LBS Broadcast Selling Expert, Paul Weyland, takes LIVE broadcaster questions!  In this session:

  • Situation: If customer value is $800 per year, and the requested investment is $800 per week, you need to bring in 1 customer per week. However, it takes a year for them to get that $800 profit. The client is afraid they won’t have the $3200 available for their monthly invoice because it takes a while for the returns to come in. How do I assure them (and my bosses) they’ll be able to pay their bill?
  • How do you convince people to get into an annual contract in a time of such uncertainty? I’ve been trying, but most people are reluctant because they’re not sure what the next 12 months will bring after surviving the last 12.
  • When the prospect is absolutely unwilling to give you their average sale, how can you find it out?
  • Do you have examples of S.O.S. presentations that have been used by other stations that we can learn from?

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