It’s always frustrating when you call, email or write a potential client and don’t hear anything back. We’ve all been in that predicament many times. It is frustrating when you know that your station and website, along with the proper promotion, can make a positive impact on a business or organization. Sometimes, it takes a little extra creativity to get that client’s attention.

Consider having a local bakery decorate a cake with the prospect’s company logo on it. Include a note that says something like,“Wanted to celebrate early the success of your new promotions we have created specifically for you. Can we meet Tuesday at 2:00 or next Thursday at 4:00 to discuss these dynamic ideas?”

LBS Instructor Paul Weyland discusses several ways to get your email, note or voicemail returned successfully in this quick 5 minute video on the LBS website. Some of the subjects he covers includes: The Million Dollar Idea, A Hole in Your Competitor’s Strategy, King of the Category, ROI Tips, Deep Sell Commercials, and How to Get More Qualified Customers Through the Door without Discounting Your Price.

In addition, here is an excellent article on appointment setting with some creative ideas.