LBS Broadcast Selling Expert, Paul Weyland, takes LIVE broadcaster questions!  In this session:

  • Any good ideas for casinos?
  • You mentioned a template in the session. Is there a physical PowerPoint template to which you are referring? Or is this a method of creating our own proposal using the S.O.S. format?
  • What about clients affected by broken supply chain – appliance, tractor categories to be specific – they are literally out 12 months and don’t want to irritate customers by advertising something they don’t have. Service/repairs are booked 4 months in advance as well.
  • A lot of restaurants in my market are having a hard time finding help, so they are hesitant to bring in more business. How do you make clients feel good/comfortable spending money on potential new customers when they can’t handle their current loads? How can we get creative in these situations?