Radio Advertising Expert Jeffrey Hedquist uses a simple mantra: Stop making commercials that sound like commercials. Here are two dentist commercials that break the mold, and one that falls into the same old trap.

1. Click here for a commercial with one simple premise: Q and A. It establishes the dentist as an expert, it educates instead of sells, and best of all, there’s no copy to write—just have the dentist give you the 5-10 most frequently asked questions at his/her office and that’s your campaign.

2. Click here for a commercial that really takes advantage of radio by emphasizing the audio (and humor) at a dental office to grab the listener’s attention.

3. Click here for what not to do—the dentist commercial you’ve heard a million times. Think about it: you could substitute any name for the dentist in this commercial and it wouldn’t make a difference.