There are all different types of restoration businesses from those specializing in buildings to flooring to furniture to antiques to clothing to jewelry, but here are 5 promotion ideas that should work for most of them.
Before and After Photos

You can never go wrong with a basic like before and after photos. People will always be amazed with the work of your client be seeing it. Show the photos in a gallery or as a slideshow on your website. For a radio promotion, have one of your client’s share a “before and after” story on air and drive your listeners to your website to see the results for themselves.

Restore My Treasure Contest

Have people submit stories of something they wish they could have restored, but could never afford it or was told it could never be done. Your client would first have to verify projects they cold in fact restore before letting your community vote on the winner.

Restoration Expert Segment

Create a daily or weekly 3 to 5-minute segment with your client being interviewed on air about basic restoration or preservation recommendations. Invite your community to submit questions for your client to answer. Keep an archive of all the questions and responses on your website and your client’s website for future viewing.

Video Directory

Have your client record themselves working on various projects or simple restoration or preservation techniques they can teach folks. All you need is a video pocket camera! Post on YouTube and Facebook, as well as your website.

Special Holiday Gift

Your client might offer a special discount before the holidays, Mother’s Day or a wedding anniversary for people who want to make something old, new again as a special gift for a loved one.

Let us know if you have any follow up questions on any of these ideas!