There are several questions that you need to ask when you prepare to offer television advertising to an insurance company.

1. What type of insurance companies are you trying to prospect?

2. Do the agents in the area have a marketing pool of dollars available? Do they have an advertising committee? If so, who is the president or chair of the committee? Who is/are the regional manager(s)? If you can win the approval and trust of the top five agents in the market, you are halfway there.

3. Is there coop dollar support from a parent company? If so, what are the restrictions and guidelines for TV ads?

4. What is the goal of their advertising? In addition to selling product, are they attempting to recruit for new agents? A new product line? Brand their line with a special theme or tag line?

5. Who are their most profitable customers? (This will assist you in proposing the optimal programming schedule based on their market demographics.)

6. What sets them apart from all other insurance offerings? Price? Service? What aspects of their company are most attractive to the consumers they are trying to reach?

This site provides lots of information that will help you understand how insurance professionals think and make market decisions. You will also find this article helpful in providing marketing ideas beyond your TV/Digital campaign.

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Good luck and happy selling!