beach or refreshing dinner suggestions.