Creating a positioning statement for an auto dealer is an important part of helping them understand the value of advertising with you. The following article is a great place to start when constructing your statement. It is well worth your time as it outlines the four main elements required (Target Audience, Frame of Reference, Benefit/Point of Difference, and Reason to Believe), a Template, and a Criteria for evaluating your positioning statement once you have developed it. Remember, it’s important to research the particular auto dealership’s strengths and market opportunities prior to completing your individualized statement.

Here are a few samples of positioning statements for different types of dealerships.

1.) Your client is a Ford Dealer who is interested in moving new/used Mustangs.

“For those ready to join a special family, the Ford Mustang is the legendary automobile that delivers speed, style and elegance. Hometown Ford is YOUR Mustang Headquarters.”

2.) Your client is a dealership focusing on used cars.

“For the smart car and truck buyer, Hometown Motors is your previously owned transportation partner delivering quality, low prices and peace of mind warranties. Only Hometown Motors thoroughly inspects every used car and sells only the vehicles that we would drive ourselves.”

3.) Your client is a dealership focused on fuel-efficient vehicles.

“At Hometown Motors, automotive efficiency experts deliver miserly fuel eaters for the economical bargain hunter. At Hometown Motors, we are equally concerned with saving you money today and tomorrow.”

4.) Your client is a dealership specializing in truck sales.

“For those who want a tough truck from a friendly dealership, Hometown Motors is THE local truck specialist delivering a quality truck experience from start-to-finish. Only Hometown Motors is committed to providing you an informed, low-pressure purchase process and personal attentive service over the lifetime of your truck.”

LBS instructor John Tkac has begun an excellent series titled, “How a Car Dealer Makes Money”. A review of his excellent points will help you impress your potential clients.

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