There are lots of interesting ways to promote beer and wine tastings without having to rely on special offers. Remember, you always want to promote drinking responsibly, so lean toward offering advice, expertise and recommendations in your clients’ messaging. Here are a few ideas:
Staff Picks

If you are looking for ideas to pitch to a liquor store or wine shop, have the owner or various members of their staff make a series of wine or beer recommendations. Could easily record these for on air or as videos for your website and your client’s website.

Wine or Beer of the Day

Feature a beer or wine of the day or week on your Facebook page or your client’s Facebook page. Have a photo of the bottle with a brief description about what makes it unique and what it might be pared with in terms of food.

Customer Testimonials

If it’s an established wine tasting event, a liquor store or a restaurant known for their wine selection, see if your client can get a bunch of their best customers together to record some to use on air or online.

Expert Advice on Selection

You might get a liquor store and a restaurant to go in on a campaign together to discuss advice on picking wines an beers and why they go well with certain foods.

You could also have fun with this and make recommendations on wines based on the people you will be sharing it with. For example, “Going to dinner at your girl friend’s house to meet her parents? Here’s a wine that will impress them.”

“Meeting up with an old friend how has decided to go organic and only buy local? Here’s a beer they won’t stick their nose up at.”

Community recommendations

People love sharing their own reviews about different wines or beers they have tried. Solicit recommendations on your Facebook page featuring different situations like wines appropriate for holiday parties or champagne for New Year’s.