In our quest to find good examples of radio commercials for lawyers, most relied on using the same old template every law firm uses (more concerned with pumping up the ego of the lawyer rather than focusing on the needs of the client) or worse, cheesy jingles like this!

Here’s 5 examples of radio commercials for lawyers to learn from:

1) Provide Helpful Advice

This is a radio commercial for a criminal defense lawyer sharing the legal ramifications of a DUI.

2) Easy to Remember Call to Action

While most of this commercial is just another generic radio ad from a law firm, they have taken steps to make their call to action easier to remember by referring listeners to a website called, and an easy to recall phone number 3 LAW 411.

3) Brutal Honesty

This isn’t a radio commercial, but the approach this divorce lawyer uses could easily be turned into one. He breaks the mold in terms of the typical radio message of lawyers and says what’s on he minds of his intended audience, creating an unique and meaningful connection.

4) Be Very Specific

In radio broadcasting we often go for messages we feel will appeal to the largest audience possible, but often that message gets watered down and lost in the advertising noise. This commercial does a great job of focus on just one, very specific issue, the importance of having a clean record when applying for jobs.

5) Unique Offer

This bankruptcy attorney offers “no money down” for new clients, who probably wouldn’t be otherwise able to afford her services.